Olympic medalists in athletics (men)

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These are the male Olympic medalists in athletics. See Olympic medalists in athletics (women) for female medalists, category:athletes for other track and field athletes and Olympic medalists for medalists in other sports.


60 m

This event has only been held twice. Both winners, Kraenzlein and Hahn, were also successful in other events, and share a total of 7 Olympic sprint titles.

1900 Alvin Kraenzlein (USA) John Tewksbury (USA) Stanley Rowley (AUS)
1904 Archie Hahn (USA) William Hogenson (USA) Fay Moulton (USA)

100 m

The 100 m has been part of the Olympics since the beginning in 1896, and is usually among the best publicised events. It has been dominated by Americans, who have won 16 out of 25 titles. Only two athletes have won the title twice, Archie Hahn and Carl Lewis. Hahn won his titles only two years apart, while Lewis only retained his title after Canadian runner Ben Johnson, winner of the final, was disqualified after he tested positive for steroids.

1896 Tom Burke (USA) Fritz Hoffmann (GER) Alajos Szokolyi (HUN)
Francis Lane (USA)
1900 Frank Jarvis (USA) John Tewksbury (USA) Stanley Rowley (AUS)
1904 Archie Hahn (USA) Nate Cartmell (USA) William Hogenson (USA)
1906 Archie Hahn (USA) Fay Moulton (USA) Nigel Barker (AUS)
1908 Reggie Walker (RSA) James Rector (USA) Bobby Kerr (CAN)
1912 Ralph Craig (USA) Alvah Meyer (USA) Don Lippincott (USA)
1920 Charlie Paddock (USA) Morris Kirksey (USA) Harry Edward (GBR)
1924 Harold Abrahams (GBR) Jackson Scholz (USA) Arthur Porritt (NZL)
1928 Percy Williams (CAN) Jack London (GBR) Georg Lammers (GER)
1932 Eddie Tolan (USA) Ralph Metcalfe (USA) Arthur Jonath (GER)
1936 Jesse Owens (USA) Ralph Metcalfe (USA) Tinus Osendarp (NED)
1948 Harrison Dillard (USA) Barney Ewell (USA) Lloyd LaBeach (PAN)
1952 Lindy Remigino (USA) Herb McKenley (JAM) Emmanuel McDonald Bailey (GBR)
1956 Bobby Joe Morrow (USA) Thane Baker (USA) Hector Hogan (AUS)
1960 Armin Hary (GER) David Sime (USA) Peter Radford (GBR)
1964 Bob Hayes (USA) Enrique Figuerola (CUB) Harry Jerome (CAN)
1968 Jim Hines (USA) Lennox Miller (JAM) Charles Greene (USA)
1972 Valeri Borzov (URS) Robert Taylor (USA) Lennox Miller (JAM)
1976 Hasely Crawford (TRI) Don Quarrie (JAM) Valeri Borzov (URS)
1980 Allan Wells (GBR) Silvio Leonard (CUB) Petar Petrov (BUL)
1984 Carl Lewis (USA) Sam Graddy (USA) Ben Johnson (CAN)
1988 Carl Lewis (USA) Linford Christie (GBR) Calvin Smith (USA)
1992 Linford Christie (GBR) Frankie Fredericks (NAM) Dennis Mitchell (USA)
1996 Donovan Bailey (CAN) Frankie Fredericks (NAM) Ato Boldon (TRI)
2000 Maurice Greene (USA) Ato Boldon (TRI) Obadele Thompson (BAR)
2004 Justin Gatlin (USA) Francis Obikwelu (POR) Maurice Greene (USA)

200 m

The 200 m is the event most like the stadion event, which was the first event contested at the ancient Olympics. It was introduced at the Olympics in 1900, and has been held ever since, with the exception of the 1906 Intercalated Games. 1904 marked the only occasion at which the 200 m was run on a track without a curve. Like the 100 m, Americans have dominated this event, with 17 wins. No athlete has been able to win the 200 m twice, but eight sprinters have managed to win the 100 and 200 m at the same Olympics.

1900 John Tewksbury (USA) Norman Pritchard (IND) Stanley Rowley (AUS)
1904 Archie Hahn (USA) Nate Cartmell (USA) William Hogenson (USA)
1908 Bobby Kerr (CAN) Robert Cloughen (USA) Nate Cartmell (USA)
1912 Ralph Craig (USA) Don Lippincott (USA) William Applegarth (GBR)
1920 Allen Woodring (USA) Charlie Paddock (USA) Harry Edward (GBR)
1924 Jackson Scholz (USA) Charlie Paddock (USA) Eric Liddell (GBR)
1928 Percy Williams (CAN) Walter Rangeley (GBR) Helmut Körnig (GER)
1932 Eddie Tolan (USA) George Simpson (USA) Ralph Metcalfe (USA)
1936 Jesse Owens (USA) Mack Robinson (USA) Tinus Osendarp (NED)
1948 Mel Patton (USA) Barney Ewell (USA) Lloyd LaBeach (PAN)
1952 Andy Stanfield (USA) Thane Baker (USA) James Gathers (USA)
1956 Bobby Joe Morrow (USA) Andy Stanfield (USA) Thane Baker (USA)
1960 Livio Berruti (ITA) Lester Carney (USA) Abdoulaye Seye (SEN)
1964 Henry Carr (USA) Otis Drayton (USA) Ed Roberts (TRI)
1968 Tommie Smith (USA) Peter Norman (AUS) John Carlos (USA)
1972 Valeri Borzov (URS) Larry Black (USA) Pietro Mennea (ITA)
1976 Don Quarrie (JAM) Millard Hampton (USA) Dwayne Evans (USA)
1980 Pietro Mennea (ITA) Allan Wells (GBR) Don Quarrie (JAM)
1984 Carl Lewis (USA) Kirk Baptiste (USA) Thomas Jefferson (USA)
1988 Joe DeLoach (USA) Carl Lewis (USA) Robson da Silva (BRA)
1992 Mike Marsh (USA) Frankie Fredericks (NAM) Michael Bates (USA)
1996 Michael Johnson (USA) Frankie Fredericks (NAM) Ato Boldon (TRI)
2000 Konstantinos Kenteris (GRE) Darren Campbell (GBR) Ato Boldon (TRI)
2004 Shawn Crawford (USA) Bernard Williams (USA) Justin Gatlin (USA)

400 m

The 400 m, the one lap long sprint (on a modern track), has been part of the Olympics since the first Olympics in 1896. The event has been dominated by Americans, who have won 18 of the 25 titles. The first runner to defend his title successfully was Michael Johnson, who won the championship in 1996 and 2000. In 1908, the final was a walkover for British runner Wyndham Halswelle. He had been obstructed by the American runner John Carpenter in the first final, which was the reason for a re-run. However, the other runners — both American — refused to run, leaving the title to Halswelle.

1896 Tom Burke (USA) Herbert Jamison (USA) Charles Gmelin (GBR)
1900 Maxey Long (USA) William Holland (USA) Ernst Schultz (DEN)
1904 Harry Hillman (USA) Frank Waller (USA) Herman Groman (USA)
1906 Paul Pilgrim (USA) Wyndham Halswelle (GBR) Nigel Barker (AUS)
1908 Wyndham Halswelle (GBR) - -
1912 Charles Reidpath (USA) Hanns Braun (GER) Edward Lindberg (USA)
1920 Bevil Rudd (RSA) Guy Butler (GBR) Nils Engdahl (SWE)
1924 Eric Liddell (GBR) Horatio Fitch (USA) Guy Butler (GBR)
1928 Ray Barbuti (USA) James Ball (CAN) Joachim Büchner (GER)
1932 Bill Carr (USA) Ben Eastman (USA) Alex Wilson (CAN)
1936 Archie Williams (USA) Godfrey Brown (GBR) James LuValle (USA)
1948 Arthur Wint (JAM) Herb McKenley (JAM) Mal Whitfield (USA)
1952 George Rhoden (JAM) Herb McKenley (JAM) Ollie Matson (USA)
1956 Charlie Jenkins (USA) Karl-Friedrich Haas (GER) Voitto Hellsten (FIN)
Ardalion Ignatyev (URS)
1960 Otis Davis (USA) Carl Kaufmann (GER) Malcolm Spence (RSA)
1964 Michael Larrabee (USA) Wendell Mottley (TRI) Andrzej Badeński (POL)
1968 Lee Evans (USA) Larry James (USA) Ron Freeman (USA)
1972 Vincent Matthews (USA) Wayne Collett (USA) Julius Sang (KEN)
1976 Alberto Juantorena (CUB) Fred Newhouse (USA) Herman Frazier (USA)
1980 Viktor Markin (URS) Rick Mitchell (AUS) Frank Schaffer (GDR)
1984 Alonzo Babers (USA) Gabriel Tiacoh (CIV) Antonio McKay (USA)
1988 Steve Lewis (USA) Butch Reynolds (USA) Danny Everett (USA)
1992 Quincy Watts (USA) Steve Lewis (USA) Samson Kitur (KEN)
1996 Michael Johnson (USA) Roger Black (GBR) Davis Kamoga (UGA)
2000 Michael Johnson (USA) Alvin Harrison (USA) Greg Haughton (JAM)
2004 Jeremy Wariner (USA) Otis Harris (USA) Derrick Brew (USA)

800 m

The 800 m, the shortest of the so-called middle distances, has always been on the Olympic programme. In the past, the distance was dominated by Americans (9 wins) and Britons (6 wins), but there have been no winners from these countries since 1972 and 1980, respectively. Three athletes have succeeded in winning two consecutive titles in the 800 m: Douglas Lowe (Great Britain), Mal Whitfield (United States) and Peter Snell (New Zealand).

1896 Teddy Flack (AUS) Nándor Dáni (HUN) Dimitrios Golemis (GRE)
1900 Alfred Tysoe (GBR) John Cregan (USA) David Hall (USA)
1904 Jim Lightbody (USA) Howard Valentine (USA) Emil Breitkreutz (USA)
1906 Paul Pilgrim (USA) Jim Lightbody (USA) Wyndham Halswelle (GBR)
1908 Mel Sheppard (USA) Emilio Lunghi (ITA) Hanns Braun (GER)
1912 Ted Meredith (USA) Mel Sheppard (USA) Ira Davenport (USA)
1920 Albert Hill (GBR) Earl Eby (USA) Bevil Rudd (RSA)
1924 Douglas Lowe (GBR) Paul Martin (SUI) Schuyler Enck (USA)
1928 Douglas Lowe (GBR) Erik Byléhn (SWE) Hermann Engelhard (GER)
1932 Thomas Hampson (GBR) Alex Wilson (CAN) Phil Edwards (CAN)
1936 John Woodruff (USA) Mario Lanzi (ITA) Phil Edwards (CAN)
1948 Mal Whitfield (USA) Arthur Wint (JAM) Marcel Hansenne (FRA)
1952 Mal Whitfield (USA) Arthur Wint (JAM) Heinz Ulzheimer (GER)
1956 Tom Courtney (USA) Derek Johnson (GBR) Audun Boysen (NOR)
1960 Peter Snell (NZL) Roger Moens (BEL) George Kerr (BWI)
1964 Peter Snell (NZL) Bill Crothers (CAN) Wilson Kiprugut (KEN)
1968 Ralph Doubell (AUS) Wilson Kiprugut (KEN) Tom Farrell (USA)
1972 Dave Wottle (USA) Yevgeni Arzhanov (URS) Mike Boit (KEN)
1976 Alberto Juantorena (CUB) Ivo Van Damme (BEL) Rick Wohlhuter (USA)
1980 Steve Ovett (GBR) Sebastian Coe (GBR) Nikolay Kirov (URS)
1984 Joaquim Cruz (BRA) Sebastian Coe (GBR) Earl Jones (USA)
1988 Paul Ereng (KEN) Joaquim Cruz (BRA) Saďd Aouita (MAR)
1992 William Tanui (KEN) Nixon Kiprotich (KEN) Johnny Gray (USA)
1996 Vebjřrn Rodal (NOR) Hezekiél Sepeng (RSA) Fred Onyancha (KEN)
2000 Nils Schumann (GER) Wilson Kipketer (DEN) Djabir Saďd Guerni (ALG)
2004 Yuriy Borzakovskiy (RUS) Mbulaeni Mulaudzi (RSA) Wilson Kipketer (DEN)

1500 m

The 1500 m, also known as the "metric mile", has been run at the Olympic Games since 1896, and has known winners from 12 different countries. Two of them, Jim Lightbody and Sebastian Coe, have won the event two times. Many athletes are able to run both the 1500 m and the 800 m well, and five Olympians have managed to win both titles. The only athlete to achieve this feat after World War II is New Zealand's Peter Snell.

A rarer double is the 1500 m and 5000 m; only two athletes, Paavo Nurmi in 1924 and Hicham El Guerrouj in 2004, have accomplished this feat.

1896 Teddy Flack (AUS) Arthur Blake (USA) Albin Lermusiaux (FRA)
1900 Charles Bennett (GBR) Henri Deloge (FRA) John Bray (USA)
1904 Jim Lightbody (USA) William Verner (USA) Lacey Hearn (USA)
1906 Jim Lightbody (USA) John McGough (GBR) Kristian Hellström (SWE)
1908 Mel Sheppard (USA) Harold Wilson (GBR) Norman Hallows (GBR)
1912 Arnold Jackson (GBR) Abel Kiviat (USA) Norman Taber (USA)
1920 Albert Hill (GBR) Philip Baker (GBR) Lawrence Shields (USA)
1924 Paavo Nurmi (FIN) Willy Schärer (SUI) Henry Stallard (GBR)
1928 Harry Larva (FIN) Jules Ladoumčgue (FRA) Eino Purje (FIN)
1932 Luigi Beccali (ITA) Jerry Cornes (GBR) Phil Edwards (CAN)
1936 Jack Lovelock (NZL) Glenn Cunningham (USA) Luigi Beccali (ITA)
1948 Henry Eriksson (SWE) Lennart Strand (SWE) Wim Slijkhuis (NED)
1952 Josy Barthel (LUX) Bob McMillen (USA) Werner Lueg (GER)
1956 Ron Delany (IRL) Klaus Richtzenhain (GER) John Landy (AUS)
1960 Herb Elliott (AUS) Michel Jazy (FRA) István Rózsavölgyi (HUN)
1964 Peter Snell (NZL) Josef Odlozil (TCH) John Davies (NZL)
1968 Kip Keino (KEN) Jim Ryun (USA) Bodo Tümmler (FRG)
1972 Pekka Vasala (FIN) Kip Keino (KEN) Rod Dixon (NZL)
1976 John Walker (NZL) Ivo Van Damme (BEL) Paul-Heinz Wellmann (FRG)
1980 Sebastian Coe (GBR) Jürgen Straub (GDR) Steve Ovett (GBR)
1984 Sebastian Coe (GBR) Steve Cram (GBR) José Manuel Abascal (ESP)
1988 Peter Rono (KEN) Peter Elliott (GBR) Jens-Peter Herold (GDR)
1992 Fermín Cacho (ESP) Rachid El Basir (MAR) Mohammed Suleiman (QAT)
1996 Noureddine Morceli (ALG) Fermín Cacho (ESP) Stephen Kipkorir (KEN)
2000 Noah Ngeny (KEN) Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR) Bernard Lagat (KEN)
2004 Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR) Bernard Lagat (KEN) Rui Silva (POR)

5000 m

The first 5000 m was run at the 1912 Summer Olympics and the event has never left the programme since. With 7 Olympic champions, Finland has won the most 5000 m titles, but African runners have dominated the event since the late 1960s. Only Lasse Virén has managed to retain his Olympic title, in 1972 and 1976. The original 1984 silver medallist, Martti Vainio of Finland, was disqualified after failing his drugs test.

1912 Hannes Kolehmainen (FIN) Jean Bouin (FRA) George Hutson (GBR)
1920 Joseph Guillemot (FRA) Paavo Nurmi (FIN) Eric Backman (SWE)
1924 Paavo Nurmi (FIN) Ville Ritola (FIN) Edvin Wide (SWE)
1928 Ville Ritola (FIN) Paavo Nurmi (FIN) Edvin Wide (SWE)
1932 Lauri Lehtinen (FIN) Ralph Hill (USA) Lauri Virtanen (FIN)
1936 Gunnar Höckert (FIN) Lauri Lehtinen (FIN) Henry Jonsson (SWE)
1948 Gaston Reiff (BEL) Emil Zátopek (TCH) Wim Slijkhuis (NED)
1952 Emil Zátopek (TCH) Alain Mimoun (FRA) Herbert Schade (GER)
1956 Vladimir Kuts (URS) Gordon Pirie (GBR) Derek Ibbotson (GBR)
1960 Murray Halberg (NZL) Hans Grodotzki (GER) Kazimierz Zimny (POL)
1964 Bob Schul (USA) Harald Norpoth (GER) William Dellinger (USA)
1968 Mohammed Gammoudi (TUN) Kip Keino (KEN) Naftali Temu (KEN)
1972 Lasse Virén (FIN) Mohammed Gammoudi (TUN) Ian Stewart (GBR)
1976 Lasse Virén (FIN) Dick Quax (NZL) Klaus-Peter Hildenbrand (FRG)
1980 Muruse Yefter (ETH) Suleiman Nyambui (TAN) Kaarlo Maaninka (FIN)
1984 Saďd Aouita (MAR) Markus Ryffel (SUI) Antonio Leităo (POR)
1988 John Ngugi (KEN) Dieter Baumann (FRG) Hansjörg Kunze (GDR)
1992 Dieter Baumann (GER) Paul Bitok (KEN) Fita Bayisa (ETH)
1996 Vénuste Niyongabo (BDI) Paul Bitok (KEN) Khalid Boulami (MAR)
2000 Millon Wolde (ETH) Ali Saidi-Sief (ALG) Brahim Lahlafi (MAR)
2004 Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR) Kenenisa Bekele (ETH) Eliud Kipchoge (KEN)

5 miles

The 5 miles (8047 m) has been featured on the Olympic programme twice, in 1906 and 1908. The race was won by British runners on both occasions.

1906 Henry Hawtrey (GBR) Johan Svanberg (SWE) Edward Dahl (SWE)
1908 Emil Voigt (GBR) Edward Owen (GBR) Johan Svanberg (SWE)

10000 m

The 10000 m is the longest track event in the Olympics, which was added to the Games in 1912. Finnish runners have won this event 7 times, but, like the 5000 m, the 10000 m is currently the domain of the Africans. Four runners have won the event twice, Paavo Nurmi being the only to win the event eight years apart. In 1924, he was unable to compete, as Finnish officials thought he had entered enough events already. Six Olympians have won the 5000 and 10000 m at the same Olympics, Lasse Virén even on two occasions. Nurmi has also won both events, but not at the same Olympics.

1912 Hannes Kolehmainen (FIN) Lewis Tewanima (USA) Albin Stenroos (FIN)
1920 Paavo Nurmi (FIN) Joseph Guillemot (FRA) James Wilson (GBR)
1924 Ville Ritola (FIN) Edvin Wide (SWE) Eero Berg (FIN)
1928 Paavo Nurmi (FIN) Ville Ritola (FIN) Edvin Wide (SWE)
1932 Janusz Kusociński (POL) Volmari Iso-Hollo (FIN) Lasse Virtanen (FIN)
1936 Ilmari Salminen (FIN) Arvo Askola (FIN) Volmari Iso-Hollo (FIN)
1948 Emil Zátopek (TCH) Alain Mimoun (FRA) Bertil Albertsson (SWE)
1952 Emil Zátopek (TCH) Alain Mimoun (FRA) Aleksandr Anufriyev (URS)
1956 Vladimir Kuts (URS) József Kovács (HUN) Allan Lawrence (AUS)
1960 Pyotr Bolotnikov (URS) Hans Grodotzki (GER) David Power (AUS)
1964 Billy Mills (USA) Mohammed Gammoudi (TUN) Ron Clarke (AUS)
1968 Naftali Temu (KEN) Mamo Wolde (ETH) Mohammed Gammoudi (TUN)
1972 Lasse Virén (FIN) Emiel Puttemans (BEL) Muruse Yefter (ETH)
1976 Lasse Virén (FIN) Carlos Lopes (POR) Brendan Foster (GBR)
1980 Muruse Yefter (ETH) Kaarlo Maaninka (FIN) Mohammed Kedir (ETH)
1984 Alberto Cova (ITA) Michael McLeod (GBR) Michael Musyoki (KEN)
1988 Brahim Boutayeb (MAR) Salvatore Antibo (ITA) Kipkemboi Kimeli (KEN)
1992 Khalid Skah (MAR) Richard Chelimo (KEN) Addis Abebe (ETH)
1996 Haile Gebrselassie (ETH) Paul Tergat (KEN) Saleh Hissou (MAR)
2000 Haile Gebrselassie (ETH) Paul Tergat (KEN) Assefa Mezgebu (ETH)
2004 Kenenisa Bekele (ETH) Sileshi Sihine (ETH) Zersenay Tadesse (ERI)


The marathon was invented for the 1896 Olympics, and has been contested at all Olympics since. The distance of the marathon at the Olympics has varied in the early years, before being standardised at 42,195 m in 1924, the distance that was run at the 1908 Olympics. In other years, the distances have been:

  • 1896: 40,000 m (approximately)
  • 1900: 40,260 m
  • 1904: 40,000 m
  • 1906: 41,860 m
  • 1912: 40,200 m
  • 1920: 42,750 m

Two marathon runners have won the Olympic marathon twice, Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia and Waldemar Cierpinski, of East Germany. With four wins, Ethiopia has been the most successful nation in the Olympic marathon.

Several disqualifications have affected the order of the medallists in this event. In 1896, Greek runner Spiridon Belokas, third, had ridden part of the course by cart. Eight years later, American Fred Lorz cheated in a similar way, covering most of the race by automobile. He crossed the line first, and claimed it had been a joke when his fraud was discovered. Italian runner Dorando Pietri finished first in the 1908 marathon, but was disqualified for being helped by officials in the last part of his race, during which he collapsed several times.

1896 Spiridon Louis (GRE) Kharilaos Vasilakos (GRE) Gyula Kellner (HUN)
1900 Michel Théato (LUX) Émile Champion (FRA) Ernst Fast (SWE)
1904 Thomas J. Hicks (USA) Albert Coray (FRA) Arthur Newton (USA)
1906 William Sherring (CAN) Johan Svanberg (SWE) William Frank (USA)
1908 Johnny Hayes (USA) Charles Hefferon (RSA) Joseph Forshaw (USA)
1912 Kenneth McArthur (RSA) Christian Gitsham (RSA) Gaston Strobino (USA)
1920 Hannes Kolehmainen (FIN) Jüri Lossmann (EST) Valerio Arri (ITA)
1924 Albin Stenroos (FIN) Romeo Bertini (ITA) Clarence DeMar (USA)
1928 Boughera El Ouafi (FRA) Manuel Plaza (CHI) Martti Marttelin (FIN)
1932 Juan Carlos Zabala (ARG) Samuel Ferris (GBR) Armas Toivonen (FIN)
1936 Sohn Kee-Chung (KOR) Ernest Harper (GBR) Nam Sung-Yong (KOR)
1948 Delfo Cabrera (ARG) Thomas Richards (GBR) Etienne Gailly (BEL)
1952 Emil Zátopek (TCH) Reinaldo Gorno (ARG) Gustaf Jansson (SWE)
1956 Alain Mimoun (FRA) Franjo Mihalic (YUG) Veikko Karvonen (FIN)
1960 Abebe Bikila (ETH) Rhadi Ben Abdesselam (MAR) Barry Magee (NZL)
1964 Abebe Bikila (ETH) Basil Heatley (GBR) Kokichi Tsuburaya (JPN)
1968 Mamo Wolde (ETH) Kenji Kimihara (JPN) Michael Ryan (NZL)
1972 Frank Shorter (USA) Karel Lismont (BEL) Mamo Wolde (ETH)
1976 Waldemar Cierpinski (GDR) Frank Shorter (USA) Karel Lismont (BEL)
1980 Waldemar Cierpinski (GDR) Gerard Nijboer (NED) Satymkul Dzhumanazarov (URS)
1984 Carlos Lopes (POR) John Treacy (IRL) Charles Spedding (GBR)
1988 Gelindo Bordin (ITA) Douglas Wakiihuri (KEN) Ahmed Salah (DJI)
1992 Hwang Young-Cho (KOR) Koichi Morishita (JPN) Stephan Freigang (GER)
1996 Josia Thugwane (RSA) Lee Bong-Ju (KOR) Eric Wainaina (KEN)
2000 Gezahegne Abera (ETH) Eric Wainaina (KEN) Tesfaye Tola (ETH)
2004 Stefano Baldini (ITA) Mebrahtom Keflezighi (USA) Vanderlei de Lima (BRA)

110 m hurdles

The 110 m hurdles, or high hurdles, have been part of the Olympics since Athens 1896. Americans have won 19 of the 25 titles. Two Americans, Lee Calhoun and Roger Kingdom, are the only ones to have won the event more than once. In 1896, the final was only contested by two athletes, because the other two finalists decided not to compete.

1896 Thomas Curtis (USA) Grantley Goulding (GBR) -
1900 Alvin Kraenzlein (USA) John McClean (USA) Fred Moloney (USA)
1904 Frederick Schule (USA) Thaddeus Schideler (USA) Lesley Ashburner (USA)
1906 Robert Leavitt (USA) Alfred Healey (GBR) Vincent Duncker (GER)
1908 Forrest Smithson (USA) John Garrels (USA) Arthur Shaw (USA)
1912 Frederick Kelly (USA) James Wendell (USA) Martin Hawkins (USA)
1920 Earl Thomson (CAN) Harold Barron (USA) Frederick Murray (USA)
1924 Daniel Kinsey (USA) Sydney Atkinson (RSA) Sten Pettersson (SWE)
1928 Sydney Atkinson (RSA) Steve Anderson (USA) John Collier (USA)
1932 George Saling (USA) Percy Beard (USA) Donald Finlay (GBR)
1936 Forrest Towns (USA) Donald Finlay (GBR) Frederick Pollar (USA)
1948 William Porter (USA) Clyde Scott (USA) Craig Dixon (USA)
1952 Harrison Dillard (USA) Jack Davis (USA) Arthur Barnard (USA)
1956 Lee Calhoun (USA) Jack Davis (USA) Joel Shankle (USA)
1960 Lee Calhoun (USA) Willie May (USA) Hayes Jones (USA)
1964 Hayes Jones (USA) Blaine Lindgren (USA) Anatoli Mikhailov (URS)
1968 Willie Davenport (USA) Ervin Hall (USA) Eddy Ottoz (ITA)
1972 Rod Milburn (USA) Guy Drut (FRA) Thomas Hill (USA)
1976 Guy Drut (FRA) Alejandro Casańas (CUB) Willie Davenport (USA)
1980 Thomas Munkelt (GDR) Alejandro Casańas (CUB) Aleksandr Puchkov (URS)
1984 Roger Kingdom (USA) Greg Foster (USA) Arto Bryggare (FIN)
1988 Roger Kingdom (USA) Colin Jackson (GBR) Tony Campbell (USA)
1992 Mark McKoy (CAN) Tony Dees (USA) Jack Pierce (USA)
1996 Allen Johnson (USA) Mark Crear (USA) Florian Schwarthoff (GER)
2000 Ańer García (CUB) Terrence Trammell (USA) Mark Crear (USA)
2004 Liu Xiang (CHN) Terrence Trammell (USA) Ańer García (CUB)

200 m hurdles

The 200 m hurdles event was only contested in 1900 and 1904. It was then discontinued, despite the fact that it was held at the US national championships until 1961.

1900 Alvin Kraenzlein (USA) Norman Pritchard (IND) John Tewksbury (USA)
1904 Harry Hillman (USA) Frank Castleman (USA) George Poage (USA)

400 m hurdles

Introduced in 1900, the 400 m hurdles have been contested at most Olympic Games since, save 1906 and 1912. The United States have been the dominant nation, winning 17 times. Glenn Davis and Edwin Moses are the only low hurdlers to have won the Olympic title twice. Moses won his titles eight years apart, while being unable to compete in the 1980 Olympics due to the American boycott of these Games. In 1904, the hurdles were only 2 ft 6 inches high, as opposed to the normal 3 ft (91.4 cm).

1900 John Tewksbury (USA) Henri Tauzin (FRA) George Orton (CAN)
1904 Harry Hillman (USA) Frank Waller (USA) George Poage (USA)
1908 Charles Bacon (USA) Harry Hillman (USA) Jimmy Tremeer (GBR)
1920 Frank Loomis (USA) John Norton (USA) August Desch (USA)
1924 Morgan Taylor (USA) Erik Wilén (FIN) Ivan Riley (USA)
1928 David Burghley (GBR) Frank Cuhel (USA) Morgan Taylor (USA)
1932 Bob Tisdall (IRL) Glenn Hardin (USA) Morgan Taylor (USA)
1936 Glenn Hardin (USA) John Loaring (CAN) Miguel White (PHI)
1948 Roy Cochran (USA) Duncan White (CEY) Rune Larsson (SWE)
1952 Charles Moore (USA) Yuri Lituyev (URS) John Holland (NZL)
1956 Glenn Davis (USA) Eddie Southern (USA) Josh Culbreath (USA)
1960 Glenn Davis (USA) Clifton Cushman (USA) Richard Howard (USA)
1964 Rex Cawley (USA) John Cooper (GBR) Salvatore Morale (ITA)
1968 David Hemery (GBR) Gerhard Hennige (FRG) John Sherwood (GBR)
1972 John Akii-Bua (UGA) Ralph Mann (USA) David Hemery (GBR)
1976 Edwin Moses (USA) Michael Shine (USA) Yevgeni Gavrilenko (URS)
1980 Volker Beck (GDR) Vasili Arkhipenko (URS) Gary Oakes (GBR)
1984 Edwin Moses (USA) Danny Harris (USA) Harald Schmid (FRG)
1988 André Phillips (USA) Amadou Dia Ba (SEN) Edwin Moses (USA)
1992 Kevin Young (USA) Winthrop Graham (JAM) Kriss Akabusi (GBR)
1996 Derrick Adkins (USA) Samuel Matete (ZAM) Calvin Davis (USA)
2000 Angelo Taylor (USA) Hadi Souan Somalyi (KSA) Llewellyn Herbert (RSA)
2004 Felix Sanchez (DOM) Danny McFarlane (JAM) Naman Keita (FRA)

2500 m steeplechase

The first Olympic steeplechase was held in 1900, when the event was on the programme twice, with a 2500 m and a 4000 m variant. Winner George Orton was Canada's first Olympic champion.

1900 George Orton (CAN) Sidney Robinson (GBR) Jacques Chastanié (FRA)

2590 m steeplechase

The 1904 steeple chase was held over 5 laps of the track, which measured one third of a mile.

1904 Jim Lightbody (USA) John Daly (GBR) Arthur Newton (USA)

3000 m steeplechase

The steeplechase distance was standardised at 3000 m in 1920, which has been the distance to present. In 1932, though, the distance run in the final was 3490 m because of a lap counting error. Joe McCluskey would have placed second if the race had finished after 3000 m, but he declined the opportunity of a re-run. Kenyan steeplechasers have won all eight times they have entered during the last ten Olympics (they boycotted the 1976 and 1980 Games). One Volmari Iso-Hollo has won the event twice.

1920Percy Hodge (GBR) Patrick Flynn (USA) Ernesto Ambrosini (ITA)
1924Ville Ritola (FIN) Elias Katz (FIN) Paul Bontemps (FRA)
1928Toivo Loukola (FIN) Paavo Nurmi (FIN) Ove Andersen (FIN)
1932Volmari Iso-Hollo (FIN) Thomas Evenson (GBR) Joe McCluskey (USA)
1936Volmari Iso-Hollo (FIN) Kalle Tuominen (FIN) Alfred Dompert (GER)
1948Tore Sjöstrand (SWE) Erik Elmsäter (SWE) Göte Hagström (SWE)
1952Horace Ashenfelter (USA) Vladimir Kazantsev (URS) John Disley (GBR)
1956Chris Brasher (GBR) Sándor Rozsnyói (HUN) Ernst Larsen (NOR)
1960Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak (POL) Nikolay Sokolov (URS) Semyon Rzhishchin (URS)
1964Gaston Roelants (BEL) Maurice Herriott (GBR) Ivan Belyayev (URS)
1968Amos Biwott (KEN) Benjamin Kogo (KEN) George Young (USA)
1972Kipchoge Keino (KEN) Ben Jipcho (KEN) Tapio Kantanen (FIN)
1976Anders Gärderud (SWE) Bronisław Malinowski (POL) Frank Baumgartl (GDR)
1980Bronisław Malinowski (POL) Filbert Bayi (TAN) Eshetu Tura (ETH)
1984Julius Korir (KEN) Joseph Mahmoud (FRA) Brian Diemer (USA)
1988Julius Kariuki (KEN) Peter Koech (KEN) Mark Rowland (GBR)
1992Matthew Birir (KEN) Patrick Sang (KEN) William Mutwol (KEN)
1996Joseph Keter (KEN) Moses Kiptanui (KEN) Alessandro Lambruschini (ITA)
2000Reuben Kosgei (KEN) Wilson Boit Kipketer (KEN) Ali Ezzine (MAR)
2004Ezekiel Kemboi (KEN) Brimin Kipruto (KEN) Paul Kipsiele Koech (KEN)

3200 m steeplechase

The steeplechase was held over 3200 m in 1908, before it was standardised to 3000 m twelve years later.

1908 Arthur Russell (GBR) Archie Robertson (GBR) John Eisele (USA)

4000 m steeplechase

The 1900 4000 m steeplechase was one of the two steeplechase events that year. The event was never held again.

1900 John Rimmer (GBR) Charles Bennett (GBR) Sidney Robinson (GBR)

4 × 100 m relay

The first Olympic 4 × 100 m relay was held in 1912, since then it has been included at every Olympics. The United States have been the dominant nation in this competition. They have won it 15 times. On the other six occasions, they were disqualified three times (1912 semi-finals, 1960 final, 1988 first round), while in 1980, the Americans boycotted the Olympics. 1996 and 2004 marked the only defeats for the Americans when they were beaten by Canada and Great Britain respectively. Originally, the Americans were also disqualified after the 1948 final, but after the officials studied the film footage of the race, the disqualification was overturned. Only two nations won medals in 1912, as the third nation in the final, Germany, was disqualified.

1912Great Britain

David Jacobs
Henry Macintosh
Victor d'Arcy
William Applegarth

Ivan Möller
Charles Luther
Ture Person
Knut Lindberg
1920United States of America

Charlie Paddock
Jackson Scholz
Loren Murchison
Morris Kirksey

René Lorain
René Tirard
René Mourlon
Émile Ali-Khan

Agne Holmström
William Pettersson
Sven Malm
Nils Sandström
1924United States of America

Loren Murchison
Louis Clarke
Frank Hussey
Alfred LeConey
Great Britain

Harold Abrahams
Walter Rangeley
William Nichol
Lancelot Royle

Jan de Vries
Jacob Boot
Henricus Broos
Marinus van den Berge
1928United States of America

Frank Wykoff
James Quinn
Charles Borah
Henry Russell

Georg Lammers
Richard Corts
Hubert Houben
Helmuth Körnig
Great Britain

Cyril Gill
Ellis Smoutha
Walter Rangeley
Jack London
1932United States of America

Robert Kiesel
Emmett Toppino
Hector Dyer
Frank Wykoff

Helmuth Körnig
Friedrich Hendrix
Erich Borchmeyer
Arthur Jonath

Giuseppe Castelli
Ruggero Maregatti
Gabriele Salviati
Edgardo Toetti
1936United States of America

Jesse Owens
Ralph Metcalfe
Foy Draper
Frank Wykoff

Orazio Mariani
Gianni Caldana
Elio Ragni
Tullio Gonnelli

Wilhelm Leichum
Erich Borchmeyer
Erwin Gillmeister
Gerd Hornberger
1948United States of America

Barney Ewell
Lorenzo Wright
Harrison Dillard
Mel Patton
Great Britain

John Archer
John Gregory
Alistair McCorquodale
Kenneth Jones

Michele Tito
Enrico Perucconi
Antonio Siddi
Carlo Monti
1952United States of America

Dean Smith
Harrison Dillard
Lindy Remigino
Andy Stanfield
Soviet Union

Boris Tokaryev
Levan Kalyayev
Levan Sanadze
Vladimir Sukharyev

László Zarándi
Géza Varasdi
György Csányi
Bela Goldoványi
1956United States of America

Ira Murchison
Leamon King
Thane Baker
Bobby Joe Morrow
Soviet Union

Leonid Bartenyev
Boris Tokaryev
Yuriy Konovalov
Vladimir Sukharyev

Lothar Knörzer
Leonhard Pohl
Heinz Fütterer
Manfred Germar

Bernd Cullmann
Armin Hary
Walter Mahlendorf
Martin Lauer
Soviet Union

Gusman Kosanov
Leonid Bartenyev
Yuriy Konovalov
Edvin Ozolinš
Great Britain

Peter Radford
David Jones
David Segal
Neville Whitehead
1964United States of America

Otis Drayton
Gerald Ashworth
Richard Stebbins
Bob Hayes

Andrzej Zieliński
Wiesław Maniak
Marian Foik
Marian Dudziak

Paul Genevay
Bernard Laidebeur
Claude Piquemal
Jocelyn Delecour
1968United States of America

Charles Greene
Melvin Pender
Ronnie Ray Smith
Jim Hines

Hermes Ramírez
Juan Morales
Pablo Montes
Enrique Figuerola

Gérard Fénouil
Jocelyn Delecour
Claude Piquemal
Roger Bambuck
1972United States of America

Larry Black
Robert Taylor
Gerald Tinker
Edward Hart
Soviet Union

Aleksandr Kornelyuk
Vladimir Lovetsky
Juris Silovs
Valeri Borzov
West Germany

Jobst Hirscht
Karlheinz Klotz
Gerhard Wucherer
Klaus Ehl
1976United States of America

Harvey Glance
John Wesley Jones
Millard Hampton
Steven Riddick
East Germany

Manfred Kokot
Jörg Pfeifer
Klaus-Dieter Kurrat
Alexander Thieme
Soviet Union

Aleksandr Aksinin
Nikolay Kolesnikov
Juris Silovs
Valeri Borzov
1980Soviet Union

Vladimir Muravyov
Nikolay Sidorov
Aleksandr Aksinin
Andrey Prokofyev

Krzysztof Zwoliński
Zenon Licznerski
Leszek Dunecki
Marian Woronin

Antoine Richard
Pascal Barré
Patrick Barré
Hermann Panzo
1984United States of America

Sam Graddy
Ron Brown
Calvin Smith
Carl Lewis

Albert Lawrence
Greg Meghoo
Don Quarrie
Raymond Stewart

Ben Johnson
Tony Sharpe
Desai Williams
Sterling Hinds
1988Soviet Union

Viktor Bryzgin
Vladimir Krylov
Vladimir Muravyov
Vitaly Savin
Great Britain

Elliot Bunney
John Regis
Michael McFarlane
Linford Christie

Bruno Marie-Rose
Daniel Sangouma
Gilles Quenehervé
Max Moriničre
1992United States of America

Mike Marsh
Leroy Burrell
Dennis Mitchell
Carl Lewis

Oluyemi Kayode
Chidi Imoh
Olapade Adeniken
Davidson Ezinwa

Andrés Simon Gomez
Joël Lamela
Joël Isasi
Jorge Luis Aguilera

Robert Esmie
Glenroy Gilbert
Bruny Surin
Donovan Bailey
United States of America

Jon Drummond
Tim Harden
Mike Marsh
Dennis Mitchell

Arnaldo da Silva
Robson da Silva
Edson Ribeiro
André da Silva
2000United States of America

Jon Drummond
Bernard Williams
Brian Lewis
Maurice Greene

Vicente de Lima
Edson Ribeiro
André da Silva
Claudinei da Silva

José Angel Cesar
Luis Alberto Pérez
Ivan García
Freddy Mayola
2004Great Britain

Jason Gardener
Darren Campbell
Marlon Devonish
Mark Lewis-Francis
United States of America

Shawn Crawford
Justin Gatlin
Coby Miller
Maurice Greene

Olusoji Fasuba
Uchenna Emedolu
Aaron Egbele
Deji Aliu

4 × 400 m relay

The 4 × 400 m relay was introduced along with the 4 × 100 m relay in 1912, and has never left the programme. With 15 wins, the United States also dominated this relay event.

1912United States of America

Mel Sheppard
Edward Lindberg
Ted Meredith
Charles Reidpath

Charles Lelong
Robert Schurrer
Pierre Failliot
Charles Poulenard
Great Britain

George Nicol
Ernest Henley
James Soutter
Cyril Seedhouse
1920Great Britain

Cecil Griffiths
Robert Lindsay
John Ainsworth-Davies
Guy Butler
South Africa

Harry Davel
Clarence Oldfield
Jack Oosterlaak
Bevil Rudd

Georges André
Gaston Féry
Maurice Delvart
Jean Delvaux
1924United States of America

Commodore Cochran
Alan Helffrich
Oliver MacDonald
William Stevenson

Artur Svensson
Erik Byléhn
Gustaf Wejnarth
Nils Engdahl
Great Britain

Edward Toms
George Renwick
Richard Ripley
Guy Butler
1928United States of America

George Baird
Emerson Spencer
Frederick Alderman
Ray Barbuti

Otto Neumann
Werner Storz
Richard Krebs
Hermann Engelhard

Alex Wilson
Phil Edwards
Stanley Glover
James Ball
1932United States of America

Ivan Fuqua
Edgar Ablowich
Karl Warner
Bill Carr
Great Britain

Crew Stoneley
Thomas Hampson
David Burghley
Godfrey Rampling

Ray Lewis
James Ball
Phil Edwards
Alex Wilson
1936Great Britain

Frederick Wolff
Godfrey Rampling
William Roberts
Godfrey Brown
United States of America

Harold Cagle
Robert Young
Edward O’Brien
Alfred Fitch

Helmut Hamann
Friedrich von Stülpnagel
Harry Voigt
Rudolf Harbig
1948United States of America

Arthur Harnden
Clifford Bourland
Roy Cochran
Mal Whitfield

Jean Kerebel
Francois Schewetta
Robert Chef d’Hotel
Jacques Lunis

Kurt Lundkvist
Lars Wolfbrandt
Folke Alnevik
Rune Larsson

Arthur Wint
Leslie Laing
Herb McKenley
George Rhoden
United States of America

Ollie Matson
Gerald Cole
Charles Moore
Mal Whitfield

Hans Geister
Günther Steines
Heinz Ulzheimer
Karl-Friedrich Haas
1956United States of America

Charlie Jenkins
Louis Jones
Jesse Mashburn
Tom Courtney

Graham Gipson
Leon Gregory
David Lean
Kevan Gosper
Great Britain

Francis Higgins
Michael Wheeler
John Salisbury
Derek Johnson
1960United States of America

Jack Yerman
Earl Young
Glenn Davis
Otis Davis

Joachim Reske
Manfred Kinder
Johannes Kaiser
Carl Kaufmann
British West Indies

Malcolm Spence (TRI)
James Wedderburn (TRI)
Keith Gardner (JAM)
George Kerr (JAM)
1964United States of America

Ollan Cassell
Michael Larrabee
Ulis Williams
Henry Carr
Great Britain

Timothy Graham
Adrian Metcalfe
John Cooper
Robbie Brightwell
Trinidad and Tobago

Edwin Skinner
Kenneth Bernard
Edwin Roberts
Wendell Mottley
1968United States of America

Vincent Matthews
Ron Freeman
Larry James
Lee Evans

Daniel Rudisha
Munyoro Nyamau
Naftali Bon
Charles Asati
West Germany

Helmar Müller
Manfred Kinder
Gerhard Hennige
Martin Jellinghaus

Charles Asati
Hezahiah Nyamau
Robert Ouko
Julius Sang
Great Britain

Martin Reynolds
Alan Pascoe
David Hemery
David Jenkins

Gilles Bertould
Daniel Velasques
Francis Kerbiriou
Jacques Carette
1976United States of America

Herman Frazier
Benjamin Brown
Fred Newhouse
Maxie Parks

Ryszard Podlas
Jan Werner
Zbigniew Jaremski
Jerzy Pietrzyk
West Germany

Franz-Peter Hofmeister
Lothar Krieg
Harald Schmid
Bernd Herrmann
1980Soviet Union

Remigijus Valiulis
Mikhail Linge
Nikolay Chernetsky
Viktor Markin
East Germany

Klaus Thiele
Andreas Knebel
Frank Schaffer
Volker Beck

Stefano Malinverni
Mauro Zuliani
Roberto Tozzi
Pietro Mennea
1984United States of America

Sunder Nix
Ray Armstead
Alonzo Babers
Antonio McKay
Great Britain

Kriss Akabusi
Gary Cook
Todd Bennett
Philip Brown

Sunday Uti
Moses Ugbusien
Rotimi Peters
Innocent Egbunike
1988United States of America

Danny Everett
Steve Lewis
Kevin Robinzine
Butch Reynolds

Howard Davis
Devon Morris
Winthrop Graham
Bertland Cameron
West Germany

Norbert Dobeleit
Edgar Itt
Jörg Vaihinger
Ralf Lübke
1992United States of America

Andrew Valmon
Quincy Watts
Michael Johnson
Steve Lewis

Lazaro Martínez
Hector Herrera
Norberto Téllez
Roberto Hernández
Great Britain

Roger Black
David Grindley
Kriss Akabusi
John Regis
1996United States of America

LaMont Smith
Alvin Harrison
Derek Mills
Anthuan Maybank
Great Britain

Iwan Thomas
Jamie Baulch
Mark Richardson
Roger Black

Michael McDonald
Roxbert Martin
Greg Haughton
Davian Clarke
2000United States of America

Alvin Harrison
Antonio Pettigrew
Calvin Harrison
Michael Johnson

Clement Chukwu
Jude Monye
Sunday Bada
Enefiok Udo-Obong

Michael Blackwood
Greg Haughton
Christopher Williams
Danny McFarlane
2004United States of America

Otis Harris
Derrick Brew
Jeremy Wariner
Darold Williamson

John Steffensen
Mark Ormrod
Patrick Dwyer
Clinton Hill

James Godday
Musa Audu
Saul Weigopwa
Enefiok Udo Obong

1600 m relay

The first relay event to be held at the Olympics, the 1600 m relay consisted of two legs over 200 m, one over 400 m, and one over 800 m. This "medley" relay was replaced by the 4 × 400 m at subsequent Olympics.

1908United States of America

William Hamilton
Nathaniel Cartmell
John Taylor
Mel Sheppard

Arthur Hoffmann
Hans Eicke
Otto Trieloff
Hanns Braun

Pál Simon
Frigyes Wiesner
József Nagy
Ödön Bodor

3000 m team race

1912United States of America

Tell Berna
Norman Taber
George Bonhag

Thorild Ohlsson
Ernst Wide
Bror Fock
Great Britain

William Cottrill
George Hutson
Cyril Porter
1920United States of America

Horace Brown
Arlie Schardt
Ivan Dresser
Great Britain

Charles Blewitt
Albert Hill
William Seagrove

Erik Backman
Sven Lundgren
Edvin Wide

Paavo Nurmi
Ville Ritola
Elias Katz
Great Britain

Bernhard McDonald
Harry Johnston
George Webber
United States of America

Edward Kirby
William Cox
Willard Tibbetts

3 miles team race

1908Great Britain

Joseph Deakin
Archie Robertson
Wilfred Coales
United States of America

John Eisele
George Bonhag
Herbert Trube

Louis de Fleurac
Joseph Dreher
Paul Lizandier

5000 m team race

1900Amateur Athletic Association (GBR/AUS)

Charles Bennett (GBR)
John Rimmer (GBR)
Sydney Robinson (GBR)
Alfred Tysoe (GBR)
Stanley Rowley (AUS)
Racing Club de France (FRA)

Henri Deloge
Gaston Ragueneau
Jacques Chastanié
André Castanet
Emile Champoudry

4 miles team race

1904New York AC (USA)

Arthur Newton
George Underwood
Paul Pilgrim
Howard Valentine
David Munson
Chicago AA (USA/FRA)

Jim Lightbody (USA)
Frank Verner (USA)
Lacey Hearn (USA)
Albert Corey (FRA)
Sidney Hatch (USA)

Cross Country - Individual

1912Hannes Kolehmainen (FIN) Hjalmar Andersson (SWE) John Eke (SWE)
1920Paavo Nurmi (FIN) Erik Backman (SWE) Heikki Liimatainen (FIN)
1924Paavo Nurmi (FIN) Ville Ritola (FIN) Earl Johnson (USA)

Cross Country - Team


Hjalmar Andersson
John Eke
Josef Ternström

Hannes Kolehmainen
Jalmari Eskola
Albin Stenroos
Great Britain

Frederick Hibbins
Ernest Glover
Thomas Humphreys

Paavo Nurmi
Heikki Liimatainen
Teodor Koskenniemi
Great Britain

James Wilson
Frank Hegarty
Arthur Nichols

Erik Backman
Gustaf Mattsson
Hilding Ekman

Paavo Nurmi
Ville Ritola
Heikki Liimatainen
United States of America

Earl Johnson
Arthur Studenroth
August Fager

Henri Lauvaux
Gaston Heuet
Maurice Norland

1500 m walk

1906George Bonhag (USA)Donald Linden (CAN)Konstantin Spetsiotis (GRE)

3000 m walk

1906György Sztantics (HUN)Hermann Müller (GER)Georgios Saridakis (GRE)
1920Ugo Frigerio (ITA)George Parker (AUS)Richard Remer (USA)

3500 m walk

1908George Larner (GBR)Ernest Webb (GBR)Harry Kerr (AUZ)
Notes - In 1908, Australasia entered as a combined team. Kerr was from New Zealand.

10 km walk

1908George Goulding (CAN)Ernest Webb (GBR)Fernando Altimani (ITA)
1920Ugo Frigerio (ITA)Joseph Pearman (USA)Charles Gunn (GBR)
1924Ugo Frigerio (ITA)Gordon Goodwin (GBR)Cecil McMaster (RSA)
1948John Mikaelsson (SWE)Ingemar Johansson (SWE)Fritz Schwab (SUI)
1952John Mikaelsson (SWE)Fritz Schwab (SUI)Bruno Junk (URS)

10 miles walk

1908George Larner (GBR)Ernest Webb (GBR)Edward Spencer (GBR)

20 km walk

1956Leonid Spirin (URS)Antanas Mikanas (URS)Bruno Junk (URS)
1960Vladimir Golubnichy (URS)Noel Freeman (AUS)Stanley Vickers (GBR)
1964Ken Matthews (GBR)Dieter Lindner (GER)Vladimir Golubnichy (URS)
1968Vladimir Glubnichy (URS)José Pedraza (MEX)Nikolay Smaga (URS)
1972Peter Frenkel (GDR)Vladimir Glubnichy (URS)Hans-Georg Reimann(GDR)
1976Daniel Bautista (MEX)Hans-Georg Reimann (GDR)Peter Frenkel (GDR)
1980Maurizio Damilano (ITA)Pyotr Pochenchuk (URS)Roland Wieser (GDR)
1984Ernesto Canto (MEX)Raúl González (MEX)Maurizio Damilano (ITA)
1988Jozef Pribilinec (TCH)Ronald Weigel (GDR)Maurizio Damilano (ITA)
1992Daniel Plaza (SPA)Guillaume LeBlanc (CAN)Giovanni De Benedictis (ITA)
1996Jefferson Pérez (ECU)Ilya Markov (RUS)Bernardo Segura (MEX)
2000Robert Korzeniowski (POL)Noe Hernández (MEX)Vladimir Andreyev (RUS)
2004Ivano Brugnetti (ITA) Fransisco Javier Fernandez (ESP) Nathan Deakes (AUS)

50 km walk

1932Thomas Green (GBR) Janis Dalins (LAT) Ugo Frigerio (ITA)
1936Harold Whitlock (GBR) Arthur Schwab (SUI) Adalberts Bubenko (LAT)
1948John Ljunggren (SWE) Gaston Godel (SUI) Tebbs Lloyd-Johnson (GBR)
1952Giuseppe Dordoni (ITA) Josef Dolezal (CZE) Antal Róka (HUN)
1956Norman Read (NZL) Yevgeniy Maskinskov (URS) John Ljunggren (SWE)
1960Don Thompson (GBR) John Ljunggren (SWE) Abdon Pamich (ITA)
1964Abdon Pamich (ITA) Paul Nihill (GBR) Ingvar Pettersson (SWE)
1968Christoph Höhne (GDR) Antal Kiss (HUN) Larry Young (USA)
1972Bernd Kannenberg (FRG) Veniamin Soldatenko (URS) Larry Young (USA)
1980Hartwig Gauder (GDR) Jorge Llopart (ESP) Yevgeniy Ivchenko (URS)
1984Raúl González (MEX) Bo Gustafsson (SWE) Sandro Bellucci (ITA)
1988Vyacheslav Ivanenko (URS) Ronald Weigel (GDR) Hartwig Gauder (GDR)
1992Andrey Perlov (EUN) Carlos Mercenario (MEX) Ronald Weigel (GER)
1996Robert Korzeniowski (POL) Mikhail Shchennikov (RUS) Valentí Massana (ESP)
2000Robert Korzeniowski (POL) Aigars Fadejevs (LAT) Joel Sánchez (MEX)
2004Robert Korzeniowski (POL) Denis Nizhegorodov (RUS) Aleksey Voyevodin (RUS)

High jump

1896Ellery Clark (USA) James Connolly (USA)
Robert Garrett (USA)
1900Irving Baxter (USA) Patrick Leahy (GBR) Lajos Gönczy (HUN)
1904Samuel Jones (USA) Garrett Serviss (USA) Paul Weinstein (GER)
1906Cornelius Leahy (GBR) Lajos Gönczy (HUN) Themistoklis Diakidis (GRE)
Herbert Kerrigan (USA)
1908Harry Porter (USA) Georges André (FRA)
Cornelius Leahy (GBR)
István Somodi (HUN)
1912Alma Richards (USA) Hans Liesche (GER) George Horine (USA)
1920Richmond Landon (USA) Harold Muller (USA) Bo Ekelund (SWE)
1924Harold Osborn (USA) Leroy Brown (USA) Pierre Lewden (FRA)
1928Robert King (USA) Benjamin Hedges (USA) Claude Ménard (FRA)
1932Duncan McNaughton (CAN) Robert Van Osdel (USA) Simeon Toribio (PHI)
1936Cornelius Johnson (USA) David Albritton (USA) Delos Thurber (USA)
1948John Winter (AUS) Bjřrn Paulson (NOR) George Stanich (USA)
1952Walter Davis (USA) Kenneth Wiesner (USA) José da Conceiçăo (BRA)
1956Charles Dumas (USA) Charles Porter (AUS) Igor Kashkarov (URS)
1960Robert Shavlakadze (URS) Valeriy Brumel (URS) John Thomas (USA)
1964Valeriy Brumel (URS) John Thomas (USA) John Rambo (USA)
1968Dick Fosbury (USA) Ed Caruthers (USA) Valentin Gavrilov (URS)
1972Jüri Tarmak (URS) Stefan Junge (GDR) Dwight Stones (USA)
1976Jacek Wszoła (POL) Greg Joy (CAN) Dwight Stones (USA)
1980Gerd Wessig (GDR) Jacek Wszoła (POL) Jörg Freimuth (GDR)
1984Dietmar Mögenburg (FRG) Patrik Sjöberg (SWE) Zhu Jianhua (CHN)
1988Gennadiy Avdeyenko (URS) Hollis Conway (USA) Rudolf Povarnitsyn (URS)
Patrik Sjöberg (SWE)
1992Javier Sotomayor (CUB) Patrik Sjöberg (SWE) Hollis Conway (USA)
Tim Forsyth (AUS)
Artur Partyka (POL)
1996Charles Austin (USA) Artur Partyka (POL) Steve Smith (GBR)
2000Sergey Klyugin (RUS) Javier Sotomayor (CUB) Abderahmane Hammad (ALG)
2004Stefan Holm (SWE) Matt Hemingway (USA) Baba Jaroslav (CZE)

Standing high jump

1900Ray Ewry (USA) Irving Baxter (USA) Lewis Sheldon (USA)
1904Ray Ewry (USA) Joseph Stadler (USA) Lawson Robertson (USA)
1906Ray Ewry (GBR) Léon Dupont (BEL)
Lawson Robertson (USA)
Martin Sheridan (USA)
1908Ray Ewry (USA) John Biller (USA)
Konstantinos Tsiklitiras (GRE)
1912Platt Adams (USA) Benjamin Adams (USA) Konstantinos Tsiklitiras (GRE)

Pole vault

1896William Welles Hoyt (USA) Albert Tyler (USA) Evangelos Damaskos (GRE)
Ioannis Theodoropoulos (GRE)
1900Irving Baxter (USA) Meredith Colkett (USA) Carl-Albert Andersen (NOR)
1904Charles Dvorak (USA) LeRoy Samse (USA) Louis Wilkins (USA)
1906Fernand Gonder (FRA) Bruno Söderström (SWE) Edward Glover (USA)
1908Edward Cook (USA)
Alfred Gilbert (USA)
- Edward Archibald (CAN)
Charles Jacobs (USA)
Bruno Söderström (SWE)
1912Harry Babcock (USA) Frank Nelson (USA)
Marcus Wright (USA)
1920Frank Foss (USA) Henry Petersen (DEN) Edwin Myers (USA)
1924Lee Barnes (USA) Glenn Graham (USA) James Brooker (USA)
1928Sabin Carr (USA) William Droegemuller (USA) Charles McGinnis (USA)
1932William Miller (USA) Shuhei Nishida (JPN) George Jefferson (USA)
1936Earle Meadows (USA) Shuhei Nishida (JPN) Sueo Oe (JPN)
1948Guinn Smith (USA) Erkki Kataja (FIN) Bob Richards (USA)
1952Bob Richards (USA) Donald Laz (USA) Ragnar Lundberg (SWE)
1956Bob Richards (USA) Bob Gutowski (USA) Georgios Roubanis (GRE)
1960Don Bragg (USA) Ron Morris (USA) Eeles Landström (FIN)
1964Fred Hansen (USA) Wolfgang Reinhardt (GER) Klaus Lehnertz (GER)
1968Bob Seagren (USA) Claus Schiprowski (FRG) Wolfgang Nordwig (GDR)
1972Wolfgang Nordwig (GDR) Bob Seagren (USA) Jan Johnson (USA)
1976Tadeusz Ślusarski (POL) Antti Kalliomäki (FIN) Dave Roberts (USA)
1980Władysław Kozakiewicz (POL) Tadeusz Ślusarski (POL)
Konstantin Volkov (URS)
1984Pierre Quinon (FRA) Mike Tully (USA) Earl Bell (USA)
Thierry Vigneron (FRA)
1988Sergey Bubka (URS) Rodion Gataullin (URS) Grigoriy Yegorov (URS)
1992Maksim Tarasov (EUN) Igor Trandenkov (EUN) Javier García (ESP)
1996Jean Galfione (FRA) Igor Trandenkov (RUS) Andrei Tivontchik (GER)
2000Nick Hysong (USA) Lawrence Johnson (USA) Maksim Tarasov (RUS)
2004Timothy Mack (USA) Toby Stevenson (USA) Giuseppe Gibilisco (ITA)

Long jump

1896Ellery Clark (USA) Robert Garrett (USA) James Connolly (USA)
1900Alvin Kraenzlein (USA) Meyer Prinstein (USA) Patrick Leahy (GBR)
1904Meyer Prinstein (USA) Daniel Frank (USA) Robert Stangland (USA)
1906Meyer Prinstein (USA) Peter O'Connor (GBR) Hugo Friend (USA)
1908Frank Irons (USA) Daniel Kelly (USA) Calvin Bricker (CAN)
1912Albert Gutterson (USA) Calvin Bricker (CAN) Georg Ĺberg (SWE)
1920William Pettersson (SWE) Carl Johnson (USA) Erik Abrahamsson (SWE)
1924William DeHart Hubbard (USA) Ed Gourdin (USA) Sverre Hansen (NOR)
1928Ed Hamm (USA) Silvio Cator (HAI) Alfred Bates (USA)
1932Ed Gordon (USA) Lambert Redd (USA) Chuhei Nambu (JPN)
1936Jesse Owens (USA) Luz Long (GER) Naoto Tajima (JPN)
1948Willie Steele (USA) Theo Bruce (AUS) Herb Douglas (USA)
1952Jerome Biffle (USA) Meredith Gourdine (AUS) Ödön Földessy (HUN)
1956Greg Bell (USA) John Bennett (USA) Jorma Valkama (FIN)
1960Ralph Boston (USA) Irvin Roberson (USA) Igor Ter-Ovanesyan (URS)
1964Lynn Davies (GBR) Ralph Boston (USA) Igor Ter-Ovanesyan (URS)
1968Bob Beamon (USA) Klaus Beer (GDR) Ralph Boston (USA)
1972Randy Williams (USA) Hans Baumgartner (FRG) Arnie Robinson (USA)
1976Arnie Robinson (USA) Randy Williams (USA) Frank Wartenberg (GDR)
1980Lutz Dombrowski (GDR) Frank Paschek (GDR) Valeriy Podluzhny (URS)
1984Carl Lewis (USA) Gary Honey (AUS) Giovanni Evangelisti (ITA)
1988Carl Lewis (USA) Mike Powell (USA) Larry Myricks (USA)
1992Carl Lewis (USA) Mike Powell (USA) Joe Greene (USA)
1996Carl Lewis (USA) James Beckford (JAM) Joe Greene (USA)
2000Iván Pedroso (CUB) Jai Taurima (AUS) Roman Shchurenko (UKR)
2004Dwight Phillips (USA) John Moffitt (USA) Joan Lino Martinez (ESP)

Standing long jump

1900Ray Ewry (USA) Irving Baxter (USA) Emile Torcheboeuf (FRA)
1904Ray Ewry (USA) Charles King (USA) John Biller (USA)
1906Ray Ewry (GBR) Martin Sheridan (USA) Lawson Robertson (USA)
1908Ray Ewry (USA) Konstantinos Tsiklitiras (GRE) Martin Sheridan (USA)
1912Konstantinos Tsiklitiras (GRE) Platt Adams (USA) Benjamin Adams (USA)

Triple jump

1896James Connolly (USA) Alexandre Tuffčre (FRA) Ioannis Persakis (GRE)
1900Meyer Prinstein (USA) James Connolly (USA) Lewis Sheldon (USA)
1904Meyer Prinstein (USA) Frederick Engelhardt (USA) Robert Stangland (USA)
1906Peter O'Connor (GBR) Cornelius Leahy (GBR) Thomas Cronan (USA)
1908Tim Ahearne (GBR) Garfield MacDonald (CAN) Edvard Larsen (NOR)
1912Gustaf Lindblom (SWE) Georg Ĺberg (SWE) Erik Almlöf (SWE)
1920Vilho Tuulos (FIN) Folke Jansson (SWE) Erik Almlöf (SWE)
1924Nick Winter (AUS) Luis Brunetto (ARG) Vilho Tuulos (FIN)
1928Mikio Oda (JPN) Levi Casey (USA) Vilho Tuulos (FIN)
1932Chuhei Nambu (JPN) Erik Svensson (SWE) Kenkichi Oshima (JPN)
1936Naoto Tajima (JPN) Masao Harada (JPN) Jack Metcalfe (AUS)
1948Arne Ĺhman (SWE) George Avery (AUS) Ruhi Sarialp (TUR)
1952Adhemar da Silva (BRA) Leonid Shcherbakov (URS) Arnoldo Devonish (VEN)
1956Adhemar da Silva (BRA) Vilhjálmur Einarsson (ISL) Vitold Kreyer (URS)
1960Józef Schmidt (POL) Vladimir Goryayev (URS) Vitold Kreyer (URS)
1964Józef Schmidt (POL) Oleg Fedoseyev (URS) Viktor Kravchenko (URS)
1968Viktor Sanyeyev (URS) Nelson Prudencio (BRA) Giuseppe Gentile (ITA)
1972Viktor Sanyeyev (URS) Jörg Drehmel (GDR) Nelson Prudencio (BRA)
1976Viktor Sanyeyev (URS) James Butts (USA) Joăo Carlos de Oliveira (BRA)
1980Jaak Uudmäe (URS) Viktor Sanyeyev (URS) Joăo Carlos de Oliveira (BRA)
1984Al Joyner (USA) Mike Conley (USA) Keith Connor (GBR)
1988Khristo Markov (BUL) Igor Lapshin (URS) Aleksandr Kovalenko (URS)
1992Mike Conley (USA) Charlie Simpkins (USA) Frank Rutherford (BAH)
1996Kenny Harrison (USA) Jonathan Edwards (GBR) Yoelbi Quesada (CUB)
2000Jonathan Edwards (GBR) Yoel García (CUB) Denis Kapustin (RUS)
2004Christian Olsson (SWE) Marian Oprea (ROM) Danila Burkenya (RUS)

Standing triple jump

1900Ray Ewry (USA) Irving Baxter (USA) Robert Garrett (USA)
1904Ray Ewry (USA) Charles King (USA) Joseph Stadler (USA)

Shot put

1896Robert Garrett (USA) Mitiadis Gouskos (GRE) Georgios Papasideris (GRE)
1900Richard Sheldon (USA) Josiah McCracken (USA) Robert Garrett (USA)
1904Ralph Rose (USA) Wesley Coe (USA) Leon Feuerbach (USA)
1906Martin Sheridan (USA) Mihály Dávid (HUN) Eric Lemming (SWE)
1908Ralph Rose (USA) Denis Horgan (GBR) John Garrels (USA)
1912Patrick McDonald (USA) Ralph Rose (USA) Lawrence Whitney (USA)
1920Ville Pörhölä (FIN) Elmer Niklander (FIN) Harry Liversedge (USA)
1924Clarence Houser (USA) Glenn Hartranft (USA) Ralph Hills (USA)
1928John Kuck (USA) Herman Brix (USA) Emil Hirschfeld (GER)
1932Leo Sexton (USA) Harlow Rothert (USA) František Douda (CZE)
1936Hans Woellke (GER) Sulo Bärlund (FIN) Gerhard Stöck (GER)
1948Wilbur Thompson (USA) Jim Delaney (USA) Jim Fuchs (USA)
1952Parry O'Brien (USA) Darrow Hooper (USA) Jim Fuchs (USA)
1956Parry O'Brien (USA) Bill Nieder (USA) Jirí Skobla (CZE)
1960Bill Nieder (USA) Parry O'Brien (USA) Dallas Long (USA)
1964Dallas Long (USA) Randy Matson (USA) Vilmos Varjú (HUN)
1968Randy Matson (USA) George Woods (USA) Eduard Gushchin (URS)
1972Władysław Komar (POL) George Woods (USA) Hartmut Briesenick (GDR)
1976Udo Beyer (GDR) Yevgeniy Mironov (URS) Aleksandr Baryshnikov (URS)
1980Vladimir Kiselyov (URS) Aleksandr Baryshnikov (URS) Udo Beyer (GDR)
1984Alessandro Andrei (ITA) Mike Carter (USA) Dave Laut (USA)
1988Ulf Timmermann (GDR) Randy Barnes (USA) Werner Günthör (SUI)
1992Mike Stulce (USA) Jim Doehring (USA) Vyacheslav Lykho (EUN)
1996Randy Barnes (USA) John Godina (USA) Aleksandr Bagach (UKR)
2000Arsi Harju (FIN) Adam Nelson (USA) John Godina (USA)
2004Yuriy Bilonog (UKR) Adam Nelson (USA) Joachim Olsen (DEN)

Shot put with both hands

1912Ralph Rose (USA) Patrick McDonald (USA) Elmer Niklander (FIN)

Discus throw

1896Robert Garrett (USA) Panayotis Paraskevopoulos (GRE) Sotirios Versis (GRE)
1900Rudolf Bauer (HUN) František Janda-Suk (BOH) Richard Sheldon (USA)
1904Martin Sheridan (USA) Ralph Rose (USA) Nikolaos Georgantas (GRE)
1906Martin Sheridan (USA) Nikolaos Georgantas (GRE) Verner Järvinen (FIN)
1908Martin Sheridan (USA) Merritt Giffin (USA) Marquis Horr (USA)
1912Armas Taipale (FIN) Richard Byrd (USA) James Duncan (USA)
1920Elmer Niklander (FIN) Armas Taipale (FIN) Gus Pope (USA)
1924Clarence Houser (USA) Vilho Niittymaa (FIN) Thomas Lieb (USA)
1928Clarence Houser (USA) Antero Kivi (FIN) James Corson (USA)
1932John Anderson (USA) Henri LaBorde (USA) Paul Winter (FRA)
1936Ken Carpenter (USA) Gordon Dunn (USA) Giorgio Oberweger (ITA)
1948Adolfo Consolini (ITA) Giuseppe Tosi (ITA) Fortune Gordien (USA)
1952Sim Iness (USA) Adolfo Consolini (ITA) Jim Dillion (USA)
1956Al Oerter (USA) Fortune Gordien (USA) Des Koch (USA)
1960Al Oerter (USA) Rink Babka (USA) Dick Cochran (USA)
1964Al Oerter (USA) Ludvík Danek (CZE) Dave Weill (USA)
1968Al Oerter (USA) Lothar Milde (GDR) Ludvík Danek (CZE)
1972Ludvík Danek (CZE) Jay Silvester (USA) Ricky Bruch (SWE)
1976Mac Wilkins (USA) Wolfgang Schmidt (GDR) John Powell (USA)
1980Viktor Rashchupkin (URS) Imrich Bugár (CZE) Luis Delís (CUB)
1984Rolf Danneberg (FRG) Mac Wilkins (USA) John Powell (USA)
1988Jürgen Schult (GDR) Romas Ubartas (URS) Rolf Danneberg (FRG)
1992Romas Ubartas (LTU) Jürgen Schult (GER) Roberto Moya (CUB)
1996Lars Riedel (GER) Vladimir Dubrovshchik (BLR) Vasiliy Kaptyukh (BLR)
2000Virgilijus Alekna (LTU) Lars Riedel (GER) Frantz Kruger (RSA)
2004 Virgilijus Alekna (LTU) Zoltan Kovago (HUN) Aleksander Tammert (EST)

Discus throw - Greek style

1906Verner Järvinen (FIN) Nikolaos Georgantas (GRE) István Mudin (HUN)
1908Martin Sheridan (USA) Marquis Horr (USA) Verner Järvinen (FIN)

Discus throw with both hands

1912Armas Taipale (FIN) Elmer Niklander (FIN) Emil Magnusson (SWE)

Hammer throw

1900John Flanagan (USA) Truxton Hare (USA) Josiah McCracken (USA)
1904John Flanagan (USA) John DeWitt (USA) Ralph Rose (USA)
1908John Flanagan (USA) Matt McGrath (USA) Con Walsh (USA)
1912Matt McGrath (USA) Duncan Gillis (CAN) Clarence Childs (USA)
1920Patrick Ryan (USA) Carl Johan Lind (SWE) Basil Bennett (USA)
1924Fred Tootell (USA) Matt McGrath (USA) Malcolm Nokes (GBR)
1928Pat O'Callaghan (IRL) Ossian Skiöld (SWE) Edmund Black (USA)
1932Pat O'Callaghan (IRL) Ville Pörhölä (FIN) Peter Zaremba (USA)
1936Karl Hein (GER) Erwin Blask (GER) Fred Warngĺrd (SWE)
1948Imre Németh (HUN) Ivan Gubijan (YUG) Bob Bennett (USA)
1952József Csermák (HUN) Karl Storch (GER) Imre Németh (HUN)
1956Harold Connolly (USA) Mikhail Krivonosov (URS) Anatoliy Samotsvetov (URS)
1960Vasiliy Rudenkov (URS) Gyula Zsivótzky (HUN) Tadeusz Rut (POL)
1964Romuald Klim (URS) Gyula Zsivótzky (HUN) Uwe Beyer (GER)
1968Gyula Zsivótzky (HUN) Romuald Klim (URS) Lázár Lovász (HUN)
1972Anatoliy Bondarchuk (URS) Jochen Sachse (GDR) Vasiliy Khmelevskiy (URS)
1976Yuriy Sedykh (URS) Aleksey Spiridonov (URS) Anatoliy Bondarchuk (URS)
1980Yuriy Sedykh (URS) Sergey Litvinov (URS) Jüri Tamm (URS)
1984Juha Tiainen (FIN) Karl-Hans Riehm (FRG) Klaus Ploghaus (FRG)
1988Sergey Litvinov (URS) Yuriy Sedykh (URS) Jüri Tamm (URS)
1992Andrey Abduvaliyev (EUN) Igor Astapkovich (EUN) Igor Nikulin (EUN)
1996Balázs Kiss (HUN) Lance Deal (USA) Aleksey Krykun (UKR)
2000Szymon Ziółkowski (POL) Nicola Vizzoni (ITA) Igor Astapkovich (BLR)
2004Koji Murofushi (JPN) Ivan Tikhon (BLR) Esref Apak (TUR)

Stone throw

1906Nikolaos Georgantas (GRE) Martin Sheridan (USA) Michalis Dorizas (GRE)

56-pounds weight throw

1904Étienne Desmarteau (CAN) John Flanagan (USA) James Mitchel (USA)
1920Patrick McDonald (USA) Patrick Ryan (USA) Carl Johan Lind (SWE)

Javelin throw

1908Eric Lemming (SWE) Arne Halse (NOR) Otto Nilsson (SWE)
1912Eric Lemming (SWE) Juho Saaristo (FIN) Mór Kóczán (HUN)
1920Jonni Myyrä (FIN) Urho Peltonen (FIN) Pekka Johansson (FIN)
1924Jonni Myyrä (FIN) Gunnar Lindström (SWE) Eugene Oberst (USA)
1928Erik Lundqvist (SWE) Béla Szepes (HUN) Olav Sunde (NOR)
1932Matti Järvinen (FIN) Matti Sippala (FIN) Eino Penttilä (FIN)
1936Gerhard Stöck (GER) Yrjö Nikkanen (FIN) Kalervo Toivonen (FIN)
1948Tapio Rautavaara (FIN) Steve Seymour (USA) József Várszegi (HUN)
1952Cyrus Young (USA) Bill Miller (USA) Toivo Hyytiäinen (FIN)
1956Egil Danielsen (NOR) Janusz Sidło (POL) Viktor Tsybulenko (URS)
1960Viktor Tsybulenko (URS) Walter Krüger (GER) Gergely Kulcsár (HUN)
1964Pauli Nevala (FIN) Gergely Kulcsár (HUN) Jânis Lűsis (URS)
1968Jânis Lűsis (URS) Jorma Kinnunen (FIN) Gergely Kulcsár (HUN)
1972Klaus Wolfermann (FRG) Jânis Lűsis (URS) Bill Schmidt (USA)
1976Miklós Németh (HUN) Hannu Siitonen (FIN) Gheorghe Megelea (ROM)
1980Dainis Kűla (URS) Aleksandr Makarov (URS) Wolfgang Hanisch (GDR)
1984Arto Härkönen (FIN) Dave Ottley (GBR) Kenth Eldebrink (SWE)
1988Tapio Korjus (FIN) Jan Zelezný (CZE) Seppo Räty (FIN)
1992Jan Zelezný (CZE) Seppo Räty (FIN) Steve Backley (GBR)
1996Jan Zelezný (CZE) Steve Backley (GBR) Seppo Räty (FIN)
2000Jan Zelezný (CZE) Steve Backley (GBR) Sergey Makarov (RUS)
2004Andreas Thorkildsen (NOR) Vadims Vasilevskis (LAT) Sergey Makarov (RUS)

Javelin throw - freestyle

1906Eric Lemming (SWE) Knut Lindberg (SWE) Bruno Söderström (SWE)
1908Eric Lemming (SWE) Michalis Dorizas (GRE) Arne Halse (NOR)

Javelin throw with both hands

1912Juho Saaristo (FIN) Väinö Siikaniemi (FIN) Urho Peltonen (FIN)


1906Hjalmer Mellander (SWE) István Mudin (HUN) Eric Lemming (SWE)
1912Jim Thorpe (USA) Ferdinand Bie (NOR) James Donahue (USA)
1920Eero Lehtonen (FIN) Everett Bradley (USA) Hugo Lahtinen (FIN)
1924Eero Lehtonen (FIN) Elemér Somfay (HUN) Robert LeGendre (USA)

1906 - standing long jump, discus throw (Greek style), javelin throw, 192 m run and greco-roman wrestling
1912-24 - long jump, javelin throw, 200 m run, discus throw and 1500 m run


1904Tom Kiely (GBR) Adam Gunn (USA) Truxton Hare (USA)

100 y run, shot put, high jump, 880 y walk, hammer throw, pole vault, 120 y hurdles, 56 pounds weight throw, long jump and 1 mile run


1912Jim Thorpe (USA) Hugo Wieslander (SWE) Charles Lomberg (SWE)
1920Helge Lřvland (NOR) Brutus Hamilton (USA) Bertil Ohlsson (SWE)
1924Harold Osborn (USA) Emerson Norton (USA) Aleksander Klumberg-Kolmpere (EST)
1928Paavo Yrjölä (FIN) Akilles Järvinen (FIN) Ken Doherty (USA)
1932Jim Bausch (USA) Akilles Järvinen (FIN) Wolrad Eberle (GER)
1936Glenn Morris (USA) Bob Clark (USA) Jack Parker (USA)
1948Bob Mathias (USA) Ignace Heinrich (FRA) Floyd Simmons (USA)
1952Bob Mathias (USA) Milt Campbell (USA) Floyd Simmons (USA)
1956Milt Campbell (USA) Rafer Johnson (USA) Vasiliy Kuznetsov (URS)
1960Rafer Johnson (USA) Yang Chuan-Kwang (TPE) Vasiliy Kuznetsov (URS)
1964Willi Holdorf (GER) Rein Aun (URS) Hans-Joachim Walde (GER)
1968Bill Toomey (USA) Hans-Joachim Walde (FRG) Kurt Bendlin (FRG)
1972Nikolay Avilov (URS) Leonid Litvinenko (URS) Ryszard Katus (POL)
1976Bruce Jenner (USA) Guido Kratschmer (FRG) Nikolay Avilov (URS)
1980Daley Thompson (GBR) Yuriy Kutsenko (URS) Sergey Zhelanov (URS)
1984Daley Thompson (GBR) Jürgen Hingsen (FRG) Siegfried Wentz (FRG)
1988Christian Schenk (GDR) Torsten Voss (GDR) Dave Steen (CAN)
1992Robert Zmelík (CZE) Antonio Peńalver (ESP) Dave Johnson (USA)
1996Dan O'Brien (USA) Frank Busemann (GER) Tomáš Dvorák (CZE)
2000Erki Nool (EST) Roman Šebrle (CZE) Chris Huffins (USA)
2004Roman Šebrle (CZE) Bryan Clay (USA) Dmitriy Karpov (KAZ)

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