Ro Rowen

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Rosalie Rowen, drawn by Beegirl

Rosalie Rowen is one of the main characters of the animated series The Zeta Project. She is 15 years old in the beginning of the series, 16 by the end. She becomes Zeta's accomplice and best friend in the first episode, and remains one of the most important characters throughout the show.



Ro was very young when her mother left her and her brother with their grandparents to be raised. Even as a child, Ro was so headstrong and stubborn that she was nicknamed by her grandfather "Little bulldozer." Ro doesn't remember her grandparents, however, as she and her brother were split up and put into foster care. The earliest foster family Ro remembers were the Morgans. Ro did not get along with her foster sister, Tiffy, nor her foster father. She seemed to like her foster mother, but Mrs. Morgan died since for reasons that haven't been explained. Ro ran away from there when she was eight years old.

Ro probably went through several other foster homes, but eventually she was placed in a girl's home in Spring City. With the help of a leader of a local gang, Ro escaped from the girl's home. She then attempted to join the gang, and was given tasks, such as stealing food from the supermarket. However, when she was asked to participate in a hold up, Ro refused, worried that someone would get hurt. This caused the gang leader to attempt to kill her, but she was rescued by Zeta.

Ro did not originally plan to become Zeta's accomplice: in the beginning, she regarded him with, if not fear, unease and distrust. However, Zeta's concern for her, something she didn't get a lot, won her over to his side. The knowledge of his unlimited creds motivated her, but in the end she realized that regardless of the money, she still liked him. Although initially Ro showed no desire to find her parents, but instead anger at them for abandoning her, eventually she begins to forgive them. Later in season 2, Ro is reconciled with her brother, Casey MacCurdy, but the question of whether she'll meet her parents is unresolved.


  • blond hair, cut short with two longer strands in front
  • blue eyes
  • short, two heads smaller than Zeta
  • thin - at least half the size of Zeta
  • strong - she manages to drag about Zeta's body, and he can't be light
  • strong-willed - is incredibly stubborn and argumentative
  • fighting - Ro usually doesn't fight, but is very good when she does; caught Terry McGinnis off-guard with a blow to the back of the head on one occasion


Ro is, in many respects, the opposite of Zeta. He's very naive, whereas Ro is perhaps overly cynical of the world. Ro doesn't like to trust people- even Bucky, who has been a good friend to Ro and Zeta far longer than he was an enemy, hasn't completely earned her trust. She's also very quick to assume the worst, and doesn't like to forgive- when Batman attacks Zeta in the "Shadows" crossover, she remains angry with him even when he's been forgiven by Zeta. The only person she really seems to trust is Zeta, but she's very hard on him for being gullible and naive. It's obvious she cares about him- she'll be the first to comfort him when he's upset, but she has very little patience for his lack of understanding. Ro has a very sarcastic sense of humor, something that Zeta has trouble understanding. She does have a very bright demeanor most of the time, it seems at times as though she's putting it on. Ro seems outwardly funny, but unkind and uncaring. However, deep down she is a person with very strong morals, great loyalty, and a lot of kindness. This is a side that is seen most often when Zee is upset- her cheerful nature and good advice is quick to help him.

Character Relationships

Ro occasionally seems impatient or unkind to Zee, especially in "Quality Time". However, deep down she both loves and needs Zeta. She's ready to admit, in "Lost and Found" and "Wired Part 2" that she had nothing before Zeta. He provides her with safety, money, and love, three things that she hasn't really had before. And her impatience with him is always short-lived - for example, although she was quick to dismiss him in "Quality Time", as soon as there was trouble he was her number one concern. There is some speculation as to the nature of her relationship with Zeta- although her impatience is very reminiscent of siblings, many wonder if the relationship might be romantic. Even if this is not so, many ZeeRo shippers think the idea of them together is cute, and had created no small number of fanfics and fanarts about the pairing. Ro does find Zeta's hologram attractive, as made apparent in "The Accomplice" ("Dang!"). However, whether there's any more to that is yet to be seen. It's also interesting to note that both ro and zeta are letters of the Greek alphabet.
Bucky Buenventura
Ro has remained slightly suspicious and annoyed with Bucky since the beginning, but their relationship definitely took a change somewhere between "The Next Gen" and "Wired Part 1". While she continues to tease him, be exasperated with him, and call him a little twip, they've also managed to develop a sort of friendship. Although Ro pretends to hate him, it's obvious that she's beginning to trust him, and, as in "Wired Part 2", will depend on him in an emergency. And he likes her too: when Bucky decides to do a favor for Ro and Zeta, he doesn't track down Dr. Selig, but Ro's brother. By "Cabin Pressure", they've developed a sort of love-hate relationship, where they pretend disdain but in reality, even Ro admits she sort of likes him. Despite all of this, it's apparent Bucky likes Ro a lot more than Ro likes Bucky.
Tiffy Morgan
Tiffy was Ro's foster sister from when Ro was very young to when she was eight years old. Young Tiffy was evidently a little brat- she stole Ro's picture of Casey and must have done something quite bad, as Ro calls her a backstabber, but never explains why. However, Tiffy is very different now that she's older. She wants to get along with Ro, and is frustrated when Ro won't give her a chance. She admits that even as a child, she respected Ro for being a rebel, and she gives back Ro's picture. Although at first Ro refused to give Tiffy a chance, remembering her younger self, she was quite surprised and touched when Tiffy admitted she admired and liked Ro.
Mr. Morgan
Throughout "Hicksburg", Mr. Morgan gives a glimpse of what he must have seemed to Ro at eight- cold and disapproving. Although he occasionally gives a sign that he cares about her, he spends more of the time criticizing her, and when he finds out about Zeta, accuses her of always making the wrong choices. Ro early on told Zeta how much she wanted to impress the Morgans, so obviously she wanted Mr. Morgan's approval even though he refused to give it. At the end, when Mr. Morgan tells her that he was proud of her and wished she had remained a part of the family, Ro was touched, surprised, and began to look on Mr. Morgan as a sort of father figure.
Casey MacCurdy
Although he's her brother, Ro seems to feel awkward and a little afraid of Casey. He's someone she remembers from her past, but not quite, and has many of the answers she seeks, but Ro seems slightly afraid to ask them. She obviously likes Casey, and even trusts him, but seems a little unsure what to say.
Agent Bennett
Ro is not nearly as forgiving of Bennett as Zeta is. She refuses to see the good in him, only seeing an enemy.

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