Mark Calaway


Mark Calaway (also spelled [incorrectly] as either Callaway or Calloway; born March 24, 1965 in Houston, Texas), better known by his stage name of The Undertaker, is an American professional wrestler with World Wrestling Entertainment. He is a four-time WWE Champion and seven-time WWE Tag Team Champion. He also holds a unique record: he is currently undefeated in matches at the yearly WrestleMania events, with a record of 13-0. He is one of the few wrestlers to be consistently promoted (or pushed) throughout his career, and is frequently seen as a company loyalist and prominent 'ambassador' for WWE. He currently lives on his Texan ranch with his wife Sara - whose name he has tattooed on his neck - and their two daughters.


Wrestling history

Pre-professional wrestling

Mark Calaway experienced his first-ever wrestling training session in 1984. However, Calaway went on to begin his wrestling career properly by training and wrestling at the Dallas Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas, wrestling in Fritz Von Erich's World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW). He would later go on to wrestle in the United States Wrestling Association (USWA), winning the USWA Heavyweight and USWA Texas Titles before signing with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in late 1989. During the mid to late 1980s, Calaway used a number of wrestling names: The Commando, The Punisher, Texas Red, the Master of Pain, and "The Punisher" Dice Morgan.

Missing image
Dan Spivey & Mark Callous with Teddy Long

Early career in NWA & WCW

Mark Calaway's professional wrestling career and shot at fame began properly with a short stint from late 1989 until late 1990 in the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions, which by the end of his run had become WCW. While there, he was known as "Mean" Mark Callous. He wrestled as part of the Skyscrapers tag team along with "Dangerous" Dan Spivey and then as a singles wrestler. His most famous match in WCW was against Lex Luger for the NWA United States Title (Mid-Atlantic version) at the 1990 Great American Bash, which he lost. At the end of 1990, WCW declined to renew Calaway's contract, thus he went to seek work with Vince McMahon's WWF.

Career in the WWF/WWE

Calaway debuted at Survivor Series 1990 as The Undertaker. The look of the 'Taker was modelled on undertakers from classic Western movies, with the basic idea being that the character was impervious to pain and possibly supernatural. In subsequent weeks, he used the name Kane the Undertaker at house shows and on WWF television. The Kane part was dropped shortly after, and Calaway was again referred to as simply The Undertaker, the name he has used to this day.

It was also at this time that Undertaker switched managers from Brother Love to Paul Bearer. The story given on WWF television was that Paul Bearer simply bought out Undertaker's contract from Brother Love.

Throughout 1991, The Undertaker's popularity began to quietly grow, depite being a heel. After an "undefeated" year and high-profile feuds with Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan, he toppled Hogan at the 1991 Survivor Series in November 1991 to win his first of four WWF Titles. He would drop the title a week later to Hogan at a one time only pay-per-view entitled Tuesday in Texas.

It would be six years before The Undertaker would win another WWF Title. His second WWF Title victory came at the expense of Psycho Sid at WrestleMania 13. He would hold on to the title until August 3rd, 1997 at SummerSlam when he would lose the title to Bret Hart with some help from "The Heartbreak Kid" (HBK), Shawn Michaels. This match led into a classic feud with HBK that would culminate in one of the most memorable gimmick matches ever, Hell in a Cell. The Undertaker would win his third WWF Title at the infamous 1999 pay-per-view, Over the Edge defeating Steve Austin in a match that had both Vince and Shane McMahon as guest referees. Austin would regain the title from the Undertaker a month later. His final (as of 2005) WWF Title came in May 2002, beating the same man he defeated for his first title eleven years earlier—Hulk Hogan—at Judgment Day in Nashville, Tennessee. He would later lose it to The Rock at Vengeance in a Triple Threat Match also involving Kurt Angle.

Over the course his long WWF career The Undertaker would go on to have a number of memorable feuds that gave birth to some of the most classic gimmick matches of all time. After losing his first belt back to Hulk Hogan in 1991, he went on to have spats with Jake Roberts, Kamala and Giant Gonzalez. In 1994 he feuded with then WWF Champion Yokozuna that presented two of the best known Casket Matches in WWF history at the 1994 Royal Rumble and 1994 Survivor Series.

With his popularity growing rapidly, he also grappled with an evil "clone" of himself, also billed as The Undertaker, and battled such villians as Kama Mustafa, Goldust, King Mabel, Mankind and King Kong Bundy on and off from 1995 to 1997. His late-1997 feud with high-flying prettyboy Shawn Michaels gave fans the first ever Hell in a Cell Match in October 1997, which ended with the introduction of The Undertaker's on-screen brother, Kane. Among Hell in the Cell matches, this was only overshadowed by a 1998 match with Mankind that left fans with the enduring image on Mankind being thrown from the top of the cell. The Undertaker has also participated in classic "Buried Alive" matches with Mankind, Steve Austin, and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Missing image
The Undertaker (American Bad Ass persona)

The Undertaker's gimmick has changed and modified itself accordingly over the years. In recent years, in line with wrestling's change to a more realistic approach, his gimmick became that of an intimidating redneck biker, first referred to as the "American Bad Ass" (pictured) due to his new entrance music, the Kid Rock song of the same name. Unlike many gimmick changes, this was generally well-received by fans. In fact it was one of the most popular gimmicks of all time, considering that it was basically his real-life persona.

In 2001, The Undertaker reunited with Kane as the Brothers of Destruction and went for the WWF Tag-Team Championship. The two turned out to be a successful duo, defeating Rikishi and Haku in a brutal First Blood Match. They would then get a shot at the Tag titles at No Way Out, facing then champions Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian in a Tables Match. The Brothers of Destruction dominated the entire match, and nearly had the match won until Rikishi and Haku interfered.

The Undertaker and Kane started focusing on then Intercontinental Champion Triple H, who'd soon make a surprise alliance with WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin. After the duo injured Kane's arm in a Hardcore Match against Rhyno, Kane threatened then Commisioner William Regal, and the two was granted an opportunity to face Steve Austin and Triple H at Backlash if they first defeated Edge and Christian in a no-disqualification Match. Despite interference by Steve Austin and Triple H, Undertaker and Kane managed to win the WWF Tag titles and the right to face Steve Austin and Triple H. At Backlash, Triple H pinned Kane after using a sledgehammer, thus making he and Austin the new WWF Tag Team Champions.

With Kane injured, Undertaker began targetting Steve Austin and his WWF Championship. On an episode of RAW, Undertaker was told by police officers that his wife Sara had been involved in a car accident. Undertaker arrived home, only to find out that it was all a set up by Austin. At Judgment Day, Undertaker dominated his WWF Championship match with Austin. However, Triple H interfered, once more using his sledgehammer, allowing Austin to pin The Undertaker and retain his championship.

Another man got in Undertaker's way, and his name was Diamond Dallas Page. DDP wanted to become as big a star as the Dead Man, and so started a feud with him, taking Undertaker's slogan, "I'll make you famous" quite literally. The basis of this feud involved Page stalking Undertaker's wife Sara. At SummerSlam, Undertaker and Kane defeated Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Kanyon in a Steel Cage Match to unify the WCW World Tag Team Championship and WWF Tag-Team Championship (now called the World Tag-Team Championship).

Undertaker then made a heel turn, calling himself "Big Evil" and cutting off his long hair. He attacked Jim Ross and forced him to kiss Vince's ass! He soon defeated Rob Van Dam for the Hardcore Title. Despite Undertaker being a heel, the fans kept cheering for him. At Royal Rumble, Undertaker was distracted and this allowed rookie Maven to eliminate him from the rumble. The furious Taker would then attacked Maven and eliminate him from the rumble. Maven later won the Hardcore Title from Taker thanks to The Rock's interference.

Undertaker challenged the legendary Ric Flair to a match at Wrestlemania 18. Flair declined so Taker assaulted son David Flair. Flair finally accepted and Vince McMahon decided the match will be No Holds Barred. Undertaker won with a Tombstone despite an interference by Arn Anderson.

Undertaker defeated Steve Austin at "Backlash" to in the #1 contender spot at the WWE Championship gold. Later on the night he helped Hulk Hogan win his title match against Triple H. At "Judgment Day", Taker used the steel chair and got the Chokeslam for the victory.

His reign as champion is not common, as he's not scared to take any challenge. He put his title on the line, anytime, anywhere. Most champions don't have this material. One of his notable title matches was on Monday Night Raw, facing Jeff Hardy in his first-ever Ladder Match. After the match, he raised Jeff's arm as a sign of respect. He'd then lose his title at Vengeance to The Rock, who pinned Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match.

Undertaker started going for the WWE Championship, held by Brock Lesnar. He would then defeat Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Match to earn the contender spot at the title. The match ended in a double-DQ. The feud carried over to No Mercy. Undertaker decided the match would be inside Hell in a Cell. Despite Taker entering the ring with a broken arm, he managed to overpower Lesnar, until Lesnar countered the Tombstone Piledriver into his F-5.

After the match Big Show, injured Taker by attacking him from behind. The two fought to settle their differences at "No Way Out" 2003. Despite an interference by A-Train, Taker managed to win via submission. Nathan Jones would then come in Taker's aid, saving him from assault by Big Show and A-Train. The two fought Big Show and A-Train in a Tag Team Match at Wrestlemania 19, which ended in a victory for Taker and Jones.

2 Pay-per-view victories follow: "Vengeance" against John Cena and "SummerSlam" against A-Train.

At Survivor Series 2003, Undertaker lost his Buried-Alive Match against Vince McMahon when his half-brother, Kane, interfered. At the Wrestlemania XX pay-per-view event, he would return in the Deadman Undertaker gimmick, again accompanied by Paul Bearer, to defeat Kane. Currently, his gimmick could be best described as a hybrid of the classic Taker and American Bad Ass gimmicks. Several months later, Paul Bearer was kidnapped by The Dudley Boyz at the direction of Paul Heyman, who then took "control" of Undertaker in the storyline. At the June 2004 WWE PPV The Great American Bash, Taker buried Bearer under liquid cement after winning a handicap match against the Dudley Boyz, as a means of removing his "weakness" so that Heyman or others could no longer control him. Fans were later told that Bearer was merely "seriously injured".

The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton at WrestleMania 21 after Orton challenged him on WWE RAW, claiming that he would defeat Undertaker and thus end his WrestleMania winning streak. In actual fact, Calaway is believed to have requested this match due to his antipathy towards the original plans for him, which would have seen him teaming with Kane to face Gene Snitsky and Heidenreich).

Following this year's WrestleMania 21 Taker aparantly took one of his periodic hiatuses from wrestling. This may be linked to the birth of his second daughter with wife Sara, Gracie Calaway, born in late May 2005.

He recently returned to Smackdown when he came to the aid of Chris Benoit, who was beeing atacked after his match versus Doug Basham. Later that night he had a no DQ match versus JBL, Randy Orton interfered in this match and gave Undertaker the RKO, and cause of the no DQ, JBL pinned the Undertaker for the win. After this match Orton revealed that he was drafted to Smackdown and that he has his mind set on The Undertaker

WrestleMania winning streak

The Undertaker has won every match so far at WWE's top Pay-Per-View, WrestleMania. This has given him a 13-0 winning streak, which has consisted of wins over Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Psycho Sid (WWF Title win), Kane (twice), Big Bossman (Hell in a Cell Match), Triple H, Ric Flair, A-Train/Big Show (Handicap Match), and Randy Orton.


Missing image
The Undertaker's trademark pinfall, after he has performed a Tombstone Piledriver

Undertaker Pseudonyms

  • Cain The Undertaker
  • The Man From The Dark Side
  • The Phenom
  • The Deadman
  • The Lord of Darkness
  • The Personification of Evil
  • The Minister of Darkness
  • The American Bad Ass
  • Deadman, Inc.
  • Deadman Walking
  • Big Evil
  • The Red Devil
  • Original Deadman
  • 'Taker

Previous Managers


  • "Rest - In - Peace."
  • "This is my yard."
  • "If you try me, I will make you famous."
  • "The spirit of The Undertaker lives within the soul of all mankind. The eternal flame of life that cannot be extinguished. The origin of which cannot be explained. The answer lies in the everlasting spirit. Soon all mankind will witness the rebirth of The Undertaker - I will not Rest In Peace."
  • "Feasting on your rotting soul."
  • "The end is near."
  • "My creatures of the night will feast upon the flesh of your corpse."
  • "Accept The Lord of Darkness as your saviour, allow the purity of evil to guide you."
  • "Prepare to take your last ride."
Missing image
Undertaker Chokeslamming JBL

Finishing moves

Signature moves

Missing image
A classic high-elevation Leg Drop by The Undertaker to Heidenreich


Championships and accomplishments

USWA World Heavyweight Championship Title

April 1, 1989 - USWA World Heavyweight Title (1)
Defeated Jerry Lawler - Memphis, Tennessee
Lost to Jerry Lawler on April 25, 1989

USWA Texas Championship Title

October 5, 1989 - USWA Texas Title (1)
Defeated Eric Embry - Dallas, Texas
Lost to Kerry Von Erich on October 20, 1989

WWF/WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title

November 11, 1991 - WWF World Heavyweight Title (1)
Defeated Hulk Hogan - Detroit, Michigan
Lost to Hulk Hogan on December 3, 1991
March 23, 1997 - WWF World Heavyweight Title (2)
Defeated Sycho Sid - Rosemont, Illinois
Lost to Bret Hart on August 3, 1997
May 23, 1999 - WWF World Heavyweight Title (3)
Defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin - Kansas City, Missouri
Lost to Stone Cold Steve Austin on June 28, 1999
May 19, 2002 - Undisputed WWF World Heavyweight Title (4)
Defeated Hulk Hogan - Nashville, Tennessee
Lost to The Rock on July 21, 2002
Note: Losing match was a three way with Kurt Angle.

WWF/WWE & WCW Tag Team Championship Titles

July 26, 1998 - WWF World Tag Team Title (1)
Defeated Kane and Mankind with Stone Cold Steve Austin - Fresno, California
Lost to Kane and Mankind on August 10, 1998
Note: Kane and Mankind defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker, Rocky Maivia & D'Lo Brown (subbing for Owen Hart), and The New Age Outlaws in a Four Corners match.
August 22, 1999 - WWF World Tag Team Title (2)
Defeated Kane and X-Pac with The Big Show - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lost to The Rock and Mankind on August 30, 1999
September 7, 1999 - WWF World Tag Team Title (3)
Defeated Kane and X-Pac with The Big Show - Albany, New York
Lost to The Rock and Mankind on September 20, 1999
Note: Defeated The Big Show, Mideon & Viscera in "The Dark Side Rules" match in which any of Undertaker's followers can be involved.
December 18, 2000 - WWF World Tag Team Title (4)
Defeated Edge and Christian with The Rock - Greenville, South Carolina
Lost to Edge and Christian - December 19, 2000
April 17, 2001 - WWF World Tag Team Title (5)
Defeated Edge and Christian with Kane - Nashville, Tennessee
Lost to Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hunter Hearst Helmsley on April 29, 2001
August 9, 2001 - WCW World Tag Team Title (6)
Defeated Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire with Kane - Los Angeles, California
Lost to Booker T and Test on September 27, 2001
August 19, 2001 - WWF World Tag Team Title (7)
Defeated Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon with Kane - San Jose, California
Lost to The Dudley Boyz on September 17, 2001

WWF/WWE Hardcore Championship Title

December 9, 2001 - WWF Hardcore Title (1)
Defeated Rob Van Dam - San Diego, California
Lost to Maven on February 5, 2002

WWE Championship
Preceded by:
Hulk Hogan
First reign Succeded by:
Hulk Hogan
Preceded by:
Sycho Sid
Second reign Succeded by:
Bret Hart
Preceded by:
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Third reign Succeded by:
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Preceded by:
Hulk Hogan
Fourth reign Succeded by:
The Rock

  • Calaway was involved in the PWI Feud of the Year in 1991 (vs. Ultimate Warrior) and the PWI Match of the Year in 1998 (vs. Mankind in the Hell in the Cell).

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