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Eric Davis hit for the cycle in 1989

In baseball, a player hits for the cycle when he or she hits a single, a double, a triple and a home run in the same game, though not necessarily in that order. Collecting the hits in that order is known as a "natural cycle".

The feat is rare in Major League Baseball as it requires a game of no fewer than four hits and the unusual combination of a home run, which requires a batter to hit for some power, and a triple, which requires a batter to have some speed on the basepaths. The accomplishment is held in high enough esteem, however, that players needing only a single to "complete the cycle" have been known to "hold up" at first base on balls hit in the alley.

Listed below are the 248 occurrences of players "hitting for the cycle" in Major League Baseball (multiple occurrences denoted in parentheses, natural cycles in bold):

05-25-1882Curry FoleyBuffalo NL
06-16-1884Jim O'RourkeBuffalo NL
06-13-1885George WoodDetroit NL
09-28-1885Mox McQueryDetroit NL
05-24-1886Fred DunlapSt. Louis NL
08-21-1886Jack RoweDetroit NL
05-02-1887Fred CarrollPittsburgh NL
07-28-1888Jimmy RyanChicago NL
08-25-1888Mike TiernanNew York NL
08-08-1889Jack GlasscockIndianapolis NL
08-15-1889Larry TwitchellCleveland NL
08-01-1890Tom BurnsBrooklyn NL
08-06-1890John ReillyCincinnati NL
07-01-1891Jimmy Ryan (2)Chicago NL
04-24-1894Lave CrossPhiladelphia NL
06-13-1894Bill HassamaerWashington NL
08-17-1894Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia NL
09-28-1894Tom ParrottCincinnati NL
08-16-1895Tommy DowdSt. Louis NL
09-30-1895Ed CartwrightWashington NL
05-30-1896Bill JoyceWashington NL
05-09-1896Herman LongBoston NL
07-10-1901Harry DavisPhiladelphia AL
07-23-1901Fred ClarkePittsburgh NL
07-30-1901Nap LajoiePhiladelphia AL
05-07-1903Fred Clarke (2)Pittsburgh NL
07-21-1903Buck FreemanBoston AL
07-29-1903Pat DoughertyBoston AL
09-24-1903Bill BradleyCleveland AL
06-20-1904Duff CooleyBoston NL
10-04-1904Sam MertesNew York NL
04-26-1907John BatesBoston NL
10-02-1908Otis ClymerWashington AL
07-03-1910Chief WilsonPittsburgh NL
08-25-1910Danny MurphyPhiladelphia AL
10-06-1910Bill CollinsBoston NL
07-03-1911Frank BakerPhiladelphia AL
08-19-1911Mike MitchellCincinnati NL
06-09-1912Tris SpeakerBoston AL
06-10-1912Chief MeyersNew York NL
07-25-1912Bert DanielsNew York AL
08-22-1912Honus WagnerPittsburgh NL
07-05-1915Heinie GrohCincinnati NL
07-13-1918Cliff HeathcoteSt. Louis NL
08-08-1920George SislerSt. Louis AL
09-17-1920Bobby VeachDetroit AL
09-17-1920George BurnsNew York NL
05-07-1921Bob MeuselNew York AL
06-01-1921Dave BancroftNew York NL
08-13-1921George Sisler (2)St. Louis AL
08-30-1921Dave RobertsonPittsburgh NL
04-29-1922Ross YoungsNew York NL
05-25-1922Jimmy JohnstonBrooklyn NL
06-27-1922Ray SchalkChicago AL
07-03-1922Bob Meusel (2)New York AL
07-07-1923Pie TraynorPittsburgh NL
04-17-1924Baby Doll JacobsonSt. Louis AL
08-28-1924Goose GoslinWashington AL
06-04-1925Kiki CuylerPittsburgh NL
06-20-1925Max CareyPittsburgh NL
07-21-1925Roy CarlyleBoston AL
09-26-1926Bob FothergillDetroit AL
07-15-1927Jim BottomleySt. Louis NL
08-05-1927Cy WilliamsPhiladelphia NL
05-29-1928Bill TerryNew York NL
07-26-1928Bob Meusel (3)New York AL
05-16-1929Mel OttNew York NL
05-23-1929Ski MelilloSt. Louis AL
09-02-1929Joe CroninWashington AL
05-08-1930Freddie LindstromNew York NL
06-23-1930Hack WilsonChicago NL
08-21-1930Chick HafeySt. Louis NL
05-18-1931Babe HermanBrooklyn NL
07-01-1931Chuck KleinPhiladelphia NL
07-24-1931Babe Herman (2)Brooklyn NL
06-03-1932Tony LazzeriNew York AL
07-22-1932Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AL
05-05-1933Pepper MartinSt. Louis NL
05-26-1933Chuck Klein (2)Philadelphia NL
06-24-1933Arky VaughanPittsburgh NL
08-02-1933Mickey Cochrane (2)Philadelphia AL
08-06-1933Pinky HigginsPhiladelphia AL
08-14-1933Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AL
08-17-1933Earl AverillCleveland AL
09-30-1933Babe Herman (3)Chicago NL
06-10-1934Doc CramerPhiladelphia AL
06-25-1934Lou GehrigNew York AL
08-19-1934Moose SoltersBoston AL
06-29-1935Joe MedwickSt. Louis NL
05-24-1936Sam LeslieNew York NL
04-20-1937Gee WalkerDetroit AL
07-09-1937Joe DiMaggioNew York NL
08-01-1937Lou Gehrig (2)New York NL
07-12-1938Odell HaleCleveland AL
05-05-1939Sam ChapmanPhiladelphia AL
05-27-1939Charlie GehringerDetroit AL
07-19-1939Arky Vaughan (2)Pittsburgh NL
06-08-1940Harry CraftCincinnati NL
06-15-1940Harry DanningNew York NL
07-13-1940Johnny MizeSt. Louis NL
07-19-1940Buddy RosarNew York AL
08-02-1940Joe CroninBoston AL
09-08-1940Joe GordonNew York AL
07-19-1941George McQuinnSt. Louis AL
07-03-1943Leon CulbersonBoston AL
05-17-1944Bobby DoerrBoston AL
07-06-1944Bob JohnsonBoston AL
09-02-1944Dixie WalkerBrooklyn NL
07-15-1945Bob ElliottPittsburgh NL
08-04-1945Bill SalkeldPittsburgh NL
05-19-1946Mickey VernonWashington AL
07-21-1946Ted WilliamsBoston AL
05-13-1947Bobby Doerr (2)Boston AL
09-14-1947Vic WertzDetroit AL
05-20-1948Joe DiMaggio (2)New York AL
07-30-1948Wally WestlakePittsburgh NL
08-29-1948Jackie RobinsonBrooklyn NL
06-14-1949Wally Westlake (2)Pittsburgh NL
06-25-1949Gil HodgesBrooklyn NL
07-24-1949Stan MusialSt. Louis NL
06-02-1950George KellDetroit AL
06-25-1950Ralph KinerPittsburgh NL
06-28-1950Roy SmalleyChicago NL
08-02-1950Elmer ValoPhiladelphia AL
09-07-1950Hoot EversDetroit AL
06-04-1951Gus BellPittsburgh NL
06-04-1952Larry DobyCleveland AL
07-11-1954Don MuellerNew York NL
07-02-1957Lee WallsChicago NL
07-23-1957Mickey MantleNew York AL
05-02-1959Frank RobinsonCincinnati NL
07-15-1960Brooks RobinsonBaltimore AL
08-14-1960Bill WhiteSt. Louis NL
09-14-1961Ken BoyerSt. Louis NL
07-13-1962Lou ClintonBoston AL
06-27-1963Johnny CallisonPhiladelphia NL
08-07-1963Jim HickmanNew York NL
05-26-1964Jim KingWashington AL
06-16-1964Ken Boyer (2)St. Louis NL
07-22-1964Willie StargellPittsburgh NL
07-28-1964Jim FregosiCalifornia AL
05-14-1965Carl YastrzemskiBoston AL
07-17-1966Billy WilliamsChicago NL
08-11-1966Randy HundleyChicago NL
05-20-1968Jim Fregosi (2)California AL
05-07-1970Wes ParkerLos Angeles NL
05-20-1970Rod CarewMinnesota AL
07-02-1970Tony HortonCleveland AL
07-06-1970Tommie AgeeNew York NL
07-08-1970Jim Ray HartSan Francisco NL
07-09-1971Freddie PatekKansas City AL
04-16-1972Dave KingmanSan Francisco NL
08-02-1972César CedeñoHouston NL
08-29-1972Bobby MurcerNew York AL
09-19-1972César TovarMinnesota AL
06-27-1973Joe TorreSt. Louis NL
06-09-1974Richie ZiskPittsburgh NL
05-27-1975Lou BrockSt. Louis NL
04-22-1976Tim FoliMontreal NL
06-04-1976Larry HisleMinnesota AL
06-25-1976Mike PhillipsNew York NL
07-24-1976Lyman BostockMinnesota AL
08-09-1976César Cedeño (2)Houston NL
09-03-1976Mike HeganMilwaukee AL
06-24-1977Bob WatsonHouston NL
08-05-1977John MayberryKansas City AL
09-24-1977Jack BrohamerChicago AL
04-22-1978Andy ThorntonCleveland AL
07-20-1978Chris SpeierMontreal NL
07-27-1978Mike CubbageMinnesota AL
05-28-1979George BrettKansas City AL
08-10-1979Dan FordCalifornia AL
09-15-1979Bob Watson (2)Boston AL
09-26-1979Frank WhiteKansas City AL
04-22-1980Ivan DeJesusChicago NL
05-13-1980Fred LynnBoston AL
06-12-1980Mike EaslerPittsburgh NL
09-18-1980Gary WardMinnesota AL
10-01-1980Charlie MooreMilwaukee AL
08-03-1982Frank White (2)Kansas City AL
05-06-1984Cal Ripken, Jr.Baltimore AL
05-16-1984Carlton FiskChicago AL
06-23-1984Willie McGeeSt. Louis NL
06-28-1984Dwight EvansBoston AL
06-27-1985Jeffrey LeonardSan Francisco NL
07-04-1985Keith HernandezNew York NL
07-23-1985Oddibe McDowellTexas AL
09-18-1985Rich GedmanBoston AL
05-16-1986Tony PhillipsOakland AL
08-01-1986Kirby PuckettMinnesota AL
04-29-1987Andre DawsonChicago NL
05-04-1987Candy MaldonadoSan Francisco NL
08-16-1987Tim RainesMontreal NL
09-23-1987Albert HallAtlanta NL
06-12-1988Robin YountMilwaukee AL
07-09-1988Chris SpeierSan Francisco NL
09-14-1988Mike GreenwellBoston AL
04-16-1989Kelly GruberToronto AL
06-02-1989Eric DavisCincinnati NL
08-01-1989Kevin McReynoldsNew York NL
08-25-1989Gary RedusPittsburgh NL
07-25-1990George Brett (2)Kansas City AL
04-22-1991Robby ThompsonSan Francisco NL
05-15-1991Paul MolitorMilwaukee AL
06-24-1991Dave WinfieldCalifornia AL
09-15-1991Ray LankfordSt. Louis NL
08-25-1992Andújar CedeñoHouston NL
05-09-1993Mark GraceChicago NL
07-23-1993Jay BuhnerSeattle AL
07-28-1993Travis FrymanDetroit AL
04-12-1994Scott CooperBoston AL
06-11-1995Rondell WhiteMontreal NL
08-25-1995Gregg JefferiesPhiladelphia NL
09-03-1995Tony FernandezNew York AL
05-18-1996John MabrySt. Louis NL
06-06-1996John ValentinBoston AL
07-03-1996Alex OchoaNew York NL
06-05-1997Alex RodriguezSeattle AL
09-11-1997John OlerudNew York NL
05-18-1998Mike BlowersOakland AL
06-10-1998Dante BichetteColorado NL
07-25-1998Neifi PerezColorado NL
05-03-1999Jeff KentSan Francisco NL
06-19-1999Todd HeltonColorado NL
07-06-1999Chris SingletonChicago AL
04-27-2000Jose ValentinChicago AL
05-19-2000Jason KendallPittsburgh NL
06-18-2000Mike LansingColorado NL
06-21-2000Eric ChavezOakland AL
07-05-2000Luis GonzalezArizona NL
06-09-2001Damion EasleyDetroit AL
06-16-2001John Olerud (2)Seattle AL
07-18-2001Jeff BagwellHouston NL
08-17-2001Jeff FryeToronto AL
09-29-2001Miguel TejadaOakland AL
04-08-2002Craig BiggioHouston NL
09-18-2002Greg ColbrunnArizona NL
06-24-2003Brad WilkersonMontreal NL
06-29-2003Eric ByrnesOakland AL
08-14-2003Travis HafnerCleveland AL
09-14-2003Vladimir GuerreroMontreal NL
04-27-2004Chad MoellerMilwaukee NL
05-26-2004 Daryle WardPittsburgh NL
06-28-2004 David BellPhiladelphia NL
07-29-2004 Eric ValentNew York NL
08-17-2004 Mark TeixeiraTexas AL
04-06-2005 Brad Wilkerson (2)Washington NL
04-27-2005 Mark GrudzielanekSt. Louis NL

Similar feats in other sports

On December 31, 1988, Mario Lemieux became the first player in National Hockey League history to score one each of the five types of goals in a single game: an even-strength goal, a power-play goal, a short-handed goal, a penalty shot, and an empty-net goal.

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