Charmed is a U.S. television series about three fictional sisters who are witches; they reside in San Francisco, California where they use their powers to fight evil and fulfilling their destinies along the way.

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The original lineup of sisters was Prudence Halliwell, Piper Halliwell and Phoebe Halliwell, played by Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Lori Rom respectively. Lori Rom only played Phoebe Halliwell in the original series pilot, but left the show due to personal reasons. Alyssa Milano took on the role of Phoebe Halliwell shortly after and portions of the pilot were reshot to incorporate Milano into the episode. The original pilot was never aired, but can be found circulating around the Internet.

Charmed's ratings were very stable until rumors arose about disagreements between Doherty and Milano, Shannen left Charmed at the end of the third season. However, this is never confirmed nor denied by Doherty or Milano's publicist. As the fourth season continued Prue was killed off permanently, and an episode covering the events which lead to the two sisters finding a previously unknown fourth half-sister called Paige Matthews was written in (played by Rose McGowan). The ratings have sunk as seasons have passed, but currently in the end of the seventh season ratings are coming back up. Charmed is currently on a summer hiatus until the Charmed Season 8 Premiere set to air on the WB on September 11, 2005.

The series, which has been running since 1998, is shown on the WB television network in the United States and on CTV in Canada. The show has been licensed to other networks, such as the Turner Network Television channel, to show reruns. In addition, Charmed can also be seen on satellite and cable channel Living TV and Five (Ch 5) on normal British terrestrial television in the United Kingdom, and on TV3 (Ireland) in Ireland.

The theme song for the show is a cover version of "How Soon Is Now?", originally by The Smiths, but covered by Love Spit Love. Since its inception, Charmed has also featured musical guests on a regular basis, including Pat Benatar, Dave Navarro, Barenaked Ladies, The Corrs, The Cranberries, Dishwalla, The Goo Goo Dolls, Orgy, Steadman, and many more.

On May 17, 2005 the WB network announced Charmed will be renewed for an eighth--and possibly final--season. However, this is not confirmed to be the last season of Charmed.

Season 1 of Charmed was released on DVD in February 2005.



Main Cast

The Charmed Ones

Missing image
Prue with her camera

Prue was the eldest sister character in seasons one to three. She was romantically involved with Andy Trudeau in season 1, but at the end of season 1 he died in an attempt at saving her life. During the season 1, she had developed the power of Telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects with her mind. She worked at Bucklands Auction House until halfway through season 2, when she quit to become a photographer. Prue had soon gained the power of astral projection, which is the ability to project a non-tangible form to a distant location, during the run of season 2. Prue had trouble with the right balance of work and play right up until her death by the hands of the wind demon Shax at the end of season 3. Prue spent a lot of time and energy becoming a more powerful witch, referred to sometimes as the "superwitch" of the family.

Missing image
Piper loses her head in episode 5.14

Piper Halliwell born the middle child had been the mediator between Prue and Phoebe's fights. Piper, from the first episode always had an "unlucky in love" storyline, and featured as the central player in the main love storyline of seasons one to three between her and Leo. Piper was blessed with the power of temporal stasis or "freezing time" that she controlled to a tee. Piper worked as a chef and then manager of a restaurant "Quake" until the end of Season 1, when she quit and started her own nightclub in season 2, called "P3". In Season 3, Piper and Leo decided to finally get married, but Prue's astral projection form seemed to not agree by causing problems. Piper felt that if everything is supposed to happen, it will and thought that she wasn't supposed to marry Leo, even after getting the Elders' consent. In season 4 she took over from Prue as the eldest sister character of the TV show, continuing a new line of Halliwells, with the most offensive power, and is known for desiring a normal life. She developed the power of molecular combustion or "blowing up objects". In season 5, she gave birth to her first baby boy, Wyatt, and at the end of season 6, baby Chris was welcomed into the world as well. Wyatt was feared to be the strongest source of magic. In Season 6, Chris visited from the future to stop Wyatt turning evil. During season 6, Leo and Piper separated from each other due to Leo becoming an Elder. During mid-season, Leo had been tested to choose his destiny - whether he wanted to be an Elder or live powerless with Piper. Leo had been influenced by the Elders, but eventually "fell from grace" and became useless to his family. At the end of season 7, Leo and Piper are somewhat more happy together.

Missing image
Phoebe peers through window in episode 2.2

Phoebe Halliwell was the youngest child, until Paige was discovered, and was very free-spirited in discovering her powers. The show focused a lot on her, how she developed as a character and her occupation. She had been given the power of foresight or "seeing the future", since Prue had earlier said, 'She never looks towards the future...'In season 2, Phoebe decided to leave unemployment to go back to college and complete her degree. She then achieved the ability to levitate and fly for short periods. During season 3, Phoebe came in contact with an attorney, who, unbeknownst to her was a half-demon named Cole Turner (Belthazar). Her love for him featured prominently in the show through seasons three and four, to the extent that she crossed to the dark side. She became the Queen of the Underworld for a short time and was carrying the 'Heir to the Source'. In season 5, however, Pheobe left Cole, and eventually vanquished him. Cole would return in later episodes to try and revive his love with Phoebe, never successfully. Around season 6, she developed a power that she couldn't control very well: empathy. Empathy is the ability to feel and hear emotions, often allowing control of others' powers. During a magical mission, Phoebe saved a columnist from a perilous situation. The columnist decided as a token of her appreciation to give her her job. Phoebe soon became a columnist for the column, later titled 'Ask Phoebe' at the 'Bay Mirror', and became very attracted to her new boss, Jason Dean - until she was possessed by Mata Hari, where she explained all the weird occurrences were because she was a witch. They briefly separated from each other due to this. She went on sabbatical for a short time and got a ghost writer to take her place, named Leslie, who she fell in love with. They were a short-lived couple and he had to leave on account of his temporary position. Her powers were stripped for a short period of time from the end of season 6 to the beginning season 7 as a punishment for using her empath powers for personal gain. Phoebe had fallen in love with one of the teachers, Drake, at Magic School, but finds that her love won't last, for he is set to die within two weeks. She is currently single as the season ended. However, there is much talk about a new love interest in her future.

Missing image
Paige gets arrested in episode 5.11

Patti, the girls' mother, had an affair with her Whitelighter, Sam, and gave birth to Paige Matthews. However, this had to be kept secret, so Sam and Patti took her to a church. There, Paige was given to the courteous, warm Matthews. She was found by Piper when she cast a spell to find a "lost witch". She attended Prue's funeral and reunited the Charmed Ones. Since Paige is half witch/half whitelighter, she is equipped with numerous powers. She has the ability to orb and call for objects (sometimes known as telekinetic orbing). She was a social worker in season 4, when many troubles occurred. When she first met Piper and Phoebe, she was attacked by the demon Shax who had killed Prue. She helped vanquish Shax (her first demon vanquished) and became a Charmed One. In season 5, she decided to take a year off to pursue her destiny of being a witch. Paige was seriously romantically involved with fellow witch Richard Montana during her temp job in season 6. The job was a magical one, where there was a feud between two families, escalating to cause many deaths in the families. He left because he went crazy with the use of magic. During season 7, Avatars came, and the late Agent Kyle Brody fell in love with Paige while in search of them . He was killed by an Avatar, believing that the Avatars killed his parents, which they did not. Paige became headmistress of the Magic School, because of the evil Gideon who tried to kill Leo and turn little Wyatt evil. She quit Magic School eventually, to concentrate on her Charmed duties and to help her newly-assigned Whitelighter charges.

Supporting cast

  • Leo Wyatt: Brian Krause (1998-present)
  • Cole Turner: Julian McMahon (2000-2003)
  • Andy Trudeau: Ted King (1998-1999) - Andy Trudeau - The former inspector of SFPD. Andy worked as an inspector for the San Francisco Police Department and was coincidentally assigned to almost every police case that involved the Halliwell sisters. He was in love with Prue, but they broke up because she wouldn't tell him her secret. Eventually, Andy discovered the sisters' secret, and that they were responsible for saving so many people's lives. He then risked his career, ultimately sacrificing his life to protect them from the demon Rodriguez.
  • Dan Gordon: Greg Vaughan (1999-2000) - The mortal neighbour who was attracted to Piper Halliwell. He and his niece Jenny lived next door to the Halliwell Sisters. He used to play third base for the Seattle Mariners baseball team until he blew out his knee sliding home, then worked in construction. While Dan never discovered the sisters' secret, he noticed the oddity of the girls' lives and often suspected that they were hiding something. When Piper felt attracted to Dan, she decided to date him instead of Leo because the relationship seemed much less complicated. However, Piper's sudden disappearances and avoidance of his questions drove Dan crazy and made him feel insecure in their relationship. He also always felt threatened by Leo, because even though Piper did not see him often, he knew that they had been serious and that Piper still cared for him. Dan felt as though he was simply "geographically desirable" and that that was the basis of the entire relationship. Piper finally broke up with Dan after she realized that despite loving Dan, she loved Leo more. Dan also became very suspicious of Leo and even asked his brother who worked for the state department to check Leo's army records. When his brother discovered that Leo had been a soldier in World War II and had died in the war, Dan presented the information to Leo and finally to Piper. Dan moved away to Portland when he was offered a job there, deciding that it was time for him to get on with his life.
  • Chris Perry: Drew Fuller (2003-2004)
  • Darryl Morris: Dorian Gregory(1998-present) - A lieutenant in the San Francisco Police Department, he was once the partner of inspector Andy Trudeau. Darryl has a wife and two sons. Darryl killed a mortal killer when he was possessed by a phantasm, but was spied on by Detective Sheridan. The Cleaners had made other people believe that he killed a person on purpose, and got him sent to death row. As Darryl was about to be executed, the Charmed Ones were able to stop Darryl from being killed, and make him believe that it was all a dream. Darryl has now stopped helping and covering for the Charmed Ones, as he had arrested Chris for stealing a car while trying to catch a demon. Darryl does not trust the Charmed Ones anymore, and he forbids Sheila to associate with them.
  • Jenny Gordon: Karis Paige Bryant (1999) - Jenny is the niece of Dan Gordon and next-door neighbor, and friend, of the Halliwell Sisters. She was known to come to them for female advice when she was too embarrassed to talk to Dan.

Recurring Guest Stars

  • Victor Bennett - The father of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. He divorced the Charmed One's mother, Patricia Halliwell, when the girls were young, after learning his wife and daughters had supernatural powers. For much of the girls' lives, he was rarely, if ever, present. He began building a relationship with them after they rediscovered their powers in their 20s; while Prue was very angry with him for his abandonment almost until her death, Phoebe was pleased to have a father in her life. Paige, the fourth Charmed One, is the daughter of Sam, her mother's Whitelighter. He travels a lot for work, but is based in San Francisco. He sees his daughters occasionally, and is now fairly close to both Piper and Phoebe. He has also reconciled with Patti through conversations with her ghost. In the future, he is apparently close to his grandson, Chris. He has another grandson through Piper named Wyatt. Victor is portrayed by two actors. The first Victor was played by Tony Denison (for one episode) and the second Victor is played by James Read.
  • Patricia Halliwell - Mother of Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige
  • Penelope Halliwell/"Grams" - Grandmother of Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige
  • Source of All Evil
  • Barbas the Demon of Fear
  • The Seer I
  • Sheila Morris is the wife of Inspector Darryl Morris. Darryl told her about the Halliwells' secret about being witches, and she was able to cope and understand it, which brought a bit of shock to the Halliwell Sisters. Sheila was later told to never be around the Halliwell Sisters again, by Darryl, because she almost got killed while covering for him.
  • Elise Rothman is boss and editor at the Bay Mirror. She is hard and strict, but as the series progressed has become somewhat less so, especially towards Phoebe.
  • Wyatt Matthew Halliwell: Jason & Kristopher Simmons - Piper and Leo's new son. A prophecy foretold of the birth of a twice-blessed child of awesome power to be born on a day when three planets aligned on a Wiccan sabbat during the Aurora Borealis, and magic would be removed from the world. When Evil discovered the prophecy, they plotted to steal Wyatt, in order to make him a powerful force for Evil. When two demons offered bounty for Wyatt, the sisters eventually went on the offensive and killed as many demons as possible in order to send a message that demons should not try to harm the baby. To their surprise, a prophetic demon called a Crone informed them that a law would be passed to prevent any further attempts to harm the baby because a war over the child would be detrimental rather than beneficial to evil. When the time came to name him, Piper and Leo encountered difficulties because throughout Piper's pregnancy they had both assumed that she was having a girl. Leo agreed with Piper that the baby's last name should be Halliwell because of the name's magical significance. Piper eventually thought of the idea of giving him the first name of Wyatt to honor Leo and the middle name of Matthew to honor Paige, after she risked her life to save her nephew from bounty hunters. Wyatt has been coming into his powers very quickly and the sisters have received impressions of his full capabilities when he grows older. He created a dragon, which caused a group of magical beings called the Cleaners to try to take him away from Piper, but she managed to persuade them to leave Wyatt with her. He is also the being destined to wield the powerful sword Excalibur, but Piper is trying to keep him away from the sword until he is older.
  • Gideon - One of the most powerful Elders, Gideon was entrusted with the position as headmaster of Magic School, an institution where young magical beings can learn about magic. While he originally pushed for the Elders to allow Piper and Leo to get married, once Wyatt was born, Gideon's attitude toward the couple changed drastically. He feared that all of the power that Wyatt possessed would cause him to turn and become an unstoppable threat. Gaining the sisters' confidence, Gideon used his position as a friend of family to get close to Wyatt but first hired a team of Darklighters to get Leo out of the way. He conspired with his evil counterpart in a parallel dimension, to distract both the good and evil Charmed Ones so that he might kill Wyatt. The sisters realized his plan in time and stopped him, but only temporarily. Conspiring with Barbas who used his powers to distract the sisters and Leo, Gideon managed to kidnap Wyatt, killing Chris in the process. Angered by his son's death, Leo tracked Gideon in the Underworld and killed him.
  • Agent Kyle Brody: Kerr Smith - A mysterious federal agent who happens to know information about witches, especially the Charmed Ones. He lost his parents to what he thought were the Avatars; but were in fact demons trying to steal the Avatar vanquishing potion. Though he knows the truth, he still does not trust the Avatars. He first approached the Charmed Ones when they stole the Golden Chalice that starts the Fountain of Youth. Brody put Inspector Sheridan in a mental hospital after being shot in the neck with a tranquilizer dart. He also covered for Piper Halliwell when she was found alive in the morgue. He and Paige eventually developed a romantic interest in each other. Kyle has been keeping a potion to kill Avatars. The first time Leo revealed his secret, Kyle went too far and ended up holding Paige hostage to get to Leo. Leo tried to convince him that the Avatars were not evil as he thought they were, but Kyle had ensured that he would kill Phoebe if everyone didn't do as he wanted. To save Phoebe, Leo killed Brody, unintentionally unleashing the potion. As it began to kill Leo, the Avatars Alpha and Beta appeared to help him reverse time so that Kyle did not know his secret. Kyle and Paige finally had a "very" romantic moment as he told her that he put Sheridan in a mental institution and that he has a potion to kill Avatars. In a later episode, while the Avatars prepare to transform the world into Utopia, they inform the Charmed Ones that the human world must be put to sleep so that they can kill any remaining demons. Agent Brody still doesn't trust the Avatars and calls the Elders for help but the message is intercepted by Zankou. He agrees to help Zankou stop the change and is given a paranoia crystal to use on the Halliwell sisters. During the Utopian transformation, Agent Brody uses Paige's paranoia to call upon Beta and kill her. However, as Agent Brody throws the potion, he is killed as well by Beta and soon dies in Paige's arms. In the episode Charmageddon, Brody comes back as a Whitelighter to reassure Paige that he is well, but can't stay.
  • Seer II
  • Alpha the Avatar - First appeared in the season five episode "Sam I Am" and returned in "Centennial Charmed" (The 100th Episode). He recently became a major recurring character. After he achieved his goal of getting The Charmed Ones and Leo to help get the world to become a "Utopia" where he and the other Avatars dictate everything that happens, he was soon forced to give up this world when the Charmed Ones (the greatest force of good) and Zankou (the leader of the demons) realized his plan and threatened him with death. His character is indirectly to blame for the deaths of Cole Turner and Kyle Brody.
  • Zankou - A powerful demon that was an enemy of The Source. The Source incarcerated him out of fear. After The Source died and the threat from The Avatars neared, a group of demons freed him. He has the power to shoot waves of powerful energy, can regenerate when harmed, throw energy balls, shapeshift, sense things in ways no one else can, teleport in several ways, read and scan minds telepathy, has unlimited demonic power (like the Source), and can absorb the powers of whoever he kills as well as many more. He is intelligent and unlike most demons is more concerned with survival then a foolhardy ambition to fight in the war against good and evil. Zankou took possession of the Shadow in the Nexus. His main goal was to get the Book of Shadows. He then used the information to absorb the Shadow that dwells within the nexus of all magic and become all-powerful.
  • Jack Sheridan: Lochlyn Munro - Jack worked alongside Prue Halliwell in Buckland's Auction House, and eventually dated Prue, until she quit Buckland's and broke up with him. He was also the twin brother of Jeff Sheridan.
  • Inspector Sheridan: Jenya Lano - Inspector Sheridan is known for being very suspicious of The Charmed Ones, always trying to figure out their secret, and always making them afraid of exposure. Because she was getting close to the Halliwell Sisters, Agent Kyle Brody had shot her in the neck with a tranquilizer dart. She was discovered in a coma at a local mental hospital, but was brought of of it after Kyle Broady had died. Shortly before her death, she discovered it was Homeland Security that placed her in the mental institution, but never had a chance to take it further. She was killed by Zankou in the Halliwell home's attic during the season seven finale.
  • Jason Dean: Eric Dane - He was the new boss of 'The Bay Mirror', the newspaper Phoebe wrote advice for, and quickly became Phoebe's boyfriend for over a year. Jason was very career-oriented, and Phoebe traveled all over the world with him, including living in Hong Kong for awhile. Phoebe was always working to keep her witch life a secret from him, and when he found out, he broke up with her.
  • Leslie St. Claire: Nick Lachey - A ghostwriter hired to write Phoebe Halliwell's advice column at the beginning of the seventh season. Although Phoebe was shocked to learn that her ghostwriter was a man, she nonetheless finds herself in a romantic relationship with him for the six episodes during which he appeared.
  • Drake Dèmon - Drake was a Mercury Demon who had learned much about literature and love. As a demon, he has never killed an innocent, being only demons. Drake met Cole Turner who turned him to sorcery to make him human if he didnt't use his powers. However, if he did use his demonic powers, he would lose them and end up in purgatory. When the Magic School was looking for a literature teacher, Drake applied, but the teachers and the Halliwell Sisters didn't think it was ethical or professional to have a demon teach at Magic School. He proved his innocence when he was able to touch the Book of Shadows of the Halliwells and restored Phoebe Halliwell's faith in love. Drake was given the position of literature teacher, but he would later have to die in a few weeks. Drake helped the Charmed Ones fend off and solve mysteries, especially when Piper was stuck in a coma, when he worked out that Wyatt could heal his mother. Drake later died, with sorrow in his heart, because he fell in love with Phoebe.
  • Belthazor
  • Rex Buckland
  • Hannah Webster
  • Elder Odin: John de Lancie - A very powerful Whitelighter.
  • Keats - An upper level demon who served Cole when he was the source of all evil. One of the Underworld leaders who tried to make alliances with a vampire queen. His powers were throwing electricity balls and shimmering. He was killed by Cole.
  • Malick the demon - A powerful upper lever demon with the powers to throw energy balls and shimmer to anywhere.
  • Dane the demon was Cole's/The Source's captain. He tried to get the Underworld to join together against the source and become its leader. His powers are shimmering and the ability to throw energy balls.
  • Julie the demon - She was Cole Turner's right-hand demon who planned with the Seer to get Phoebe Halliwell out of the way and then become his queen. Her powers were to project energy balls and to shimmer. She was killed by Phoebe's fire throwing power for trying to ruin her family.
  • Dark Priests are guardians of demonic lore and knowledge. Dark Priests are now rare in the Underworld, but are the only beings capable of conducting important ceremonies such as dark weddings and the coronation of a new Source.


Charmed begins when the three Halliwell sisters come together after the death of their grandmother. Upon moving into the old family manor in San Francisco, the youngest sister, Phoebe, discovers an old book in the attic. Reading an incantation from the Book of Shadows, she sets in motion events that fulfill an ancient prophecy. The sisters discover that they actually are descended from a long line of witches. The first witch in the line, Melinda Warren, prophesied that from her line would come the Charmed Ones. A force of good, they would be three sisters gifted with powers to battle the forces of evil. Prue Halliwell, the oldest sister, has the power of telekinesis and astral projection. Piper, the second-oldest, has the power to change the speed of molecules in objects and people, either slowing them down to the point where they are frozen in time or accelerating them, which effectively causes explosions. Phoebe, the third sister, has premonitions and the power to levitate; in addition, she is an empath (supernatural ability to read others' emotions).

After Prue is killed, it is revealed that there is a fourth sister, Paige Matthews, their mother's illegitimate child. She has the power to "orb" in and out from place to place like teleportation, and to orb objects to herself or another place. She has the same mother, Patty Halliwell, as the other three, but her father was their mom's whitelighter Sam. Patty and her Whitelighter lover gave Paige up for adoption, with the sole condition being that the adoptive parents give her a first name beginning with "P".

The sisters become romantically involved at different points in their lives. However, their magical abilities and the need to keep them secret from the rest of the world puts them in a difficult position with respect to their lovers. Prue falls in love with Andy, a police investigator looking into unsolved and occult murders. Piper falls in love with Leo Wyatt, a Whitelighter, but their affair is frustrated by Leo's bosses, the Elders. It takes some heavy persuading before Leo and Piper can get married. They split up for awhile when Leo became an Elder, but that was hardly the end for Piper and Leo. Phoebe falls in love with Cole Turner, the human half of the demon Balthazor who conspires to kill the Charmed Ones. Their relationship is intense but ultimately doomed. (Updating Coming Soon)

Magical spells

The WB series Charmed features many spells, many of them shown only in one episode to "vanquish" a particular demon. Listed here are for the most part more general spells, ones that have been used on several occasion for various purposes.

  • Summoning a Lost Witch

Spirit of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us we beg you near
Come to us and settle here

  • To Vanquish the Source

Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda
Astrid, Helena, Laura, and Grace
Halliwell witches stand strong beside us
Vanquish this evil from time and space

  • Vanishing Spell

Let the object of objection become but a dream
As I cause this scene to be unseen

  • Vanquish an Evil Spirit (Must be a spirit to say this)

Ashes to ashes
Spirit to spirit
Take this soul
Banish this evil

  • To Call a Witch's Powers

Powers of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here

  • To Multiply Powers by Three

Take my powers
Blessed be
Multiply their strength by three

  • To Bannish the Woogyman

I am light
I am one too strong to fight
Return to dark where shadows dwell
You cannot have this Halliwell
So go away and leave my sight
And take with you this endless night

  • To Summon Belthazar

Magic forces black or white
Reaching out through space and light
Be he far or be he near
Bring us the demon Belthazor here

  • To Summon Someone From Another Place

Hear these words
Hear my cry
Spirit from the other side
Come to me
I summon thee
Cross now the great divide

  • To Summon the Book of Shadows

I call apon this ancient power
To help us in this darkest hour
Let the Book return to this place
Claim refuge in its rightful place

  • To Invoke the Power of Three

Hear now the words of the Witches,
The secrets we hid in the night,
The oldest of Gods are invoked here,
The great work of magick is sought
In this night and in this hour,
We call upon the ancient power
Bring your powers to we sisters three,
We want the power,
Give us the power

  • Power of Three Spell

The Power of Three Will Set Us Free
The Power of Three will Set Us Free
The Power of Three Will Set Us Free

  • To Create the Perfect Man

Write down the characteristics of your perfect man and drop them into the potion while chanting
A perfect man we summon now
Another way we don't know how
To make our sister see the lighit
Somewhere out there is Mr. Right

  • To become a witch

I call upon the powers to be
Prudence,Piper,Phoebe,and Paige
Hear my call
Give me the powers to be

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