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<timeline> ImageSize = width:1250 height:605 PlotArea = left:95 right:415 bottom:85 top:20 Legend = columns:3 left:220 top:57 columnwidth:160 AlignBars = late

DateFormat = dd/mm/yyyy Period = from:01/09/1939 till:02/09/1945

Colors =

id:canvas value:gray(0.95)        # background for whole image
id:bars   value:white             # background for bars
id:grid1  value:rgb(0.4,0.6,0.4)  # major grid
id:grid2  value:rgb(0.80,0.80,1)  # minor grid
id:gray   value:gray(0.6)         # for colophon
id:gray2  value:gray(0.5)         # for text
id:JT     value:red              legend:Japanese_Territory
id:JI     value:rgb(0.7,0.3,0.3) legend:Japanese_Invasion
id:JO     value:rgb(1,0.7,0.7)   legend:Japanese_Occupation
id:US     value:rgb(0,0,1)       legend:United_States
id:AI     value:rgb(0.3,0.3,0.7) legend:Allied_Invasion
id:AO     value:rgb(0.7,0.7,1)   legend:Allied_Occupation
id:CT     value:yellow           legend:Chinese_Free_Territory
id:SB     value:rgb(0.8,0,0.7)   legend:Sea_Battles
id:CO     value:rgb(0,0.5,0)     legend:Conference

BackgroundColors = canvas:canvas bars:bars

ScaleMajor = gridcolor:grid1 unit:year increment:1 start:01/01/1940 ScaleMinor = gridcolor:grid2 unit:month increment:3 start:01/10/1939

TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy

BarData =

 bar:Japan       text:Japan
 bar:Manchukuo   text:Manchukuo
 bar:China       text:China
 bar:Korea       text:Korea
 bar:Burma       text:Burma
 bar:Thailand    text:Thailand
 bar:Indochina   text:Indochina
 bar:Malaya      text:Malaya
 bar:Singapore   text:Singapore
 bar:Indies      text:Dutch Indies
 bar:Philippines text:Philippines
 bar:NewGuinea   text:New Guinea
 bar:Marianas    text:Mariana Isl.
 bar:Carolinas   text:Caroline Isl.
 bar:Bismarcks   text:Bismarck Isl.
 bar:Solomons    text:Solomon Isl.
 bar:Gilberts    text:Gilbert Isl.
 bar:Marshalls   text:Marshall Isl.
 bar:Aleutians   text:Aleutian Isl.
 bar:Wake        text:Wake Isl.
 bar:Midway      text:Midway Isl.
 bar:US          text:United States
 bar:SeaBattles  text:Sea Battles
 bar:Conferences text:Conferences

Define $broad = width:0.1in Define $narrow = width:0.03in

  1. with shift:(0,..) the left/right aligned text starts/stops exactly below supplied date
  2. a small adjustment centers the date part of the text below the line mark
  3. extra adjustments may be needed to avoid overlapping texts

Define $dy = -15 Define $leftneg2 = align:left shift:(-20, $dy) Define $leftneg1 = align:left shift:(-10, $dy) Define $left = align:left shift:( 0, $dy) Define $leftpos1 = align:left shift:( 10, $dy) Define $leftpos2 = align:left shift:( 20, $dy) Define $center = align:center shift:( 0, $dy) Define $right = align:right shift:( 0, $dy) Define $rightneg1 = align:right shift:(-10, $dy) Define $rightpos1 = align:right shift:( 10, $dy) Define $rightpos2 = align:right shift:( 20, $dy) Define $leftPH = align:left shift:( 3, $dy) # avoid collision with

                                                  # Pearl Harbour red line

Define $dy2 = 10 Define $leftWW2 = align:left shift:( 0, $dy2) Define $rightWW2 = align:right shift:( 0, $dy2)


 at:start      color:red layer:front
 at:end        color:red layer:front
 at:07/12/1941 color:red layer:back


 fontsize:XS $broad
 bar:Japan           from:start      till:19/02/1945 color:JT
 bar:Japan           from:19/02/1945 till:14/03/1945 color:AI
 bar:Japan           from:14/03/1945 till:01/04/1945 color:JT
 bar:Japan           from:01/04/1945 till:22/06/1945 color:AI
 bar:Japan           from:22/06/1945 till:02/09/1945 color:JT
 bar:Japan           from:02/09/1945 till:end        color:AO
 bar:Manchukuo       from:start      till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:China           from:start      till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:China           from:02/09/1945 till:end        color:CT
 bar:Korea           from:start      till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:Burma           from:15/12/1941 till:20/05/1942 color:JI
 bar:Burma           from:20/05/1942 till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:Burma           from:02/09/1945 till:end        color:AO
 bar:Thailand        from:08/12/1941 till:14/12/1941 color:JI
 bar:Thailand        from:14/12/1941 till:15/07/1945 color:JO
 bar:Thailand        from:15/07/1944 till:end        color:AO
 bar:Indochina       from:23/07/1941 till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:Malaya          from:08/12/1941 till:31/01/1942 color:JI
 bar:Malaya          from:31/01/1942 till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:Singapore       from:08/12/1941 till:15/02/1942 color:JI
 bar:Singapore       from:15/02/1942 till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:Indies          from:12/01/1942 till:09/03/1942 color:JI
 bar:Indies          from:09/03/1942 till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:Philippines     from:10/12/1941 till:10/05/1942 color:JI
 bar:Philippines     from:10/05/1942 till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:Philippines     from:02/09/1945 till:end        color:AO
 bar:NewGuinea       from:25/01/1942 till:end        color:AO
 bar:Marianas        from:10/12/1941 till:15/06/1944 color:JO
 bar:Marianas        from:15/06/1944 till:10/08/1944 color:AI
 bar:Marianas        from:10/08/1944 till:end        color:AO
 bar:Carolinas       from:start      till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:Bismarcks       from:23/01/1942 till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:Bismarcks       from:02/09/1945 till:end        color:AO
 bar:Solomons        from:23/01/1942 till:25/08/1943 color:JO
 bar:Solomons        from:25/08/1943 till:end        color:AO
 bar:Gilberts        from:09/12/1941 till:20/11/1944 color:JO
 bar:Gilberts        from:20/11/1944 till:28/11/1944 color:AI
 bar:Gilberts        from:28/11/1944 till:end        color:AO
 bar:Marshalls       from:start      till:31/01/1944 color:JO
 bar:Marshalls       from:31/01/1944 till:23/02/1944 color:AI
 bar:Marshalls       from:23/02/1944 till:end        color:AO
 bar:Aleutians       from:07/06/1942 till:11/05/1943 color:JO
 bar:Aleutians       from:11/05/1943 till:28/07/1943 color:AI
 bar:Aleutians       from:28/07/1943 till:end        color:AO
 bar:Wake            from:start      till:08/12/1941 color:US
 bar:Wake            from:08/12/1941 till:23/12/1941 color:JI
 bar:Wake            from:23/12/1941 till:02/09/1945 color:JO
 bar:Wake            from:02/09/1945 till:end        color:US
 bar:Midway          from:start      till:end        color:US
 bar:US              from:start      till:end        color:US
 bar:Japan           from:14/03/1945 till:02/09/1945 color:AO
 bar:China           from:01/09/1939 till:02/09/1945 color:CT
 bar:Burma           from:13/02/1943 till:29/04/1943 color:AI
 bar:Burma           from:15/02/1944 till:02/09/1945 color:AI
 bar:Philippines     from:15/12/1944 till:02/09/1945 color:AI
 bar:NewGuinea       from:25/01/1942 till:10/03/1942 color:JI
 bar:NewGuinea       from:10/03/1942 till:22/01/1943 color:JO
 bar:Solomons        from:07/08/1942 till:09/02/1943 color:AI
 bar:Solomons        from:09/02/1943 till:25/08/1943 color:AO
 bar:Bismarcks       from:15/12/1943 till:14/05/1944 color:AI
 bar:Bismarcks       from:14/05/1944 till:02/09/1945 color:AO
 bar:SeaBattles color:SB $broad $center
 from:07/12/1941 till:07/12/1941 text:12
 from:10/12/1941 till:10/12/1941
 from:19/02/1942 till:19/02/1942 text:345
 from:25/02/1942 till:25/02/1942
 from:01/03/1942 till:03/03/1942
 from:07/05/1942 till:08/05/1942 text:6
 from:04/06/1942 till:07/06/1942 text:7
 from:09/08/1942 till:09/08/1942 text:8
 from:24/08/1942 till:25/08/1942 text:9
 from:26/10/1942 till:26/10/1942 text:10
 from:03/03/1943 till:05/03/1943 text:11
 from:19/06/1944 till:20/06/1944 text:12
 from:23/10/1944 till:27/10/1944 text:13
 bar:Conferences color:CO $broad $center
 from:15/09/1940 till:17/09/1940 text:1
 from:09/08/1941 till:12/08/1941 text:2
 from:29/09/1941 till:01/10/1941 text:3
 from:22/12/1941 till:14/01/1942 text:4
 from:14/01/1943 till:24/01/1943 text:5
 from:17/08/1943 till:24/08/1943 text:6
 from:18/10/1943 till:01/11/1943 text:78
 from:22/11/1943 till:25/11/1943
 from:26/11/1943 till:01/12/1943 text:9
 from:01/07/1944 till:22/07/1944 text:10
 from:04/02/1945 till:11/02/1945 text:11
 from:25/04/1945 till:26/06/1945 text:12
 from:17/07/1945 till:02/08/1945 text:13
 bar:Japan textcolor:red fontsize:S
 at:01/09/1939 $leftWW2   text:"< WW2 starts in Europe"
 at:02/09/1945 $rightWW2  text:"end of WW2 >"
 at:07/12/1941 $leftWW2   text:"< WW2 reaches Asia"
 textcolor:black fontsize:XS
 at:27/07/1940 $rightpos2 text:"Co-Prosperity Sphere 27/7" mark:(line,white)
 at:27/09/1940 $left      text:"27/9 Tripartite Pact"       mark:(line,white)
 at:18/04/1942 $leftneg1  text:"18/4 Doolittle Raid"       mark:(line,white)
 at:18/04/1943 $leftneg1  text:"18/4 Adm. Yamamoto killed" mark:(line,white)
 at:19/02/1945 $rightneg1 text:"Iwo Jima 19/2-14/3 ~Okinawa 1/4-22/6" mark:(line,white)
 at:01/04/1945 mark:(line,white)
 at:06/08/1945 $right     text:Hiroshima 6/8~Nagasaki 9/8~Japan surrenders 2/9
 bar:China           at:01/09/1939 $leftpos1  text:since 1937 (partial)
 bar:Manchukuo       at:01/09/1939 $leftpos1  text:since 1931
 bar:Korea           at:01/09/1939 $leftpos1  text:since 1905
 bar:Solomons        at:23/01/1942 $leftneg1  text:23/1
 bar:Solomons        at:07/08/1942 $leftneg1  text:7/8 Guadalcanal 9/2
 bar:Solomons        at:25/08/1943 $leftneg1  text:25/8 New Georgia taken
 bar:Carolinas       at:01/09/1939 $leftpos1  text:Japanese mandate since 1914
 bar:Carolinas       at:20/04/1944 $leftneg1  text:"20-30/4 Jap. base on Truk destroyed" mark:(line,white)
 bar:Bismarcks       at:23/01/1942 $leftneg1  text:23/1 Rabaul
 bar:Bismarcks       at:15/12/1943 $leftneg1  text:15/12
 bar:Bismarcks       at:14/05/1944 $leftneg1  text:14/5 New Brittain  except Rabaul
 bar:Gilberts        at:09/12/1941 $leftPH    text:9/12 Makin  Tarawa
 bar:Gilberts        at:20/11/1944 $leftneg1  text:20-28/11
 bar:Marshalls       at:01/09/1939 $leftpos1  text:Japanese mandate since 1914
 bar:Marshalls       at:21/01/1944 $leftneg1  text:21/1-23/2
 bar:Marianas        at:10/12/1941 $leftPH    text:10/12 Guam
 bar:Marianas        at:15/06/1944 $leftneg1  text:15/6
 bar:Wake            at:08/12/1941 $leftPH    text:8/12
 bar:Aleutians       at:07/06/1942 $leftneg1  text:7/6
 bar:Aleutians       at:11/05/1943 $leftneg1  text:11/5
 bar:Aleutians       at:28/07/1943 $leftneg1  text:28/7
 bar:Thailand        at:08/12/1941 $leftPH    text:8-14/12 Thailand allies with Japan
 bar:Thailand        at:15/07/1944 $leftneg1  text:./7 Pro Japanese govt. ousted
 bar:Malaya          at:08/12/1941 $leftPH    text:8/12-13/1
 bar:Singapore       at:08/12/1941 $leftPH    text:8/12-15/2
 bar:Burma           at:15/12/1941 $left      text:15/12
 bar:Burma           at:20/05/1942 $leftneg1  text:20/5
 bar:Burma           at:13/02/1943 $leftneg1  text:13/2-29/4 Chindits
 bar:Burma           at:15/02/1944 $leftneg1  text:5/2 Chindits
 bar:Burma           at:15/02/1944 $leftneg1  text:5/2 Chindits
 bar:Philippines     at:10/12/1941 $leftPH    text:10/12
 bar:Philippines     at:10/05/1942 $leftneg1  text:10/5
 bar:Philippines     at:15/12/1944 $leftneg1  text:15/12 (9/1 Luzon)
 bar:Indies          at:12/01/1942 $leftneg1  text:12/1
 bar:Indies          at:09/03/1942 $left      text:9/3
 bar:NewGuinea       at:25/01/1942 $leftneg1  text:25/1
 bar:NewGuinea       at:10/03/1942 $left      text:10/3
 bar:NewGuinea       at:22/01/1943 $left      text:22/1
 bar:Midway          at:04/06/1942 $leftneg1  text:"4-7/6 Battle of Midway" mark:(line,white)
 bar:Indochina       at:23/07/1941 $leftneg1  text:23/7
 bar:US              at:26/07/1940 $right     text:"Sanctions 26/7" mark:(line,white)
 bar:US              at:25/09/1940 $leftneg1  text:"25/9 Ultra" mark:(line,white)
 bar:US              at:26/06/1941 $leftneg1  text:"26/7 Embargo" mark:(line,white)
 bar:US              at:07/12/1941 $leftPH    text:7/12 Pearl Harbour

TextData =

  text:World War II - Pacific Theatre

TextData =

 pos:(850,573) tabs:(13-left,108-right,116-left,210-left) lineheight:13
 text:Preliminary events
 text:^1933^ 27/3^Japan leaves League of Nations
 text:^1940^ 25/9^project Ultra - Japanese code cracked
 text:^    ^ 27/7^Japan claims Greater East Asia
 text:^    ^     ^                      ^Co-Prosperity Sphere
 text:^    ^ 27/9^Japan signs Tripartite Pact with Germ./Italy
 text:^1941^ 26/7^US freezes Jap. assets, oil/steel embargo
 text:^    ^30/11^Japan makes final decision to attack US

TextData =

 pos:(850,445) tabs:(10-right,13-left,108-right,116-left) lineheight:13
 text:Sea Battles
 text:^ 1^1942^7/12^Japanese attack Pearl Harbour
 text:^ 2^^10/12^Japanese carrier aircraft sink
 text:^  ^^^Prince of Wales and Repulse (Br.)
 text:^ 3^^19/2^Battle of Lumbok Str
 text:^ 4^^25/2^Battle of the Java Sea
 text:^ 5^^1/3^Battle of Sunda Str
 text:^ 6^^7-8/5^Battle of the Coral Sea
 text:^ 7^^4-7/6^Battle of Midway
 text:^ 8^^9/8^Battle of Savo Island
 text:^ 9^^24-25/8^Battle of the Eastern Solomons
 text:^10^^26/10^Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands
 text:^11^1943 ^3-5/3^Battle of Bismarck Sea
 text:^12^1944 ^ 19-20/6^Battle of the Philippine Sea
 text:^13^^23-27/10^Battle of Leyte Gulf

TextData =

 pos:(850,230) tabs:(10-right,13-left,108-right,116-left,220-left) lineheight:13
 text:^ 1^ 1940^      27/9^Berlin Ger,It,Jap Tripartite Pact
 text:^ 2^ 1941^    9-12/8^N-Atlantic VS,GB Atlantic Charter
 text:^ 3^ 1941^ 29/9-1/10^Moscow US,GB,SU  more aid to SU
 text:^ 4^41/42^22/12-14/1^Washington US,GB 'Europe first' + UN draft
 text:^ 5^ 1943^   14-24/1^Casablanca US,GB
 text:^ 6^     ^   17-24/8^Quebec
 text:^ 7^     ^18/10-1/11^Moscow US,GB,SU
 text:^ 8^     ^  22-25/11^Cairo US,GB,China
 text:^ 9^     ^26/11-1/12^Tehran US,GB,SU
 text:^10^ 1944^    1-22/7^Bretton Woods 44 nations est. IMF + World Bank
 text:^11^ 1945^    4-11/2^Yalta US,GB,SU
 text:^12^     ^ 25/4-26/6^San Francisco 46 nations UN Charter
 text:^13^     ^  17/7-2/8^Potsdam US,GB,SU

TextData =

  pos:(735,22)  tabs:(100-left)
  text:Date format dd/mm
  text:"Author Zachte (|Erik)" # link:
  text:Version 2.0 - April 6 2004
  text:"Plot generated with [1] (|EasyTimeline)"



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