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I am an electronics/signal processing engineer working in the field of pro audio equipment. I love Wikipedia. A little too much.

I am also working on the Electronics wikibook, if slowly.

I claim to value my anonymity, but I'm not actually that careful about it...


Various things I enjoy: Electronic art music, Achewood, Scrabble, Quesadillas, Cybernetics, Linux, Ursula LeGuin: The Dispossessed, Vernor Vinge: The Peace War/Marooned in Realtime/A Fire Upon the Deep, Stranger in a Strange Land, Ender's Game, JACK, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Bal-Sagoth, Transhumanism, Technological singularity, Video art, Electronics, Glitch (music), Freight Elevator Quartet, The Moon and Sixpence, Memetics, Yo La Tengo, Buffalo '66, Matmos, Bjork, Radiohead, Apparat, Lost in Translation, Project Gutenberg, My Bloody Valentine, Múm, Panspermia, The Arcade Fire, Fruit juice, Mozilla Firefox, Electric violin, Grindcore, Pure data, The Little Prince, Metric system, Libraries, Squarepusher, Computer music, Shostakovich, Amélie


Memory holes

I dislike it when people delete pseudoscientific articles, burn books, censor opinion, or otherwise destroy information. If an idea has a hold in people's minds, the only way to fight it is to address it and show why it is wrong, not delete it as nonsense. My first response when I see something crackpottish: check Wikipedia for an unbiased, scientific account. "Censoring" information is exactly what makes crackpot stuff take off. "Go to our website to find out what They don't want you to know!!!" Providing a good source of unbiased non-crackpot info is the only way to keep it under control. If you need to commit "memocide" to get people to believe what you believe, your beliefs are probably wrong. Improve it; don't remove it. (or Don't delete; debunk?)

I guess this makes me a crackpottery Inclusionist. See also Wikipedia:Replies to common objections#Cranks

Machines are meant to do work

I am generally in favor of adapting machines to humans. In a few cases it's better to adapt humans to machines, but that's just because the computer programming required, for instance, would be more work than the extra work required for each user to adapt to the machine. In most cases, when there is a conflict between convenience for humans and convenience for software, the software should be changed.

i.e., e.g., etc.

I read an article somewhere that convinced me that most Latin or foreign phrases really have no use in English, and just alienate certain classes of people, and I have been casually changing them into English equivalents when I run across them. I wish I could find the article...

Don't defend your beliefs. Test them.

Table namespace

Missing image
An alternative table editor

I think tables should have their own namespace and editor. See discussion and comment here: Wikipedia:Proposal for intuitive table editor and namespace.

To do (or not to do)

  • Charge decay
    • [1] (, [2] (

  • Fusor
    • Add information about different versions, Bussard version
    • Bowl of marbles analogy

Electronics diagrams

I have been making electronics diagrams using klunky schematic editor (, and modifying and annotating the screen shots in the GIMP. They tend to be very small (~1 KB). I welcome requests and suggestions.

See Omegatron/Gallery.

Modified version of Klunky

I have made a modified version of Klunky, reducing the file sizes of the images and adding a bunch more images, such as batteries and voltmeters, etc. Also it just runs a lot faster if you have it on your own machine. It is available for download from Just unzip to a directory and open klunky.html. The author of the original considers his version to be public domain. If you know JavaScript and want to make it work in more browsers or otherwise help me expand it, please let me know. Ideally it would be able to generate HTML on the fly for copying and pasting into discussion boards...

Forced PNG rendering

I figured out a way to force PNG rendering of TeX markup, as it was needed on the resistor page. It is possible to force the formula to render as PNG, without affecting the display of the formula, by adding \, (small space) at the end of the formula (where it is not rendered). This will force PNG if the user is in "HTML if simple" mode, but not for "HTML if possible" mode (math rendering settings in Preferences).

You can also use \,\! (small space and negative space, which cancel out) anywhere inside the math tags. This does force PNG in "HTML if possible" mode, unlike \,.

This could be useful to keep the rendering of formulae in a proof consistent, for example, or to fix formulae that render incorrectly in HTML (at one time, a^{2+2} rendered with an extra underscore), or to demonstrate how something is rendered when it would normally show up as HTML.

For instance:

Syntax How it looks rendered
a^{2+2} <math>a^{2+2}<math>
a^{2\,\!+2} renders the same <math>a^{2\,\!+2}<math>
a^{2+2} \, renders the same <math>a^{2+2} \,<math>
a^{2\,+2} is bad <math>a^{2\,+2}<math>
\int_{-N}^{N} e^x\, dx <math>\int_{-N}^{N} e^x\, dx<math>
\int_{-N}^{N} e^x\, dx \, <math>\int_{-N}^{N} e^x\, dx \,<math>
\int_{-N}^{N} e^x\, dx \,\! <math>\int_{-N}^{N} e^x\, dx \,\!<math>
\,\!\int_{-\,\!\,\!\,\!N}^{N} \,\!\,\!\,\!e\,\!^x\,\!\, dx \,\! <math> \,\!\int_{-\,\!\,\!\,\!N}^{N} \,\!\,\!\,\!e\,\!^x\,\!\, dx \,\! <math>

You might want to include a comment in the HTML so people don't "correct" the formula by removing it:

<!-- The \,\! is to keep the formula rendered as PNG instead of HTML. Please don't remove it.-->

Personally, I just use "Always render PNG", but I have a high-res LCD now.

Spell checker

I've experimentally started spell checking entire articles occasionally with the Spellbound extension ( in Firefox. I have the American, Australian, British, Canadian, and New Zealandic dictionaries, but use the American or British for convenience. If there is a mix of words from both I use whichever is the majority for consistency. ("Note that the English form of Wikipedia has no preference for American, British or other forms of English so long as this is consistent for the whole page.") Occasionally it "corrects" a word wrongly and I miss it. Sorry.

Guidelines for changing dialects:

If you think a page should be in a specific dialect because of the subject matter, like Department of National Defence (Canada), point it out and I will run through it with the appropriate dictionary.

See also User_talk:Omegatron/Talk_archive_1#Spelling

One problem with spelling correction is that lots of misspellings often indicate poor content as well... Oh well.

[[User:Omegatron#Spell_checker|Spell checker]] - using US English

[[User:Omegatron#Spell_checker|Spell checker]] - using UK English

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