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Goa trance (often referred as Goa or by the number 604) is a form of electronic music and is a style of trance music which originated in the Indian state of Goa, as opposed to most other forms of trance music which appeared in Europe.

Goa trance is closely related to the emergence of psychedelic trance during the latter half of the 1990s however the distinction between these two genres is imprecise and they are considered by some to be synonymous. Both styles are generally non-commercial and underground compared to other forms of trance. The goa sound is more likely to be heard at outdoor parties and festivals than in clubs and places like Ibiza.



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A hand-drawn flyer for a Goa trance party in Israel in 1990. Today Israel is one of the main producers of psychedelic trance and flyers have gotten more elaborate often featuring CG images.

The music has its roots in the popularity of the Goa area in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a hippie mecca, although the actual Goa trance style would not appear until early 1990s. As the tourist influx tapered off in the 1970s and 1980s, a core group remained in Goa, concentrating on improvements in music along with other activities such as yoga, recreational drug use, and various New Age pursuits.

The introduction of techno style and technique to Goa led to what would eventually become the Goa trance style; early pioneers included DJs like Laurent, Fred Disko and Goa Gil, or Mark Allen a bit later. Many "parties" (similar to raves but with a mystic flavour, at least in early 90's) in Goa revolve entirely around this genre of music; Goa is also often played in other countries at raves, festivals and parties often in conjunction with other styles of trance and techno.

Today, Goa trance has a significant following in Israel, brought to that country by former soldiers returning from recreational "post-army trips" to Goa in the early 1990s. A great deal of Goa trance is now produced in Israel, but its production and consumption is a global phenomenon. New "hot-spots" today include Brazil, Japan, South Africa and Mexico.

The sound of Goa trance

Never changing. Forever true. In the name of love. Dance for paradise.
--as sampled by Boris Blenn

Goa is essentially "dance-trance" music (and was referred to as "Trance Dance" in its formative years), and as such has an energetic beat, almost always at 4/4 and often going into 16th or 32nd notes. It is also especially noted for switching to a 12/8 beat with the same tempo during some parts of the song. A typical number will generally build up to a much more energetic movement in the second half of the track, and then taper off fairly quickly toward the end. Generally 8-12 minutes long, Goa tracks usually have a noticeably stronger bassline than other trance music and incorporate more organic "squelchy" sounds (sounds put through a resonance filter, thought to sound especially good on psychedelic drugs, the most famous of these being generated by the TB-303). The BPM typically lies in the 130 - 150 range, making goa trance faster than more mainstream trance, although some tracks may have BPMs as low as 110 or as high as 170.

Goa trance parties

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Goa trance parties often, but not always, take place outdoors.

Goa trance parties can take place in unusual locations such as on a beach, in a desert or in the middle of the forest, although it is not uncommon for them to be held in conventional locations like clubs. These days the need to pay the local police baksheesh means that they're generally staged around a bar though this may only be a temporary fixture in the forest or beach. Once the baksheesh has been paid then the freaks are free to bring out their charas and fill their chillums without fear of getting busted. The parties around New Year tend to be the most chaotic as busloads of Indian men from Mumbai descend to gawk at Western women. Travelers, beggars and sadhus from all over India pass by to join in the fun.

The parties have a visual aspect as well, the use of "fluoro" (fluorescent paint) is common in clothing and decoration. The images are often associate with topics like aliens, hinduism and other religious (especially eastern) images, mushrooms (and other psychedelic imagery), shamanism and technology.

Goa trance in popular culture

For a short period in the mid-1990s Goa trance enjoyed significant commercial success with support from DJs like Paul Oakenfold. Only a few artists came close to being Goa trance "stars". The two most notable are Man With No Name and Infected Mushroom. Juno Reactor had their music featured in many Hollywood movies like Mortal Kombat, The Matrix, and even Once Upon a Time in Mexico, however whether or not those are Goa or psychedelic trance tracks is still up for debate.

In fact, Goa trance remains very much an underground form of music and except for the most popular artists (Hallucinogen, Juno Reactor), Goa trance albums are usually not sold at mainstream record stores.

Typical Goa trance music tracks

all in Ogg Vorbis format.

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Popular Goa trance artists and albums

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  • Ra - To Sirius




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Parties and festivals

  • BurningMan.com (http://www.burningman.com) - the biggest pschedelic trance event in the USA.
  • Goabase.com (http://www.goabase.com) - a large database of Goa parties.
  • GoaTranceParty.net (http://www.GoaTranceParty.net) - a database for parties and scene supporting activities.
  • Visionquest Tokyo (http://www.visionquest-tokyo.com/)- a documentry on the Japanese trance festival called The Gathering.
  • Voov-Experience.com (http://www.voov-experience.com) - one of the oldest Goa parties and scenes in Europe, now one of the biggest international open-air goa festivals.
  • Fullmoon-festival.de (http://www.fullmoon-festival.de) - a full on festival held in Germany
  • Liquidconnective.org (http://www.liquidconnective.org) - home of notorious outdoor psy-trance parties in the United Kingdom.

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