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Meriadoc Brandybuck, usually referred to as Merry, is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's universe of Middle-earth, featured as a central character throughout Tolkien's most famous work, The Lord of the Rings. Merry is a Hobbit, and one of Frodo's closest friends. He loves boats and ponies and has a great interest in the maps of Middle-earth. He is also related to Frodo several times over. In Peter Jackson's film trilogy commencing with The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, he is played by Dominic Monaghan.

Merry was born in 2982 of the Third Age. He was the only child of Saradoc Brandybuck (2940-F.A. 11), Master of Buckland, and Esmeralda Took (2936-?), the younger sister of Paladin Took, making him first cousins to their son Pippin, who is clearly his closest friend.


The given summary is taken from The Lord of the Rings as written by Tolkien.

Merry is the most perceptive and intelligent of the hobbits: for example, even before Bilbo Baggins leaves the Shire, he knew of the One Ring and its power. He guards Bag End after Bilbo's party, protecting Frodo from the various and often unwanted guests. He also is the force behind "the Conspiracy" of Sam, Pippin, Fredegar Bolger (more commonly known as "Fatty", due to his plump form), and himself to help Frodo. Thus, at the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring, Merry is well prepared and organized—he assembles their gear and brings ponies. His shortcut through the Old Forest does not serve them well, though they were saved by Tom Bombadil, and were not pursued by the Black Riders. At the Barrow-downs, he acquires his sword, a work of Westernesse.

At Bree, he is actually not present in the Prancing Pony when Frodo foolishly puts on the ring; instead, he is outside taking a walk, and nearly is overcome by the Nazgl who arrive. At Rivendell, he is seen studying maps and plotting their path. His approval to the Fellowship comes with only a little less reluctance than Pippin's; they are the two youngest members, and Elrond had planned on sending them back home. At Amon Hen, he is captured along with Pippin by a band of Saruman's Orcs, although he makes a good account for himself, and was valiantly defended by Boromir.

Escaping with Pippin into Fangorn Forest he is met by Treebeard and the newly risen Gandalf the White. Along with Pippin, he drinks significant amounts of Entwash and gains in height. Accompanying Treebeard to the Entmoot and later to Isengard, he and Pippin are set as the guardians following Saruman's fall. It is here that he first encounters King Thoden of Rohan, and is reunited with the four of the remaining members of the Fellowship.

Separated by Pippin and Gandalf's journey to Gondor, he swears fealty to Thoden and becomes his esquire. Without permission from his liege, he rides to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields in the care of young Dernhelm. As the Riders of Rohan are attacked by the Nazgl and Thoden is injured, Merry and Dernhelm face the Witch King of Angmar alone. Here, Merry's companion is revealed to be owyn, White Lady of Rohan, niece to the King. Battling both fellbeast and the Nazgl alone, owyn is well assisted by Merry's crucial move: his sword, built for this very purpose, is one of the few weapons able to pierce the Ringwraith's form, at great expense to himself. This is enough to allow owyn to finish off the Witch King (or it may be that Merry's blow is the fatal one). Merry hears Thoden's last words, but is unnoticed by the honor escort of Riders and is found wandering the city by Pippin. He is saved by the healing of Aragorn and recovers fully.

For his bravery in battle, Merry is knighted by King omer as a Knight of the Mark. During the scouring of the Shire, he is in the forefront of the Battle of Bywater, particularly in using the Horn of the Mark presented to him by owyn.

Upon his return, he and Pippin are clearly seen as being the tallest of hobbits, taller even than the legendary Bullroarer Took. Merry married Estella Bolger sometime after the end of the Third Age. He became the Master of Buckland in 11 of the Fourth Age. Although he is not recorded as having any children within the family trees, he clearly has at least one son. At the age of 102, he returns to Rohan and Gondor with Pippin, dying there around the year F.A. 64.

The Line of Merry

   Gormadoc Brandybuck = Malva Headstrong
                     |             |            |
Hanna Goldworthy = Madoc         Sadoc       Marroc
              Marmadoc = Adaldrida Bolger
                  |                             |          |
               Gorbadoc = Mirabella Took    2 daughters  Orgulas
                     |           |                |
 Menegilda Goold = Rorimac    5 children       Primula = Drogo Baggins 
                 |                                     |
      --------------------------------------    Frodo Baggins              
      |                                    | 
     Saradoc = Esmeralda Took           Merimac
             |                             |
 Meriadoc (Merry) = Estella Bolger      Berilac 

See also : Middle-earth and Brandybuckfr:Meriadoc Brandebouc

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