List of adjectival forms of place names

The following is a partial list of adjectival forms of place names in English and their demonymic equivalents, which denote the people or the inhabitants of the places.

Note: Demonyms are given in plural forms. Singular forms simply remove the final 's' or, in the case of -ese endings, are the same as the plural forms. The ending -men has feminine equivalent -women (e.g. an Irishman and a Scotswoman). The French terminations -ois / ais serve as both the singular and plural masculine; adding 'e' (-oise / aise) makes them singular feminine; 'es' (-oises / aises) makes them plural feminine.

Adjectives ending -ish can be used as collective demonyms (e.g. the English, the Cornish). So can those ending in -ch / -tch (e.g. the French, the Dutch) provided they are pronounced with a 'ch' sound (e.g. the adjective Czech does not qualify).



(Currently extant nations)

Afghanistan Afghan Afghans
Albania Albanian Albanians
Algeria Algerian Algerians
American Samoa American Samoan American Samoans
Andorra Andorran Andorrans
Angola Angolan Angolans
Anguilla Anguillan Anguillans
Antigua Antiguan Antiguans
Argentina Argentinian or ArgentineArgentinians or Argentines
Armenia Armenian Armenians
Australia Australian Australians
Austria Austrian Austrians
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani or Azeri Azerbaijanis or Azeris
Bahamas Bahamian Bahamians
Bahrain Bahraini Bahrainis
Bangladesh BangladeshiBangladeshis
Barbados Barbadian or Bajan (colloquial)Barbadians or Bajans (colloquial)
Barbuda Barbudan Barbudans
Belarus Belarusian Belarusians
Belgium Belgian Belgians
Belize Belizean Belizeans
Benin Beninese or BeninoisBeninese or Beninois
Bermuda Bermudian Bermudians
Bhutan Bhutanese Bhutanese
Bolivia Bolivian Bolivians
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnian, HerzegovinianBosnians, Herzegovinians
Botswana Motswana (plural: Batswana) Motswana (plural: Batswana)
Brazil Brazilian Brazilians
British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islander British Virgin Islanders
Brunei Bruneian Bruneians
Bulgaria Bulgarian Bulgarians
Burkina Faso(1)BurkinabeBurkinabe
Burundi Burundian Burundians
Cambodia Cambodian Cambodians
Cameroon Cameroonian Cameroonians
Canada Canadian Canadians, Canucks (colloquial, sometimes offensive)
Cape Verde Cape VerdeanCape Verdeans
Cayman Islands CaymanianCaymanians
Central African Republic Central AfricanCentral Africans
Chad Chadian Chadians
Chile Chilean Chileans
China Chinese Chinese
Christmas Island Christmas Island Christmas Islanders
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Cocos Islander Cocos Islanders
Colombia Colombian Colombians
Comoros Comorian Comorians
Congo (Kinshasha & Brazzaville) Congolese or Congo Congolese
Cook Islands Cook Islander Cook Islanders
Costa Rica Costa Rican Costa Ricans
Côte d'IvoireIvorian Ivorians
Croatia Croatian Croatians or Croats
Cuba Cuban Cubans
Cyprus Cypriot Cypriots
Czech RepublicCzechCzechs
Denmark Danish Danes
Dominica Dominican Dominicans
Dominican Republic Dominican Dominicans
East Timor TimoreseTimorese
Ecuador Ecuadorian Ecuadorians
Egypt Egyptian Egyptians
El Salvador Salvadoran or Salvadorian or Salvadorean Salvadorans
England English Englishmen
Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinean or EquatoguineanEquatorial Guineans or Equatoguineans
Eritrea Eritrean Eritreans
Estonia Estonian Estonians
Ethiopia Ethiopian Ethiopians
Falkland Islands Falkland Island Falkland Islanders
Fiji Fijian Fijians
Finland Finnish Finns
France French Frenchman
French Guiana French Guianese French Guianese
French Polynesia French Polynesian French Polynesian
Gabon Gabonese Gabonese
Gambia Gambian Gambians
Georgia Georgian Georgians
Germany German Germans
Ghana Ghanaian Ghanaians
Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltarians
Great Britain BritishBritons
Greece Greek, Grecian (rare) Greeks, Grecians (archaic)
Greenland Greenlandic Greenlanders
Grenada Grenadian Grenadians
Guadeloupe Guadeloupe Guadeloupians
Guam Guamanian Guamanians
Guatemala Guatemalan Guatemalans
Guernsey Channel Islander Channel Islanders
Guinea Guinean Guineans
Guyana Guyanese Guyanese
Haiti Haitian Haitians
Hong Kong Hong Kong/ChineseHongkongers/Chinese
Honduras Honduran Hondurans
Hungary Hungarian Hungarians
Iceland Icelandic Icelanders
India Indian Indians
Indonesia Indonesian Indonesians
Iran Iranian Iranians
Iraq Iraqi Iraqis
Ireland Irish Irishmen
Isle of Man Manx Manxmen
Israel Israeli Israelis
Italy Italian Italians
Jamaica Jamaican Jamaicans
Japan Japanese Japanese
Jordan Jordanian Jordanians
Kazakhstan Kazakhstani Kazakhstanis
Kenya Kenyan Kenyans
Kiribati I-Kiribati I-Kiribati
Korea, North North KoreanNorth Koreans
Korea, South South KoreanSouth Koreans
Kuwait Kuwaiti Kuwaitis
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstani Kyrgyzstanis
Laos Laotian or Lao Laotians or Laos
Latvia Latvian Latvians
Lebanon Lebanese Lebanese
Lesotho Basotho Mosotho (plural: Basotho)
Liberia Liberian Liberians
Libya Libyan Libyans
Liechtenstein LiechtensteinLiechtensteiners
Lithuania Lithuanian Lithuanians
Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourgers
Macau Macanese/Chinese Macanese/Chinese
Macedonia Macedonian Macedonians
Madagascar Malagasy Malagasy
Malawi Malawian Malawians
Malaysia Malaysian Malaysians
Maldives Maldivian Maldivians
Mali Malian Malians
Malta Maltese Maltese
Marshall Islands MarshalleseMarshallese
Martinique Martiniquais Martiniquais
Mauritania Mauritanian Mauritanians
Mauritius Mauritian Mauritians
Mayotte Mahoran Mahorais
Mexico Mexican Mexicans
Micronesia Micronesian Micronesians
Moldova Moldovan Moldovans
Monaco Monegasque or MonacanMonegasques or Monacans
Mongolia Mongolian Mongolians
Montserrat MontserratianMontserratians
Morocco Moroccan Moroccans
Mozambique Mozambican Mozambicans
Myanmar (2) Myanmari ???
Namibia Namibian Namibians
Nepal Nepali Nepalese
Netherlands Dutch Dutchmen
Netherlands Antilles Dutch Antillean Dutch Antilleans
New Caledonia New Caledonian New Caledonians
New Zealand New Zealand New Zealanders or Kiwis (colloquial)
Nicaragua Nicaraguan Nicaraguans
Niger Nigerien Nigeriens
Nigeria Nigerian Nigerians
Norway Norwegian Norwegian
Oman Omani Omanis
Pakistan Pakistani Pakistanis
Panama Panamanian Panamanians
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinean or PapuanPapua New Guineans or Papuans
Paraguay Paraguayan Paraguayans
Peru Peruvian Peruvians
Philippines Philippine Filipinos or Filipinas
Pitcairn Island Pitcairn Islander Pitcairn Islanders
Poland Polish Poles
Portugal Portuguese Portuguese
Puerto Rico Puerto RicanPuerto Ricans or Boricuas
Qatar Qatari Qataris
Réunion Réunionese Réunionese
Republic of Ireland (5)Irish, Republic of Ireland, Southern Irish Irishmen
Romania Romanian Romanians
Russia Russian Russians
Rwanda Rwandan Rwandans
Saint Helena Saint HelenianSaint Helenians
Saint Kitts and Nevis Kittitian or NevisianKittitians or Nevisians
Saint Lucia Saint LucianSaint Lucians
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Saint-Pierrais or MiquelonnaisSaint-Pierrais or Miquelonnais
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincentian or VincentianSaint Vincentians or Vincentians
Samoa Samoan Samoans
San Marino Sammarinese Sammarinese
São Tomé and Príncipe São ToméanSão Toméans
Saudi Arabia Saudi or Saudi ArabianSaudis or Saudi Arabians
Scotland Scottish or Scots Scots, Scotsmen
Senegal Senegalese Senegalese
Serbia and Montenegro Serbian or Montenegrin Serbs or Montenegrins
Seychelles Seychellois Seychellois
Sierra Leone Sierra LeoneanSierra Leoneans
Singapore Singapore Singaporeans
Slovakia Slovak Slovaks
Slovenia Slovenian Slovenes
Solomon Islands Solomon IslanderSolomon Islanders
Somalia Somali Somalis
South Africa South AfricanSouth Africans
Spain Spanish Spaniards
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Sri Lankans
Sudan Sudanese Sudanese
Surinam Surinamese Surinamers
Swaziland Swazi Swazis
Sweden Swedish Swedes
Switzerland Swiss Swiss
Syria Syrian Syrians
Taiwan Taiwanese Taiwanese
Tajikistan Tajikistani Tajikistanis
Tanzania Tanzanian Tanzanians
Thailand Thai Thai
Togo Togolese Togolese
Tonga Tongan Tongans
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidadian or Tobagonian Trinidadians or Tobagonians
Tunisia Tunisian Tunisians
Turkey Turkish Turks
Turkmenistan TurkmenTurkmens
Turks and Caicos Islands none none
Tuvalu Tuvaluan Tuvaluans
Uganda Ugandan Ugandans
Ukraine Ukrainian Ukrainians
United Arab Emirates EmiratiEmiratis
United KingdomBritish Britons
United StatesAmerican or Union (3)Americans or Unionists; Yankees or Yanks (colloquial)
Uruguay Uruguayan Uruguayans
Uzbekistan Uzbekistani Uzbekistanis
Vanuatu Ni-Vanuatu Ni-Vanuatu
Venezuela Venezuelan Venezuelans
Vietnam Vietnamese Vietnamese
Virgin Islands Virgin Islander Virgin Islanders
Wales Welsh Welshman, Welsh (collective), Leek Eaters (offensive)
Wallis and Futuna Wallisian, Futunan, or Wallis and Futuna Islander Wallisians, Futunans, or Wallis and Futuna Islanders
Yemen Yemeni Yemenis
Zambia Zambian Zambians
Zimbabwe Zimbabwean Zimbabweans


Aberdeen, Scotland Aberdonian???
Athens Athenian Athenians
Atlanta, Georgia Atlantan Atlantans
Baltimore, Maryland, United States BaltimoreanBaltimoreans
Baton Rouge, Louisiana Baton Rouge Baton Rougeans
Berlin Berlin Berliners
Bern (Berne), Switzerland Bernese Bernese
Birmingham, England Birminghamian or BrummieBirminghamians or Brummies
Boston, MassachusettsBoston, BostonianBostonians
Brisbane, Australia Brisbane Brisbanites
Bristol, England Bristolian ???
Cairo, Egypt ??? Cairenes
Calgary, Alberta Calgarian Calgarians
Cambridge, England and Cambridge, Massachusetts CantabrigianCantabridgians
Canberra, Australia Canberra Canberrans
Chicago ??? Chicagoans
Cork, Ireland Cork Corkonians, Leesiders (colloquial)
Dallas ??? Dallasites
Denver ??? Denverites
Detroit, Michigan ??? Detroiters
Dublin Dublin Dubliners, Dubs (colloquial)
Edmonton, Alberta Edmontonian Edmontonians
Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdaler, Fort Lauderdalian
Galway, Ireland Galway Galwegians
Geneva, Switzerland Genevan, Genevese Genevans, Genevese
Genoa, Italy Genoese Genoese
Glasgow, Scotland Glaswegian Glaswegians
Halifax, Nova Scotia Haligonian Haligonians
Hamilton, Ontario Hamilton, Hamiltonian Hamiltonians
Honolulu Honolulan
Houston, Texas Houston, Houstonian Houstonians
Iqaluit, NunavutIqalummiut (sg. Iqalummiuq)
Jerusalem ???Jerusalemites
Juneau City and Borough, Alaska ??? Juneauites
Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur KL-ites (pronounced "kay-el-lites")
Liverpool, England LiverpudlianLiverpudlians or Scousers
London London Londoners
Los Angeles Los Angeles Angelenos
Lyon (British English formerly Lyons), France Lyonese Lyonese
Madrid Madrilene Madrileños
Málaga, Spain Malagan Malagans
Manchester, England Mancunian Mancs
Marseilles Marseillais Marseillais
Melbourne, Australia Melbourne Melburnians
Mexico City, Mexico Chilango Chilango
Milan, Italy Milanese Milanese
Milan, New York ??? Milanites, Milaners
Montreal Montreal, montréalais Montrealers, Montréalais
Moscow ??? Muscovites
Munich Münchner Münchner
Naples, Italy Neapolitan Neapolitans
New Orleans New Orleans New Orleaners ; Yats (colloquial)
New York City New York New Yorker; Gothamite; Knickerbocker
Newcastle, Australia NovocastrianNovocastrians
Newcastle, EnglandNovocastrianNovocastrians or Geordies
Nice Niçois Niçois
Okinawa, Japan Okinawan ???
Oxford, England Oxonian Oxonians (also graduates of Oxford University)
Paris Parisian Parisians
Philadelphia ??? Philadelphians
Phoenix, Arizona ??? Phoenixers
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ??? Pittsburghers
Portland, OregonPortlandianPortlanders
Quebec City Quebec (English), Quebecois (franglais), québécois (French) Quebeckers (English), Quebecers (English), Québécois (French), often confounded with residents of the Province of Quebec
Rio de Janeiro Carioca Cariocas
Rochester, New York ??? Rochesterians
Rome Roman Romans
Salt Lake City, UtahSalt Laker
San Diego, California San Diegan San Diegans
San Francisco, California San Franciscan San Franciscans
Seattle SeattleSeattleites
Sydney, Australia Sydney Sydneysiders
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo Tokyoites
Toronto Toronto, Torontonian Torontonians
Trois-Rivières Trifluvien(ne,nnes), Trifluvian Trifluvien(nes,s), Trifluvians
Turin, Italy Turinese Turinese
Valencia, Spain Valencian ???
Vancouver, British Columbia ??? Vancouverites
Venice, Italy Venetian Venetians
Victoria, Australia Victorian ???
Vienna Viennese Viennese
Warsaw, Poland Varsovian Varsovians
Winnipeg, Manitoba ??? Winnipeggers, Winnipegers

New York City boroughs

The Bronx ??? Bronxites, Bronxers
Brooklyn ??? Brooklynites, Brooklyners
Manhattan Manhattanite Manhattanites
Queens ??? Queensites
Staten Island ??? Staten Islanders

U.S. states

American convention states that the -an form is reserved for the demonym, not the adjective. The state name is used attributively as the adjective: Texas cattle, California raisins, Virginia tobacco. This convention is not widely observed by foreigners.

Alabama Alabamian Alabamians
Alaska Alaskan Alaskans
Arizona Arizonan Arizonans
Arkansas Arkansan Arkansans
California Californian Californians
Connecticut Connecticut Connecticuters or Nutmeggers
Florida Floridian Floridians
Georgia Georgian Georgians
Hawaii Hawaiian Hawaiians
Idaho Idahoan Idahoans
Indiana Indiana Hoosiers
Illinois Illinoisan Illinoisans
Iowa Iowan Iowans
Kansas Kansan Kansans
Louisiana Louisiana Louisianans or Louisianians
Maine Maine Mainers or Down Easters
Maryland Maryland Marylanders or Free Staters or Old Liners
Massachusetts Massachusetts Bay Staters
Michigan Michigan Michiganders or Michiganians
Minnesota Minnesotan Minnesotans
Nebraska Nebraskan Nebraskans
New Jersey New Jersey New Jerseyans or New Jerseyites
New York New York New Yorkers
Oklahoma Oklahoman Oklahomans
Ohio Ohio Ohioans
Oregon Oregonian Oregonians
Pennsylvania PennsylvanianPennsylvanians
Rhode Island Rhode IslandRhode Islanders
Texas Texan Texans
Utah Utahn, Utahan Utahns, Utahans
Vermont Vermont Vermonters
Virginia Virginian Virginians
Washington WashingtonianWashingtonians
West Virginia West Virginian West Virginians
Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsinite
Wyoming Wyoming Wyomingites

Canadian provinces and territories

Alberta Albertan Albertans
British Columbia British Columbia British Columbians
Manitoba Manitoban Manitobans
New BrunswickNew Brunswick New Brunswickers
Newfoundland and LabradorNewfoundland and LabradorianNewfoundlanders and Labradorians, Newfoundlanders, Labradorians, "Newfies"
NunavutNunavutNunavummiut (sg. Nunavummiuq)
Nova Scotia Nova Scotian Nova Scotians
Ontario Ontario Ontarians
Prince Edward IslandPrince Edward Island, P.E.I., IslandIslanders
Quebec English: Quebec; French: Québécois (4) (masculine), Québécoise (feminine) English: Quebecers; French: Québécois
YukonYukonYukoners, Sourdoughs (colloquial)

Australian states

New South Wales New South Welsh New South Welshmen, cockroaches (colloquial)
Northern Territory Northern Territory Territorians
Queensland Queensland Queenslanders, banana benders (colloquial)
South Australia South AustralianSouth Australians, crow eaters (colloquial)
Tasmania Tasmanian Tasmanians, Taswegians, double-headers (colloquial)
Western Australia West AustralianWest Australians, sandgropers (colloquial)
Victoria VictorianVictorians
Australian Capital Territory Canberran Canberrans

Extinct nations & regions

Note: This chart includes: ancient civilisations, former colonies, dissolved countries, renamed countries, annexed countries and secessionist states, among others.

Place nameAdjectiveDemonym
Abyssinia Abyssinian Abyssinians
Acadia Acadian Acadians
Argos Argive Argives
Austria-Hungary Austro-Hungarian Austro-Hungarians, Austrians, or Hungarians
Babylon Babylonian Babylonians
Bactria, Bactriana Bactrian Bactrians
Burma Burmese Burmese
Byzantium Byzantine Byzantines
Carthage CarthaginianCarthaginians
Ceylon Ceylonese Ceylonese
Chechnya Chechnyan, Chechen Chechnyan, Chechen
Colossae Colossian Colossians
Confederate States of America Confederate, CSA Confederates, Confederate Americans ; Rebels or Rebs (colloquial)
Corinth Corinthian Corinthians
Crete Cretan Cretans
Cyrenaica Cyrenaic Cyrenaics
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakian, Czechoslovak, Czech (wrong but common) Czechoslovakians, Czechs (sometimes wrong but common), Slovaks
Dacia Dacian Dacians
Dalmatia Dalmatian Dalmatians
Elam Elamite, Elamitic, Elamitish Elamites
Ephesus Ephesian Ephesians
Galatia Galatian Galatians
Gaul Gallic Gauls
Illyria Illyrian Illyrians
Locris Locrian Locrians
Malaya Malay, Malayan Malays, Malayans
Manchuria Manchurian Manchurians
Media Median Medes or Medians
Megara Megarian Megarians
Mesopotamia MesopotamianMesopotamians
Moldovia Moldovian Moldovians
Olympia Olympic Olympians
Panama Canal Zone ??? Zonians
Persia Persian Persians
Philippi ??? Philippians
Phocis Phocian Phocians
Phrygia Phrygian Phrygians
Prussia Prussian Prussians
Rhodes Rhodian Rhodians
Siam Siamese Siamese
Sumer Sumerian Sumerians
Soviet Union Soviet Soviets
Sparta Spartan Spartans
Thebes Theban Thebans
Thessaly Thessalian Thessalians
Thrace Thracian Thracians
Tibet Tibetan Tibetans
Transylvania Transylvanian Transylvanians
Troy Trojan Trojans
Yugoslavia Yugoslavian Yugoslavs
Zaire Zairean Zaireans
Zululand Zulu Zulu or Zulus

Imaginary regions

Place nameAdjectiveDemonym
Blefuscu Blefuscudian Blefuscudians
Brobdingnag Brobdingnagian Brobdingnagians
Laputa Laputan Laputans
Lilliput Lilliputian Lilliputians
Luggnagg ??? Struldbrugs

Miscellaneous regions

Place nameAdjectiveDemonym
Acadiana Acadian Acadianans
Alps Alpine ???
Aleutian IslandsAleut or AleutianAleuts or Aleutians
Alsace Alsatian Alsatians
Amazon River and region Amazonian ???
The AmericasAmericanAmericans
Andalusia Andalusian Andalusians
Antarctica Antarctic ???
Antilles Antillean Antilleans
Appalachia Appalachian ???
Aragon Aragonese Aragonese
Asturias Asturian Asturians
Bali Balinese Balinese
Balkans Balkan ???
Baltic Baltic Balts
Baluchistan ??? Baluchi or Baluchis
Bavaria Bavarian Bavarians
Basque Country Basque Basques
Bihar Bihari Biharis
Bohemia Bohemian Bohemians
Borneo Bornean Borneans
Brittany Breton Bretons
Burgundy Burgundian Burgundians
Cantabria Cantabrian Cantabrians
Canterbury Cantuarian Cantuarians
Caribbean Caribbean ???
Carinthia Carinthian Carinthians
Castile Castilian Castilians
Catalonia Catalan or Catalonian Catalans or Catalonians
Caucasus, Caucasia Caucasian, Caucasic Caucasians
Cornwall Cornish Cornish (collective)
Corsica Corsican Corsicans
Crimea Crimean Crimeans
Danube RiverDanubian ???
Fife Fife Fifers
Flanders Flemish Flemings
Frisian Islands, Friesland Frisian, Friesian Frisians, Friesians
Galicia Galician Galicians
Galilee Galilean Galileans
Gascony Gascon Gascons
Guiana Guianan Guianans
Gujarat ??? Gujaratis
Harrow Harrovian ???
Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kongers
Indochina Indochinese Indochinese
Java JavaneseJavanese
Judea, Judaea Judean, Judaean Judeans, Judaeans
Kashmir Kashmiran Kashmiris
Korea Korean Koreans
Kosovo and Methohija Kosovar or KosovanKosovars or Kosovans
Kurdistan Kurdish Kurds
Lancashire Lancastrian Lancastrians
Lapland Lapp or Saami Lapplanders or Saamis
Melanesia Melanesian Melanesians
Micronesia Micronesian Micronesians
Murcia Murcian Murcians
Nassau Nassuvian Nassuvians
Nauru Naurian Naurians
Navarre Navarrese Navarrese
New England New England New Englanders
Nile River Nilotic ???
Normandy Norman Normans
Northumberland NorthumbrianNorthumbrians
Nubia Nubian Nubians
Orkney Islands OrcadianOrcadians
Pacific Pacific ???
Palestine Palestinian Palestinians
Patagonia Patagonian Patagonians
Picardy Picard Picards
Polynesia Polynesian Polynesians
Provence Provençal ???
Punjab ??? Punjabis
Pyrenees (mountains) Pyrenean ???
St. Lawrence River Laurentian ???
Samaria Samaritan Samaritans
Sardinia Sardinian Sardinians
Savoy Savoyard Savoyards
Saxony Saxonian Saxons
Scandinavia ScandinavianScandinavians
Siberia Siberian Siberians
Sicily Sicilian Sicilians
Sind Sindhi Sindhi or Sindhis
Tahiti Tahitian Tahitians
Tuscany Tuscan Tuscans
Upper Peninsula of Michigan ??? Yoopers
Wallonia Walloon Walloons
Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshiremen


Africa African Africans
Antarctica Antarctic Antarctics
Asia Asian Asians
Australia Australian Australians
Europe European Europeans
America American Americans
North America North American North Americans
South America South American South Americans


EarthEarth or World or TerranEarthlings or Terrans


Callisto (moon) (of Jupiter) Callistonian Callistonians
Europa (moon) (of Jupiter) Europan Europans
Ganymede (moon) (of Jupiter) Ganymedean Ganymedeans
Io (moon) (of Jupiter) Ionian Ionians
(The) Moon (of the Earth) lunar ???
Titan (moon) (of Saturn) Titanian Titanians
Triton (moon) (of Neptune) Tritonian Tritonians


  • (1) Burkina Faso was formerly known as Upper Volta.
  • (2) Myanmar was formerly known as Burma (Burmese).
  • (3) In nearly universal use, though many alternative words for American have been proposed.
  • (4) In English, Quebecer is a general term for anyone from Quebec while Québécois(-e) refers specifically to French-Canadians from Quebec
  • (5) There is no adjective or demonym explictly for the Republic of Ireland as distinct from the entire island of Ireland. If distinction from Northern Ireland is required, the colloquial Southern Irish, Southerner are often used. Many in the Republic of Ireland dislike this, especially when used by non-Irish people. Alternatively one may use the name of the state attributively (e.g. a Republic of Ireland law), or resort to an adjectival phrase (e.g. a law of the Republic of Ireland).

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