Britannia (Ultima)

This page is about Britannia the ficticious land. For the silver grading, see Britannia silver.

Britannia is a fictitious land in the Ultima universe. It consists of the remains of Sosaria which were united under the rule of Lord British after the defeat of the evil wizard Mondain and his offspring Exodus.


Legend (for virtue notations)

Italic = Virtue
Bold Italic = Principle (Truth, Love, Courage)

See Also: Virtues of Ultima


  • Britain - The Capital of Britannia, where the palace of Lord British is located. It is the original City of Compassion and it also has a major port.
  • Buccaneer's Den - The home of the Pirates. They were incorporated into Britannia after Ultima IV, but remained rife with gambling and piracy even during the Guardian's attack.
  • Cove - Originally hidden near Loch Lake, it became the city best known for hosting the Shrine of Compassion. It became the City of Compassion as Britain grew into the Capital, but lost the title when it eventually merged with Minoc after the Guardian's tectonic shifts.
  • Jhelom - City of Valor. It became Valoria in Ultima IX after a volcano destroyed most of the original city.
  • Magincia - City of Pride (Pride has no Love, Truth or Courage), a rich port that was destroyed by demons. It was later rebuilt as New Magincia.
  • Minoc - City of Self-Sacrifice. Housed a tinkering industry and a branch of the Britanninan Mining Company.
  • Moonglow - City of Honesty. It was a major port and it also housed the Lycaeum.
  • New Magincia - Became City of Humility, it was built on the ruins of old Magincia and became a humble shepherd village.
  • Paws - Original city of Humility, it became a farming village and eventually a poor swamp.
  • Skara Brae - The City of Spirituality. It was destroyed by an alchemistic experiment and taken over by a lich. After the Avatar's intervention, the city was eventually rebuilt, only to be destroyed again by The Guardian.
  • Terfin - Home of the Gargoyles after the collapse of the Underworld of Britannia.
  • Trinsic - City of Honor, this city served as a major port.
  • Vesper - Vesper was the western most city in Britannia. It was also the home of the Britannian Mining Company. It was eventually depopulated.
  • Yew - City of Justice. Housed the Court of Justice
  • Wind - City of Balance.


  • Castle Britannia - Home of Lord British, capital of Britannia. Located in Britain.
  • Empath Abbey - Cathedral of Love. It was located north of Yew and produced wine. The Abbey was eventually destroyed by tectonic uplift, and rebuilt in Britain as the Cathedral of Love in Ultima IX.
  • Lycaeum - The stronghold of Truth. It had a vast library and trained many mages from Moonglow. It was elevated above the city by the Guardian, but the Avatar was still able to get there.
  • Serpent Hold - Stronghold of Courage. It held the Order of the Serpent Knights.
  • Spektran - In Ultima VI, it was an uninhabited island where a group of pirates buried their treasure, including a silver tablet of the gargoyle language. In Ultima VII, the island housed the mad "Sultan" of Spektran.


  • Covetous - Anti-Sacrifice. Near Minoc.
  • Deceit - Anti-Honesty. Near Moonglow.
  • Despise - Anti-Compassion. West of Britain.
  • Destard - Anti-Valor. Near Jhelom.
  • Great Stygian Abyss - Anti-Humility. Original home of The Codex.
  • Hythloth - Anti-Spirituality. Originally linked under Castle Britannia.
  • Shame - Anti-Honor. Near Trinsic.
  • Wrong - Anti-Justice. Near Yew.


Special Places

  • Ambrosia - Originally a hidden land, Ambrosia also became the Gargoyle home city (replacing Terfin) in Ultima IX before it collapsed, killing off most of the Gargoyle race. The Avatar preserved a Queen egg from the collapse, saving the Gargoyles from extinction.
  • Isle of Fire - Housed the Castle of Exodus.
  • Isle of The Avatar - Rose when the stranger became the Avatar. Held the Codex for a time, also where the Black Gate was assembled by the Fellowship.
  • Moongates - Magical portals that go to other parts of Britannia based upon the moon cycles of Trammel and Felucca.
  • Serpent Isle - One of the lands (specifically, the Lands of Danger and Despair) split from Britannia by the effects of the shattering of the Black Gem (Ultima I), and the only one with a known direct connection with Britannia via a gate in the polar region. The Fellowship leader, Batlin, fled here after the Black Gate was destroyed, preventing the Guardian's first invasion. 90% of the island population was destroyed by evil Banes released by Batlin in a foolish attempt to capture them for his own use.
  • Terfin - An island in the southeast, between Serpent's Hold and the Isle of the Avatar. In Ultima IV it was just a trio of volcanoes, but by Ultima V enough land was there that Lord Blackthorn was able to build his castle on it. When the Gargoyles began arriving from the Underworld in Ultima VI, they found themselves on the island and established a city, which remained there until sometime before Ultima IX, when the Gargoyles retreated to the underwater city of Ambrosia. Terfin was then used as the Guardian's stronghold in Ultima IX.

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