List of European rivers with alternative names

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Most rivers in Europe have alternative names in different languages. Some rivers have also undergone name changes for political or other reasons. This article attempts to give all known alternative names for all major European rivers. It also includes some lesser rivers that are important because of their location or history.

This article does not offer any opinion about what the "original", "official", "real", or "correct" name of any river is or was. Rivers are listed alphabetically by their current best-known name in English. The English version is followed by variants in other languages, in alphabetical order by name, and then by any historical variants and former names.

Foreign names that are the same as their English equivalents may be listed, to provide an answer to the question "What is that name in...?".

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English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Aar Aar (French), Aare (German)
Adige Ades (Dolomite Ladin), Adige (French, Italian), Adigio (Spanish), Adyga (Polish), Atesis (Latin), Etsch (German)
Albula Albula (German), Alvra (Romansh)
Alzette Alzette (French), Alzig (German, old), Uelzecht (Luxembourgish)
Angrapa Angrapa (Russian), Węgorapa (Polish)
Aude Atax (Latin), Aude (French)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Birs Birs (German), Birse (French)
Bosna Basana (Latin), Bosna (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Vasna (variant name)
Brda Brahe (German), Brda (Polish)
Bug, Western Bug (German, Polish), Bug - בוג (Yiddish), Buh - Буг (Ukrainian), Zakhodni Bug - Заходні Буг (Belarusian), Zapadnyi Bug - Западный Буг (Russian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Cetina Cetina (Croatian, Italian)
Charente Charanta (Occitan), Charenta (Spanish), Charente (French)
Chiers Chiers (French), Korn (German), Kuer (Luxembourgish)
Criş Criş (Romanian), Crisia (Latin), Krs (Hungarian)


Missing image
English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Danube Afon Donwy (Welsh), Danubah - דנובה (Hebrew), Danube (French), Danubi (Catalan), Danubio (Italian, Spanish), Danbio (Portuguese), Danubius / Danuvius or Ister (Latin), Donau (Bahasa Indonesia, Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish), Duna (Hungarian), Dunaj (Czech, Polish, Slovak), Dunăre / Dunărea (Romanian), Dunav - Дунав (Bulgarian, Serbian), Dunav (Croatian), Dunay (Ukrainian), Tonava (Finnish)
Daugava/Dvina, Western Daugava (Latvian), Daugava or Vina (Estonian), Daugava or Vstra Dvina (Swedish), Daugava or Westelijke Dwina (Dutch), Duina (Spanish), Dna (German), Dz'vina - Дзьвіна (Belarusian), Dźwina (Polish), Western Dvina (alternative English name), Zapadnaya Dvina - Западная Двина (Russian)
Dniepr Borysthenes (Latin), Dnepr (Finnish), Dnepr - Днепр (Russian), Dnieper (Italian, Portuguese), Dniper (Catalan), Dniepr (Polish), Dnipro - Днiпро (Ukrainian), Dnyapro - Дняпро (Belarusian)
Dniestr Dnestr - Днестр (Russian), Dniester (Italian, Portuguese), Dnister (Catalan), Dniestr (Polish), Dnistro - Днiпсто (Ukrainian), Nistru (Romanian), Tyras (Latin)
Don Don - Дон (Bulgarian, Russian), Don (Catalan, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish)
Dordogne Dordogna (Italian), Dordogne (French), Dordoa (Spanish), Dordonha (Portuguese)
Doubs Doubs (French, Spanish), Dubis (Latin)
Douro Douro (Portuguese), Duero (Catalan, Italian, Polish, Spanish), Durius (Latin)
Drave Drau (German), Drava (Croatian, Italian, Slovene), Drva (Hungarian), Dravus (Latin), Drawa (Polish)
Drina Drin / Drini (Albanian), Drina (Catalan, Croatian, German, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Slovene)
Drwęca Drewenz (German), Drwęca (Polish)
Dvina, Northern Dvina or Phja-Dvina (Estonian), Dvina Settentrionale (Italian), Dwina (Polish), Severnaya Dvina - Северная Двина (Russian)


Missing image
English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Ebro Ebre (Catalan), bre (French), Ebro (Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish), Iberus (Latin)
Eisack Eisack (German), Isarco (Italian)
Elbe Albis (Latin), Elba (Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Elbe (German), Elben (Danish), Łaba (Polish), Labe (Czech)
Ems Amisia or Amisus (Latin), Eems (Dutch), Ems (German), Emže (Czech)
Enns Anisus (Latin), Enns (German), Enže (Czech)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Fella Fella (German, Hungarian, Italian), Běl (Czech)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Garonne Garona (Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish), Garonna (Italian, Polish), Garonne (French), Garumna (Latin)
Gironde Gironda (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Gironde (French), Żyronda (Polish)
Glne Glne (French), Glane (German)
Guadalquivir Baetis (Latin), Guadalquivir (Catalan, Italian, Spanish), Gwadalkiwir (Polish)
Guadiana Anas (Latin), Guadiana (Catalan, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Gwadiana (Polish)
Gurk Gurk (German), Krka (Slovene)


Missing image
English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Isar Isara (Latin), Isar (German), Izara (Polish)
Isre Isara (Latin), Isre (French), Izera (Polish)
Inn Aenus (Latin), En (Romansh), Inn (German)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Krka (Dalmatia) Cherca (Italian), Korkoras (Latin), Krka (Croatian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Lech Lech (German), Licca (Latin)
Leitha Lajta (Hungarian), Leitha (German), Litava (Czech), Litawa (Polish)
Loire Leira (Occitan), Liger (Latin), Loara (Polish), Loira (Catalan, Italian, Spanish), Loire (Dutch, French, Spanish)
Lot Lot (French), Oltis (Latin)
Lusatian Neisse Lausitzer Neie (German), Lužick Nisa (Czech), Nysa Łużycka (Polish)
Lys Leie (Dutch), Lys (French)


Missing image
English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Main Main (French, German), Majna (Hungarian), Men (Polish), Meno (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Monus (Latin), Mohan (Czech, Slovak)
Maritsa vros (Greek), Marica (Polish), Meri (Turkish)
Marne Mne (Walloon), Marna (Italian, Polish), Marne (Dutch, French, German, Spanish), Matrona (Latin)
Meuse Maas (Dutch, German, Swedish), Maes (Flemish), Meuse (Danish, French), Mosa (Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish), Mouze (Walloon), Moza (Polish)
Morava March (German), Morava (Czech, Italian), Moravia (Latin), Morawa (Polish)
Morava Margus (Latin), Morava (Serbian)
Moselle Moezel (Dutch), Mosel (German), Mosela (Portuguese, Spanish), Mosella (Italian, Latin), Moselle (French), Mozela (Polish), Musel (Luxembourgish)
Mura Mur (German), Mura (Croatian, Slovene)
Mureş Marisia (Latin), Maros (Hungarian), Marusza (Polish), Mureş (Romanian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Narew Narau - Нараў (Belarusian), Narew (German, Polish)
Neman Memel (German), Němen (Czech), Nemunas (Lithuanian), Niemen (Polish), Njemen (Swedish), Nyoman - Нёман (Belarusian)
Neretva Narenta (Italian), Naro (Latin), Neretva (Croatian), Neretva - Неретва (Serbian). Neretwa (Polish)
Neva Neva (Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish), Neva - Нева (Russian), Newa (German, Polish)
Noteć Natissis (Latin), Netze (German), Noteć (Polish)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Oder Oder (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), der (Catalan), Odera (Hungarian), Odera or Oddera (medieval Latin), Odra (Czech, Estonian, Polish, Slovak), Viadua, Viadrua, or Viadrus (ancient Latin)
Ohre Eger (German), Ohrza (Polish), Ohře (Czech)
Olt Aluta (Polish), Alutus (Latin), Olt (Romanian)
Olza Olsa (German), Olše (Czech), Olza (Polish)
Orava Arva (Latin), rva (Hungarian), Arwa (German), Orava (Slovak), Orawa (Polish)
Ourthe Ourte (former French [French Empire]), Ourthe (French), Ote (Walloon)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Peene Peene (German), Piana (Polish)
Piave Piave (Italian), Piawa (Polish), Plav (Czech), Plavis (Latin)
Po Padus or Eridanus (Latin), Pd (Czech), Pad (Polish), Po (Catalan, Italian, Spanish), P (Hungarian, Portuguese)
Pregolya Pregel (German), Pręgoła (Polish), Pregola (variant in English), Pregolya - Преголя (Russian)
Pripyat Pripyat' - Припять (Russian), Prypeć (Polish), Pryp'yat' - Прип'ять (Ukrainian), Prypyats' - Прыпяць (Belarusian)
Prut Prut (Polish, Romanian), Prut - פּרוט (Yiddish), Pruth (German), Pyretus (Latin)


Missing image
English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Rba Arabo or Raba (Latin), Raab (German), Rba (Hungarian)
Rhine Rajna (Hungarian), Rayn - רײַן (Yiddish), Ren (Polish), Reno (Italian, Portuguese), Rhein (German), Rhenus (Latin), Rhin (French), Rhinen (Danish), Rijn (Dutch), Rin (Catalan, Spanish, Walloon), Rn (Czech, Slovak)
Rhne Rhodanus (Latin), Rhne (Estonian, Dutch, French), Rhone (German), Rodan (Polish), Rodano (Italian), Rdano (Portuguese, Spanish), Roine (Catalan), Rose (Occitan), Rotten (old German name, still used in Swiss German dialect of Valais)
Rienz Rienz (German), Rienza (Italian)
Rur Roer (Dutch), Roule / Rour (French, Walloon), Rur (German)


Missing image
English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Saane/Sarine Saane (German), Sarine (French)
Saale Saale (German), Sala (Latin, Polish)
Saar Saar (Danish, German, Italian, Romanian), Saara (Polish), Saravus (Latin), Sarre (French, Portuguese, Spanish)
Sambre Sabis (Latin), Sambe (Walloon), Samber (Dutch), Sambra (Polish), Sambre (French, German)
Sane Arar (Latin), Saona (Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish), Sane (Estonian, Dutch, French, German)
Sava Sava (Croatian, Italian, Slovene), Save (German, variant in English), Savus (Latin), Sawa (Polish), Szva (Hungarian)
Scheldt Escalda (Spanish), Escaut (French), Esc (Walloon), Schelda (Italian), Schelde (Dutch, German, Swedish), Skalda (Polish)
Seine Seine (Dutch, French, German), Seinen (Danish), Sekwana (Polish), Sena (Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish), Senna (Italian), Sequana or Sequanna (Celtic), Sequana or Sequanus (Latin), Sinne (Walloon)
Semois Semois (French [Belgium]), Semoy (French [France]), Sisbaach (Luxembourgish)
Sense/Singine Sense (German), Singine (French)
Siret Hierasus (Latin), Seret (Polish), Siret (Romanian)
Soča Isonzo (German, Italian), Soča (Slovene)
Somme Somma (Polish), Somme (French, German, Swedish)
Spree Spree (German), Sprva (Czech), Spreva (Latin), Sprjewja (Lower Sorbian), Szprewa (Polish)
Struma Karasu (Turkish), Strimnis (Greek), Strouma (French, variant in English), Struma - Струма (Bulgarian), Strymon (ancient Greek, Latin, variant in English)
Sre Sauer (German, Luxembourgish), Sre (French), Sura (Latin, Italian)
Swina Świna (Polish), Swina (Pomeranian), Swine (German)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Tagus Tag (Polish), Tago (Italian), Tagus (Latin), Tajo (Catalan, Spanish), Tejo (Portuguese)
Thames Tamesa (variant in Latin), Tmesi (Catalan), Tamesis (Latin), Tmesis (Spanish), Tamigi (Italian), Tamisa (Portuguese), Tamise (French), Tamiza (Polish), Temza - Темза (Bulgarian, Russian), Temže (Czech), Temze (Hungarian), Theems (Dutch), Themse (German), Themsen (Danish, Swedish)
Thaya Dyje (Czech), Thaya (German)
Theiss Cisa (Polish), Thei (German), Tibisco (Italian), Tisa (Romanian, Serbian, Slovak), Tisia (Latin), Tisza (Dutch, Hungarian)
Thielle Thielle (French), Zihl (German)
Tiber Tevere (Italian), Tiber (Czech, German, Latin, Spanish), Tber (Catalan), Tibre (Portuguese), Tyber (Polish)
Ticino Tessin (French, German), Ticino (Italian), Ticinus (Latin)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Vh Cusus (variant in Latin), Vg (Hungarian), Vagus (Latin), Vh (Slovak), Waag (German), Wag (Polish)
Vardar Axios (Greek), Vardar (Bulgarian, German, Italian, Macedonian, Romanian), Vardar or Wardar (German), Wardar (Polish)
Venta Venta (Lithuanian), Windau (German), Windawa (Polish)
Vistula Vaysl - װײַסל (Yiddish), Visla (Estonian), Vistola (Italian), Vistula (Latin), Vstula (Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish), Vistule (French), Weichsel (German), Wisła (Polish)
Vltava Moldau (German), Moldava (Italian, Spanish), Moldavia or Multavia (Latin), Vltava (Czech), Wełtawa (Polish)
Volga Rha (Latin), Volga (Catalan, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Volga - Волга (Russian), Volha (Czech), Wolga (German), Wołga (Polish)


Missing image
English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Warta Varta (Latin), Warta (Polish), Warthe (German)
Weser Vesdre (French), Visurgis (Latin), Weser (German), Wezera (Polish)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Yser IJzer (Dutch), Yser (French)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Zrmanja Zermagna (Italian), Zrmanja (Croatian)

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