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The Bishop of London is the Ordinary of the Church of England Diocese of London in the Province of Canterbury.

The diocese covers 458 km² (177 sq. mi.) of 17 boroughs of the former Greater London north of the River Thames (previously the County of Middlesex) and a small part of the County of Surrey. The see is in the City of London where the seat is located at the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul which was founded as a cathedral in 604 and was rebuilt from 1675 following the Great Fire of London (1666).

The Bishop's residence is The Old Deanery, Dean's Court, London. Previously, for over a thousand years Fulham Palace was the residence, although, from the eighteenth century, London House, next to the Bishop's Chapel in Aldersgate Street, was where he had his chambers, and was used as a more convenient place for the Bishop to conduct his affairs.

Third in importance in the Church of England after the Archdioceses of Canterbury and York, the Bishop is one of five senior bishops, alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York, the Bishop of Durham, and the Bishop of Winchester, who sit as of right as one of the 26 Lords Spiritual in the House of Lords, as opposed to the remaining diocesan bishops of lesser rank for whom elevation to one of the seats reserved is attained upon its vacancy and is determined by temporal seniority.

Because the Bishop's diocese includes the Royal palaces and the seat of government at Westminster, he has been regarded as the 'King's bishop' and has historically had considerable influence with members of the Royal Family and leading politicians of the day.

The recorded antiquity of the office dates back to Celtic Britain where sixteen named archbishops are listed by Jocelyne of Furnes in his work Bishops. Stowe noted that this was the sole available source of these names. The Saxon bishopric was established in the 6th century. The current bishop is the Right Reverend Richard John Carew Chartres, the 132nd Lord Bishop of London, who was installed on 26 January 1996 and who signs Richard Londin.


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List of the Bishops of the Diocese of London, England and its precursor offices

NB: See above for reference to the entries listed as Archbishop of London

Tenure Incumbent Notes
??? to ???Thean, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Elvanus, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Cadar, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Obinus, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Paludius, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Stephen, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Iltute, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Dedwin, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Thedred, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Hillary, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Restitutus, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Guidelium, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Fastidius, Archbishop of London
??? to ???Vodimus, Archbishop of LondonKilled by the Saxons
??? to ???Theanus, Archbishop of LondonFled into Wales
514 to 553Restitutus
553 to 604Theonus
604 to 658Miletus
Translated to Canterbury; Saint Miletus
658 to 664CeaddaDied in office Saint Ceadda
664 to 666vacantFor 2 years
666 to 675Wina
Translated from Winchester
675 to 697ErkenwaldSaint Erkenwald
697 to 715Waldherus
715 to 746Ingualdus
746 to 754Egwolfus
754 to 761Wighedus
761 to 768Eadbrightus
768 to 773Edgarus
773 to 784Kenwalchus
784 to 795Eadbaldus
795 to 802Hecbertus
802 to 816Osmundus
(Oswynus; Osmund)
816 to 830Ethelnothus
830 to 841Ceolbertus
841 to 851Renulphus
851 to 863Suithulfus
863 to 898Eadstanus
898 to ???Wulfius
??? to ???Ethelwardus
926 to 938Elstanus
938 to ???Theodredus
??? to ???Wolstanus
941 to 958Brithelmus
958 to 960DunstanTranslated from Worcester; translated to Canterbury; Saint Dunstan
960 to 996Oelfstan
996 to 1004Wuffstan
1004 to 1016Aldwin
Translated from Durham
1016 to 1032Alfwy
1032 to 1044Elfward
Abbot of Evesham
1044 to 1051Robert Gemiticensis
(Robert the Norman)
Translated to Canterbury
1051 to 1075William
(William the Norman)
1075 to 1085Hugh d'Orevalle (Hugh de Orwell)
1085 to 1108Maurice Archdeacon of Maine; Lord Chancellor
1108 to 1128Richard de Beaumis
1128 to c.1136Gilbert UniversalisCanon of Lyons
c.1136 to 1138VacantFor 5 years
1141 to 1152Robert de SigelloMonk of Reading
1152 to 1163Richard de Beaumis
(Belmis II)
Archdeacon of Middlesex
1163 to c.1187Robert Foliot
(Gilbert Foliot)
Translated from Hereford
c.1187VacantFor 2 years
1189 to 1199Richard Fitz-Neale
(Richard Fitz-Nigel)
Dean of Lincoln
1199 to 1221William de St Mariæ EcclesiâPrebendary of St Paul's; resigned
1221 to 1229Eustace de FauconbergLord Treasurer
1229 to 1241Roger NigerArchdeacon of Colchester; Saint Roger Niger
1241 to 1260Fulke BassetDean of York
1260 to 2 July 1262Henry de Wengham
(Henry de Wingham)
Prebendary of St Paul's; Lord Chancellor; died in office
1262 to October 1262Richard TalbotDean of St Paul's, London
???? to ????Henry de SandwichPrebendary of St Paul's, London
1273 to 1280John de ChishullDean of St Paul's, London; Lord Chancellor and Lord Treasurer; died in office
1280 to 1280Fulke LovellElected but declined the office
1280 to 1304Richard de GravesendPrebendary of St Paul's, London
1304 to 1313Ralph de Baldoc
(Ralph de Baudake)
Dean of St Paul's, London
1313 to 1317Gilbert de SegravePrecentor of St Paul's, London
1317 to 1318Richard de NewportDean of St Paul's, London
1318 to 1338Stephen de GravesendPrebendary of St Paul's, London
1338 to 1340Richard de Wentworth
(Richard de Bynteworth)
Prebendary of St Paul's, London and Lord Chancellor
1340 to 1354Ralph de StratfordPrebendary of St Paul's, London and Salisbury
1354 to 1361Michael de NorthburgPrebendary of St Paul's, London
1361 to 1375Simon de Sudbury
alias Tybold
Chancellor of Salisbury; translated to Canterbury
1375 to 1381William CourtenayTranslated from Hereford; Lord Chancellor, Chancellor of Oxford; translated to Canterbury
1381 to 1404Robert de BraybrokeDean of Salisbury; Lord Chancellor
1404 to 1406Roger WaldenDean of York; consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury; Lord Treasurer
1406 to 1407Nicholas de Bubwith
(Nicholas de Bubbewyth)
Prebendary of Salisbury; Master of the Rolls, Keeper of the Privy Seal and Lord Treasurer; translated to Salisbury
1407 to 1426Richard de CliffordTranslated from Worcester
1421 to 1426John KempeTranslated from Chichester; translated to York
1426 to 1431William GreyDean of York; translated to Lincoln
1431 to 1436Robert Fitz-HughArchdeacon of Northampton and Chancellor of Cambridge
1436 to 1448Robert GilbertDean of York
1448 to 1489Thomas KempeArchdeacon of Middlesex and Chancellor of York
1489 to 1496Richard HillDean of King's Chapel and Prebendary of Salisbury
1496 to 1502Thomas SavageTranslated from Rochester; translated to York
1502 to 1504William WarhamPrebendary of St Paul's, London; Lord Chancellor; translated to Canterbury
1504 to 1506William BarnesMaster of the Rolls
1506 to 1522Richard Fitz-JamesTranslated from Chichester
1522 to 1530Cuthbert TunstallDean of Salisbury; Master of the Rolls; translated to Durham
1530 to 1539John StockesleyArchdeacon of Dorset
1539 to September 1549Edmund BonnerArchdeacon of Leicester; Bishop-elect of Hereford; deprived
1550 to 1553Nicholas RidleyTranslated from Rochester; deprived by Queen Mary
1553 to May 1559Edmund BonnerRestored by Mary; deprived
1559 to 1570Edmund GrindalMaster of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge; translated to York
1570 to 1577Edwyn SandysTranslated from Worcester
1577 to 1594John AylmerArchdeacon of Lincoln
1594 to 15 June 1596Richard FletcherTranslated from Worcester; died in office
1597 to 1604Richard BancroftPrebendary of Westminster; translated to Canterbury
1604 to 1607Richard VaughamTranslated from Chester
1607 to 1610Thomas RavisTranslated from Gloucester
1610 to 1611George AbbotTranslated from Lichfield & Coventry; translated to Canterbury
1611 to 1621John KingDean of Christchurch, Oxford
1621 to 1628George MonteigneTranslated from Lincoln
1628 to 1633William LaudTranslated from Bath & Wells; Chancellor of Oxford; translated to Canterbury
1633 to 1660William JuxonTranslated from Hereford before consecration; Lord Treasurer; translated to Canterbury
1660 to 1663Gilbert SheldonPrebendary of Gloucester; translated to Canterbury
1663 to 1675Humphrey HenchmanTranslated from Salisbury; Bishop Almoner
December 1675 to 1713Henry ComptonTranslated from Oxford
1713 to 11 April 1723John RobinsonTranslated from Bristol; died in office
1723 to 6 September 1748Edmund GibsonTranslated from Lincoln; died in office
1748 to July 1761Thomas SherlockTranslated from Salisbury; died in office
1761 to 1762Thomas HayterTranslated from Norwich; died in office
1762 to 1764Richard OsbaldestonTranslated from Carlisle; died in office
1764 to 1777Richard TerrickTranslated from Peterborough
1777 to 3 November 1787Robert LowthTranslated from Oxford; died in office
1787 to 14 May 1809Beilby PorteusTranslated from Chester; died in office
12 June 1809 to 1813John RandolphTranslated from Bangor
14 August 1813 to 1828William HowleyTranslated to Canterbury
15 August 1828 to September 1856Charles James BlomfieldTranslated from Chester; resigned
11 October 1856 to 1868Archibald Campbell TaitDean of Carlisle; translated to Canterbury
4 January 1869 to 6 January 1885John JacksonTranslated from Lincoln
25 February 1885 to 1896Frederick TempleTranslated from Exeter
1897 to 1901Mandell Creighton
1901 to 1939Arthur Winnington-Ingram
1939 to 1945Geoffrey Fisher
1945 to 1955John Wand
1956 to 1961Henry Campbell
1961 to 1973Robert Stopford
1973 to 1981Gerald Ellison
1981 to 1991Graham Douglas LeonardTranslated from Truro
1991 to 1995David Michael HopeTranslated from Wakefield; translated to York
1996 to presentRichard John Carew Chartres

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  • Haydn's Book of Dignities (1894) Joseph Haydn/Horace Ockerby, reprinted 1969
  • Whitaker's Almanack 1883 to 2004, Joseph Whitaker and Sons Ltd/A&C Black, London

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