In J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy universe, Middle-earth, the Valar are the Powers of Arda who live on the Western continent of Aman.

The Valar were the fourteen powerful spirits of the race of the Ainur who entered Arda after its creation to give order to the world and combat the evils of Melkor. They dwelt originally on the Isle of Almaren, but after its destruction, long before the Awakening of the Elves, they moved to Aman and founded Valinor.

They were the greatest of the Ainur who witnessed the Vision of Ilvatar and so came to create Arda. Melkor came to Arda to claim it for his own.

Manw and Melkor fought, and Manw called other spirits to help him in his battle. Among these were the other Valar and the Maiar. Melkor withdrew from the battle, and the others continued their creation of the World. But Melkor saw this, and returned to fight for control of Arda.

The Valar have no fixed shape, but often take the shapes of Men and Elves, or they can remain invisible.

The Valar are not Gods, though Men often mistake them as such. They are actually emissaries or regents of Ilvatar, the monotheistic God of the world, who rarely directly intervenes in the world's course of events.



These are the names of the Valar as they were known to the Eldar. In Middle-earth, they were known by other names of Sindarin origin; for example they called Varda Elbereth. Men knew them by many other names, and sometimes worshipped them as Gods. The Dwarves called Aul, their creator, Mahal. It should be noted that, with the exception of Orom, the names listed below are not actual names but rather titles: the true names of the Valar are nowhere recorded. Male Valar are called "Lords of the Valar"; females are called "Queens of the Valar," or Valier.

Lords of the Valar

  • Manw Slimo, King of the Valar
  • Ulmo, King of the Sea
  • Aul, the Smith
  • Orom Aldaron, the Great Rider
  • Nmo (Mandos), Judge of the Dead
  • Irmo (Lrien), Master of Dreams
  • Tulkas Astaldo, Champion of Valinor

Queens of the Valar (Valier)

  • Varda Elentri, Queen of the Stars, wife of Manw
  • Yavanna Kementri (Palrien), Giver of Fruits, wife of Aul
  • Nienna, Lady of Mercy
  • Est the Gentle
  • Vair the Weaver
  • Vna the Ever-young
  • Nessa the Dancer

Other names

The Aratar (Sindarin: Exalted) or High Ones of Arda are the eight greatest of the Valar: Manw, Varda, Ulmo, Yavanna, Aul, Mandos, Nienna, and Orom. Melkor, the most powerful of all, is not counted among them.

Lrien and Mandos are brothers and are referred to collectively as the Fanturi or "Masters of Spirits".

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