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This is an incomplete list of public-representative office-holders, elected and appointed, past and present, in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The offices covered are TDs, MEPs, Presidents, Councillors, MPs, Stormont MPs, Members of the Sunningdale Assembly (as Mem.NI.Assmb), MLAs, Senators, Commissioners and Members of the Irish House of Commons (as Mem IHC)

Holders of other offices, such as Kings-representative (ie Governors General) or historical offices such as High King of Ireland are listed in the Others section


Political Parties

Party Membership is indicated by the same colour-scheme as used in Members of the 29th Dáil (Section 2-Constituency list). A number of parties do not have a colour assigned, they are: Unknown (unk.)

Fianna Fáil
Fine Gael
Cumann na nGaedheal
Centre Party
Workers Party
Democratic Left
Progressive Democrats
Sinn Féin

Office holders, A-C

Name DOB DOD Party Office Term Notes
A ...
Henry Abbotunk. Fianna FáilTD1987-89
Caroline Achesonunk. Fianna FáilTD1981-82
Gerry Adams1948 Sinn FéinMP1983-92 1997- Leader of Sinn Féin
Bertie Ahern1951 Fianna FáilTD1977- Representing Dublin Central Current Taoiseach and Fianna Fáil leader
Dermot Ahern1955 Fianna FáilTD1987-Representing Louth Minister
Kit Ahernunk. Fianna FáilTD1977-81Representing Kerry North
Liam Ahernunk. Fianna FáilTD1969-77
Michael Ahern1949 Fianna FáilTD1982- Representing Cork East
Noel Ahern1944 Fianna FáilTD1992- Representing Dublin North West
Nuala Ahernunk. GreenMEP1994-2004
Frank Aiken18961983Fianna FáilTD1923-73Tánaiste (1965-1969)
Bernard Allenunk. Fine GaelTD1981- Representing Cork North Central
Denis Allenunk. Fianna FáilTD1932-33 1944-61
Lorcan Allenunk. Fianna FáilTD1961-82
Barry Andrewsunk. Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dún Laoighaire
David Andrews1936 Fianna FáilTD1965-2002Minister for Foreign Affairs (1998-2000)
Niall Andrewsunk. Fianna FáilTD1977-87
Seán Ardaghunk. Fianna FáilTD1997- Representing Dublin South Central
Liam Aylwardunk. Fianna FáilTD1977-Representing Carlow-Kilkenny
B ...
Mary Banotti1939 Fine GaelMEP1984-2004 Candidate in the Irish presidential election, 1997
Monica Barnesunk. Fine GaelTD-2002
Michael Barret Fianna FáilTD
Seán Barrett1944 Fine GaelTD1981-2002Minister for Defence (1995-1997)
Sylvester Barrett19262002Fianna FáilTD1968-87Minister
Peter Barry1928 Fine GaelTD1969-97Minister for Foreign Affairs (1982-1987)
George Bartley Fianna FáilTD
Gerald Bartleyunk.unk.Fianna FailTD1932-65Minister
Patrick Beegan Fianna FáilTD
Thomas Bellew Fianna FáilTD
Patrick Belton Fianna FáilTD
Niamh Bhreathnach1945 LabourTD1992-97 Minister for Education (1993-1997)
Neil Blaney19221995Fianna FáilTD1948-71Minister for Agriculture (1966-1970)
MEP1979-84 1989-94
Ernest Blythe18891975Sinn FéinTD1918-23Minister for Finance (1923-1932)
Fine GaelSenator1933-36
Gerald Boland18851973Sinn FéinTD1923-26Minister for Posts & Telegraphs
Fianna FáilTD1926-61
Kevin Boland19172001Fianna FáilTD1957-70Minister for Local Government
Gerard Brady Fianna FáilTD
Johnny Brady Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Meath
Martin Brady Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin North East
Vincent Brady Fianna FáilTD
Pat Breen Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Clare
Joseph Brennan Fianna FáilTD
Séamus Brennan1948 Fianna FáilSenator1977-81Representing Dublin South Minister for Transport (2002-2004)
Ben Briscoeunk. Fianna FáilTDunk.
Bob Briscoe18941969Fianna FáilTD1927-65
John Browne Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Wexford
Noel Browne19151997CnaPTD1948-51 Controversial Health Minister (1948-51)
Fianna FáilTD1953-54
LabourTD1963-65 1969-73
Cathal Brugha18741922Sinn FéinTD1918-22Minister for Defence in the 1st Dáil
John Bruton1947 Fine GaelTD1969-2004Representing Meath Taoiseach (1994-1997), Party leader
Richard Bruton1953 Fine GaelTD1982-Representing Dublin North Central Deputy-Leader
P.J. Burke Fianna FáilTD
Ray Burke1943 Fianna FáilTD1973-97Minister for Foreign Affairs, jailed 2005 for tax fraud
Richard Burkeunk. Fine GaelTD1969-77Minister and European Commissioner (1977-1980)
Commissioner1977-80 1982-84
Isaac Butt18131879Home RuleMP1874-79Founder and leader
C ...
Joe Callanan Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Galway East
Johnny Callanan Fianna FáilTD
Ivor Callely Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin North Central
Pat Carey Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin North West
John Carty Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Mayo
Michael Carty Fianna FáilTD
Donie Cassidy Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Westmeath
Erskine Childers19051974Fianna FáilTD1938-73Fourth President of Ireland
Kathleen Clarke18791972unk.Councillorunk.First female Lord Mayor of Dublin (1939)
Frank Cluskey19301989LabourTD1965-81 1982-89Irish Labour Party leader (1977-1981)
George Colley19251983Fianna FáilTD1961-83Tánaiste (1977-1981)
Henry Colley Fianna FáilTD
Gerard Collins1938 Fianna FáilTD1967-unk.Minister for Foreign Affairs
Michael Collins Fianna FáilTD Representing Limerick
Michael Collins18901922Sinn FéinTD1918-22Assassinated Chairman of the Provisional Government
Paul Connaughton Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Galway East
Brendan Corish19181990LabourTD1945-82Labour Leader, Tánaiste (1973-1977)
Liam Cosgrave1920 Fine GaelTD1944-81Taoiseach (1973-1977)
W.T. Cosgrave18801965Sinn FéinTD1918-23President of the Executive Council (1923-1932)
Fine GaelTD1933-44
John A. Costello18911976Fine GaelTD1933-61Taoiseach (1948-1951 & 1954-1957)
Cathal Coughlan Fianna FáilTD
Clement Coughlan Fianna FáilTD
Mary Coughlan1965 Fianna FáilTD1987-Representing Donegal South West Minister for Social & Family Affairs (2002-2004)
Hugh Coveney19351998Fine GaelTD1981-87 1994-98Representing Cork South Central
Simon Coveney Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Cork South Central
Ber Cowen Fianna FáilTD
Brian Cowen1960 Fianna FáilTD1984-Representing Laois-Offaly Minister for Foreign Affairs/Finance
Pat Cox1952 PDTD1989-94Former President of the European Parliament
Seymour Crawford Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Cavan-Monaghan
John Cregan Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Limerick West
Jerry Cronin Fianna FáilTD
Brian Crowleyunk. Fianna FáilMEP1994-
Martin Cullen1954 PDTD1987-89Repesenting Waterford Minister for the Environment & Local Government (2002-present)
Fianna FáilTD1994-
James Curran Fianna FáilTD
John Curran Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin Mid West
Austin Currie1939 unk.Stormont MP1964-72Candidate in Irish presidential election, 1990
SLDPMem. NI Assmb.1973-75
Fine GaelTD1989-2002
John Cushnahanunk. Fine GaelMEP1989-2004

Office holders, D-G

Name DOB DOD Party Office Term Notes
D ...
Brendan Daly1940 Fianna FáilTD1973-92 1997-2002Minister for the Marine (1987-1989)
Noel Davern1945 Fianna FáilTD1969-81 1987-Representing Tipperary South Minister for Education (1991-1992)
Austin Deasy1936 Fine GaelSenator1973-77Minister for Agriculture (1982-1987)
John Deasy1968 Fine GaelTD2002-Representing Waterford Son of Austin Deasy
Jimmy Deenihan Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Kerry North
Noel Dempsey1953 Fianna FáilTD1987-Representing Meath Minister for Education & Science (2002-2004)
Tony Dempsey Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Westmeath
John Dennehy Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Cork South Central
Proinsias De Rossa1940 Workers PartyTD1982-92Former leader of Workers Party and Democratic Left
Barry Desmond1935 LabourTD1969-89Minister for Social Welfare (1982-1987)
Eileen Desmond19322005LabourTD1965-69 1973-87 Minister for Health & Social Welfare (1981-1982)
Eamon de Valera18821975Sinn FéinTD1918-26Born in USA. Taoiseach (1932-1948; 1951-54; 1957-1959)
Fianna FáilTD1926-59
Síle de Valera1954 Fianna FáilTD1977-81 1987-Representing Clare Minister for Arts, Heritage & Gaeltacht (1997-2002)
Vivion de Valera19101982Fianna FáilTD1945-81Managing dir. of The Irish Press
Jimmy Devins Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Sligo-Leitrim
James Dillon19021986Centre PartyTD1932-33Fine Gael Leader (1959-1965)
Fine GaelTD1933-42 1953-69
John Dillon18511927IPPMP1880-83 1885-1918 Leader Irish Parliamentary Party
Seán Doherty19442005Fianna FáilTD1977-89 1992-2002Minister for Justice (1982)
Paddy Donegan19232000Fine GaelTD1954-57 1961-81Minister for Defence (1973-1977)
James Dooge1922 Fine GaelSenator1961-77 1981-87Minister for Foreign Affairs (1981-1982)
Avril Doyle Fine GaelMEP2002-
Alan Dukes1945 Fine GaelTD1981-2002Leader (1987-1990)
Bernard Durkan Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Kildare North
Mark Durkan1960 SDLPMLA1998-Leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party
E ...
John Ellis Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Sligo-Leitrim
Damien English Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Meath
Olwyn Enright Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Laois-Offaly
F ...
Frank Fahey1951 Fianna FáilTD1982-92 1997-Representing Galway West Minister for the Marine & Natural Resources (2000-2002)
Jack Fahey Fianna FáilTD
Frank Fahy Fianna FáilTD
Pádraig Faulkner Fianna FáilTD
Martin Ferris1958 Sinn FéinTD2002-Representing Kerry North
Michael Finneran Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Longford-Roscommon
Gerry Fitt1926 Labour PartyStormont MP1962-64First leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party
Rep. LabourStormont MP1964-unk.
Desmond FitzGerald18881947Sinn FéinTD1918-23Minister for External Affairs (1923-1927)
Fine GaelTD1933-38
Garret FitzGerald1926 Fine GaelSenator1965-69Taoiseach (1981-2, 1982-87)
Gene FitzGerald Fianna FáilTD
Dermot Fitzpatrick Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin Central
Tom Fitzpatrick Fianna FáilTD
Tom FitzPatrickunk. Fine GaelTD1965-89Fine Gael Minister, Ceann Comhairle
James Fitzsimonsunk. Fianna FáilMEP1984-2004
Oliver J. Flanagan19201987Indep.TD1943-87Minister for Defence (1976-1977)
Seán Flanaganunk. Fianna FáilTD1951-77Minister
Seán Fleming Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Laois-Offaly
Beverley Flynnunk. Fianna FáilTD1997-99 2002-04Daughter of P. Flynn
Indep.TD1999-2002 2004-
Pádraig Flynn1939 Fianna FáilTD1977-93Minister for the Environment (1987-1991)
Denis Foleyunk. Fianna FáilTD-2002Representing Kerry North
G ...
Denis Gallagher19222001Fianna FáilTD1973-89Minister
Pat the Cope Gallagher Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Donegal South West
James Geoghegan Fianna FáilTD
John Geoghegan Fianna FáilTD
Máire Geoghegan-Quinn1950 Fianna FáilTD1975-97Minister for Justice (1993-1994)
Jim Gibbons19241997Fianna FáilTD1957-82Minister for Defence (1969-1970)
Alan Gillisunk. unk.MEP1994-99
Jim Glennon Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin North
Henry Grattan17461820National PartyMem. IHC1775-97
18th century defender of Irish parliamentary independence and opponent of the Act of Union
Noel Grealishunk. PDTD2002-
Tony Gregory1947 Indep.TD1982-Supporter of Fianna Fáil government (1982)
Arthur Griffith18711922Sinn FéinTD1918-22President of Dáil Éireann (Jan-Aug 1922) & 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty delegation leader

Office holders, H-M

Name DOB DOD Party Office Term Notes
H ...
Mary Hanafin Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dún Laoighaire
Marian Harkin Indep.TD2002-
Mary Harney PDTD Tánaiste, Progressive Democrats leader
Charles Haughey Fianna FáilTDunkTaoiseach (1979-81; 1982; 1987-92)
Seán Haughey Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin North Central
Michael Hayes18891976 TD Ceann Comhairle (1922-1932)
Tom Hayes Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Tipperary South
Tim Healy18851931 MP First Governor-General of the Irish Free State
Jackie Healy-Raeunk. Indep.TD1997-Representing Kerry South
Joe Higgins TD
Jim Higgins Fine GaelTD-2002
Michael D. Higgins1941 TD Minister Arts, Culture & Gaeltacht (1994-1997)
Patrick Hillery1923 Fianna FáilPresident1976-90Sixth President of Ireland
Michael Hilliard Fianna FáilTD Minister
Fianna FáilMEP
Máire Hoctor Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Tipperary North
Patrick Hogan18861969 TD Ceann Comhairle (1951-1967)
Phil Hogan Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Carlow-Kilkenny
Brendan Howlin1956 LabourTD1987- Min. for Health(1993-1994), Minister for the Environment (1994-1997)
John Hume1937 SDLP Leader Social Democratic and Labour Party (1979-2001)
Gemma Hussey Fine GaelTD Minister
Douglas Hyde President1938-1945Founder Gaelic League, first President of Ireland
Liam Hylandunk. Fianna FáilMEP1994-2004
J ...
Joe Jacob Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Wicklow
Thomas Johnson18721963LabourTD First Labour leader
K ...
Liam Kavanagh1935 TD Minister for the Environment (1983-1986)
Justin Keating1930 TD Minister for Industry & Commerce (1973-1977)
Cecelia Keaveney Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Donegal North East
Paul Kehoe Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Wexford
Billy Kelleher Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Cork North Central
Peter Kelly Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Longford-Roscommon
Jim Kemmy19361997 TD Founder of the Democratic Socialist Party
Enda Kenny1951 Fine GaelTD Representing Mayo Leader (2002-present)
Tony Killeen Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Clare
Mark Killilea Fianna FáilTD
Mark Killileaunk. Fianna FáilMEP1989-99
Séamus Kirk Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Louth
Eamonn Kissane Fianna FáilTD
Michael Kitt Fianna FáilTD
Michael Kitt, Jr Fianna FáilTD
Tom Kitt Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin South
L ...
Patrick Lalor TD Minister
Liam Lawlor1945 Fianna FáilTD Spent a term in jail
Eileen Lemass Fianna FáilTD
Noel Lemass, Jr Fianna FáilTD
Sean Lemass18991971Fianna FáilTD Taoiseach (1959-1966)
Brian Lenihan19301995Fianna FáilTD1961-73 1977-95Minister, Tánaiste & defeated presidential candidate
Brian Lenihan, Jr Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin West
Conor Lenihan Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin South West
Patrick Lenihan Fianna FáilTD
Patrick Little Fianna FáilTD
Michael Lowry Fine GaelTD Minister for Communications (1994-1996)
Jack Lynch19171999Fianna FáilTD Taoiseach (1966-1973 & 1977-1979)
M ...
Seamus Mallon1936 SLDPMP Former deputy-leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party
Bernie Maloneunk. LabourMEP1994-99
Countess Markiewicz TDunk
Micheál Martin1960 Fianna FáilTD Representing Cork South Central Minister for Health & Children (2002-present)
Mary McAleese1951 Fianna FáilPresident1997-Eighth President of Ireland
Seán MacBride TD IRA chief, minister (1948-51),lawyer and founder member of Amnesty International
John McCartinunk. Fine GaelMEP1979-2004
Pádraic McCormack Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Galway West
Charlie McCreevy1949 TD-2004Represented Kildare North Minister for Finance (2002-present)
Tomás MacCurtain 1920 Councillor Lord Mayor of Cork
Jim McDaid1949 Fianna FáilTD Representing Donegal North East Minister for Tourism & Sport (1997-2002)
Mary Lou McDonald Sinn FéinMEP2002-
Michael McDowell PDTD Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform
Seán MacEntee18891984 TD Tánaiste (1959-1965)
Shane McEntee Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Meath
Thomas McEllistrim Fianna FáilTD
Thomas McEllistrim, Jr Fianna FáilTD
Tom McEllistrim Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Kerry North
Patrick McGilligan18891979 TD Minister for Industry & Commerce (1924-1932)
Dinny McGinley Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Donegal South West
Tomás MacGiolla1924 WorkersTD former leader of The Workers Party
Paul McGrath Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Westmeath
John McGuinnessunk. Fianna FáilTDunk. Representing Carlow-Kilkenny
Mairead McGuinness Fine GaelMEP2004-
Martin McGuinness1950 Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator on Belfast Agreement
Patricia McKenna1957 GreenMEP1994-2004
Eoin MacNeill18671945 TD Minister for Education (1923-1925)
Ray MacSharry1938 Fianna FáilTD Tánaiste (1981-1982)
Terence MacSwiney 1920 Councillor Lord Mayor of Cork
Gay Mitchell Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Dublin South Central
Jim Mitchell19462002Fine GaelTD Minister for Posts & Telegraphs (1982-1987)
Olivia Mitchell Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Dublin South
Bobby Molloy1936 Fianna FáilTD1965-86Minister for Defence (1977-1979)
John Moloney Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Laois-Offaly
Seán Moore Fianna FáilTD
Seán Moylon Fianna FáilTD
Donal Moynihan Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Cork North West
Michael Moynihanunk. LabourTDunk.Representing Kerry South
Michael Moynihan Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Cork North West
Michael Mulcahy Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin South Central
Richard Mulcahy18861971Fine GaelTD Fine Gael leader (1944-1959)
Gerald Murphy Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Cork North West

Office holders, N-Q

Name DOB DOD Party Office Term Notes
N ...
Denis Naughten Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Longford-Roscommon
Dan Neville Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Limerick West
M.J. Nolan Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Carlow-Kilkenny
Tom Nolan Fianna FáilTD
Michael J. Noonan Fianna FáilTD Minister
Michael Noonan1943 Fine GaelTD Representing Limerick East Leader (2001-2002)
David Norris Senator Senator, Joycean scholar and gay rights campaigner
William Norton19001960 TD Tánaiste (1948-1951 & 1954-1957)
O ...
Ruairí Ó Brádaigh1932 Sinn Féin Former leader of Sinn Féin
Donnchadh Ó Briain Fianna FáilTD
Conor Cruise O'Brien1917 TDunkMinister for Posts & Telegraphs (1973-1977)
William O'Brien18521928 MP Irish Land League activist
Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin Sinn FéinTDunk
Daniel O'Connell The Liberator - leader of campaign for Catholic Emancipation
John O'Connell Fianna FáilTD
Charlie O'Connor Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin South West
Chubb O'Connorunk. Fianna FáilTDunk.Representing Kerry South
Éamon Ó Cuív Fianna FáilTD Representing Galway West Minister for Culture, Gaeltacht & Rural Affairs (2002-present)
Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh19111978 President1974-76Fifth President of Ireland
Willie O'Dea Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Limerick East
Tomás Ó Deirg18971956 TD Minister for Education (1932-1939)
Denis O'Donovan Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Cork South West
Patrick O'Donnell Fine GaelTD Minister
Tom O'Donnell Fine GaelTD1961-87Minister (73-77)
John O'Donoghue1956 Fianna FáilTD Minister for Arts, Tourism and Sport (2002-present)
Martin O'Donoghue1933 Fianna FáilTD Minister for Economic Planning & Development (1977-1979)
Fergus O'Dowd Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Louth
Seán O'Fearghaill Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Kildare South
Noel O'Flynn Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Cork North Central
Rory O'Hanlon1934 Fianna FáilTD Representing Cavan-Monaghan Ceann Comhairle of Dáil Éireann
Kevin O'Higgins18921927 TD Minister for Home Affairs (1923-1927)
Tom O'Higgins19162003 TD Candidate Irish presidential election, 1966 & 1973
Thomas F. O'Higgins TD Minister for Health (1948-1951)
Batt O'Keeffe Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Cork South Central
Jim O'Keeffe Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Cork South West
Ned O'Keeffe Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Cork East
Seán T. O'Kelly President1945-59Second President of Ireland
Michael O'Kennedy1936 Fianna FáilTD Minister for Foreign Affairs (1977-1979)
John O'Learyunk. Fianna FáilTD-1997Representing Kerry South
Michael O'Leary1936 LabourTD Leader (1981-1982)
Desmond O'Malley1936 Fianna FáilTD Leader of Progressive Democrats (1985-1993)
Donagh O'Malley19211968Fianna FáilTD Minister for Education
Fiona O'Malley PDTD2002-Daughter of Des O'Malley
Tim O'Malley1944 PDTD2002-
Micheál Ó Moráin TD Minister
Seán Ó Neachtainunk. Fianna FáilMEP2002-
John Ormonde Fianna FáilTD
Mary O'Rourke1937 Fianna FáilTD-2004Cathaoirleach of Seanad Éireann
Fianna FáilSenator2004-
Paddy O'Toole Fine GaelTD Minister
Nora Owen1945 Fine GaelTD Minister for Justice (1994-1997)
P ...
Charles Stewart Parnell TDunkLeader of the Irish Parliamentary Party
Ian Paisley DUPMP Leader Democratic Unionist Party
Séamus Pattison1936 LabourTD1961-Ceann Comhairle of Dáil Éireann (1997-2002)
John Perry Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Sligo-Leitrim
George Noble Plunkett Sinn FéinMP
Paddy Power Fianna FáilTD
Peter Power Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Limerick East
Seán Power Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Kildare South
Q ...
Ruairí Quinn1946 LabourTD Leader (1997-2002)

Office holders, R-Y

Name DOB DOD Party Office Term Notes
R ...
Pat Rabbitte1949 LabourTD Labour leader (2002-present)
John Redmond18561918IPPMP Leader Irish Parliamentary Party
Albert Reynolds1932 Fianna FáilTD-2002Taoiseach (1992-1994)
Michael Ring Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Mayo
Mary Robinson1944 Senator Seventh President of Ireland
Boyle RocheunkunkunkMem. IHCunkEighteenth century member Irish House of Commons
Dick Roche Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Wicklow
P.J. Ruttledge Fianna FáilTD
Eamon Ryan GreensTD Prospective Presidental Candidate 2004
Eoin Ryan Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin South East
James Ryan18911970 TD Minister for Finance (1961-1965)
Richie Ryan Fine GaelTD Minister
Fine GaelMEP

S ...
Trevor Sargent GreensTD Green Party Leader
Dana, Rosemary Scallon1951 Indep.MEP1999-2004Representing Connacht/Ulster
Mae Sextonunk. PDTD2002-
Alan Shatter1951 Fine GaelTDunk
D. D. (Daniel Desmond) Sheehan18731948NationalistMP1901-07First independent Labour MP
Kathy Sinnott MEP2004-Disability rights campaigner
Brendan Smith Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Cavan-Monaghan
Michael Smith1943 Fianna FáilTD Minister for Defence (1997-2004)
Paddy Smith TD Minister
Dick Spring1950 LabourTD Tánaiste (1982-1987 & 1992-1997)
David Stanton Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Cork East
Gerard Sweetman19081970 TD Minister for Finance (1954-1957)
T ...
Mervyn Taylor1931 TD Minister for Equality & Law Reform (1993-1997)
Billy Timmins Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Wicklow
Oscar Traynor18861963 TD Minister for Posts & Telegraphs (1936)
Noel Treacy Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Galway East
David Trimble UUP former First Minister of Northern Ireland and leader of the Ulster Unionist Party
James Tully19151992LabourTD Minister for Local Government (1973-1977)
Jim Tunney19232002Fianna FáilTD Minister of State
Liam Twomey Fine GaelTD2002- Representing Wexford
U ...
Domhnall Ua Buachalla Fianna FáilTD Governor-General (1932-36/7)
W ...
Dan Wallace Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Cork North Central
Mary Wallace Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Meath
Joe Walsh1943 Fianna FáilTD Representing Cork South West Minister for Agriculture
Hon. Arthur Wellesley17591852unkMem. IHC*unkMember of Irish House of Commons, military leader and British Prime Minister
Ollie Wilkinson Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Waterford
John Wilson Fianna FáilTD Tánaiste (1990-1992)
Michael Woods1935 Fianna FáilTD Representing Dublin North East Minister for Education & Science (200-2002)
G.V. Wright Fianna FáilTD2002- Representing Dublin North
Y ...
Ivan Yates1959 Fine GaelTD Minister for Agriculture, Food & Forestry (1994-1997)

Notable others (activists etc)

This list features Irish activists and revolutionaries, strategists, unelected office holders, unsuccessful election candidates, Irish people in the politics of other nations, historical Irish figures etc. It also includes Lords Lieutenant and Governors General, representatives of the King

Name DOB DOD Notes
Frederick Boland Diplomat and Irish delegate to UN
Brian Boru9411014High King of Ireland 1002-1014
Edmund Burke17291797Statesman, Whig MP
Ulick Burke 16575th Earl of Clanricarde
James Butler16101688Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,12th Earl of Ormonde
Roger Casement Human rights campaigner turned revolutionary
Eamonn Ceannt Signatory of 1916 Proclamation
Thomas J. Clarke Signatory of 1916 Proclamation
James Connolly18681916Scottish-born socialist, founder of the Labour Party and Easter Rising participant
Thomas D'Arcy McGee Promoter of a federal union for the Canadian provinces
Patrick Darcy15981668Active during Irish Confederate Wars
Michael Davitt18461906Land League founder
Robert Emmet Leader of 1803 rebellion
Lord Edward FitzGerald 18th Century aristocratic revolutionary
Garret Fitzgerald The Great Earl of Kildare
Richard Martin fitz Oliver16021648Leader during Irish Confederate Wars, approx dob
Jim Larkin18761947Irish Labour leader
Seán Lester18881959Secretary-General of the League of Nations
Willam Joyce Lord Haw Haw, Nazi propagandist
Richard Martin17541834Supporter of Irish Catholic Emancipation, co-founder RSPCA
Edward Martyn18591923
Henry Joy McCracken Ulster leader of 1798 rebellion
Seán Mac Diarmada Signatory of 1916 Proclamation
Thomas MacDonagh Signatory of 1916 Proclamation
Seán MacEoin18931973Candidate in Irish presidential election, 1959
Dermot McMurrough King of Leinster
James McNeill19021986Second Governor-General of the Irish Free State
Derek Nally1936 Indep. Candidate in the Irish presidential election, 1997
Rory O'Connor High King of Ireland
Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa 1915Veteran Fenian leader
Eoin O'Duffy18921944Leader of the Blueshirts
The O'Rahilly 1916 Leader
St. Laurence O'Toole Archbishop of Dublin 1128-80
Earl Longford Irish-born UK cabinet minister and author
Padraic Pearse Easter Rising leader, poet, teacher
Joseph Mary Plunkett Signatory of 1916 Proclamation
Patrick Sarsfield Earl of Lucan - military leader
Wolfe Tone Nationalist Leader
T.K. Whitaker Architect of post-war economic development


Data as-of June 2005

  • Oldest living office holders
Conor Cruise O'Brien, former TD (born 1917)
Liam Cosgrave, former Taoiseach (born 1920)
James Dooge, former Senator (born 1922)
Patrick Hillery, former President (born 1923)
  • Oldest at time of retiring/death
Eamon de Valera 91y
  • Oldest person currently in office
Séamus Pattison (born 1936)
Mary O'Rourke (born 1937)
Proinsias De Rossa (born 1940)
Noel Davern (born 1945)
  • Oldest current Ministers
Seamus Brennan (born 1948)
  • Youngest currently in office:
  • Longest service (in one role)
Frank Aiken 50y as TD
Neil Blaney 47y as TD
Séamus Pattison 44y as TD
Oliver J. Flanagan 44y as TD
Eamon de Valera 41y as TD
  • Longest service (cumulative)
Eamon de Valera 55y (TD, President)
Frank Aiken 50y (TD)
Neil Blaney 47y (TD, MEP)
Gerald Boland 46y (TD, Senator)
  • Longest service (currently in office)
Séamus Pattison 44y (TD, MEP)
Noel Davern 33y (TD, MEP)
Taoiseach Bertie Ahern 28y (TD)
Seamus Brennan 28y (Senator, TD)
Liam Aylward 28y (TD,MEP)
  • Longest service as MEP
Ian Paisley 25y
John McCartin 25y
Mary Banotti 20y
Niall Andrews 20y
James Fitzsimons 20y
  • Currently in office, longest time since first elected
Séamus Pattison (1961)
Noel Davern (1969)
Bertie Ahern, Síle de Valera, Seamus Brennan, Liam Aylward (1977)

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