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Distance from Core5000-10000??? light years
RegionCore Worlds
SectorCorellian Sector
SystemCorellian system
Number of Suns1: Corell
Number of Moons?
Major SpeciesHumans, Selonians, Drall
Official LanguageBasic
TerrainFields, Forests, Seas
Surface Water?
Points of InterestCoronet, Kor Vella, Corona House, Treasure Ship Row

Corellia is a fictional planet in the Expanded Universe of Star Wars. It is the homeworld of several notable characters, including Han Solo, Wedge Antilles, and Corran Horn. It is the capital planet of the Corellian sector, which included Corellia, Selonia, Drall, Tralus, and Talus. In the days of the Galactic Republic, it was ruled by a Diktat while the sector had a seat in the Galactic Senate.

Corellian System

The Corellian System, the most important in the Corellian Sector, contains five inhabited worlds collectively referred to as the Five Brothers. Corellia, Selonia, Drall, Talus, and Trallus all are believed to have been transported through hyperspace to their orbits by the ancient Centerpoint Station. All are believed to have a planetary repulser beneath the planets. Corellia, Selonia, and Drall orbit the system star, while Talus and Trallus orbit Centerpoint Station like moons, with Centerpoint Station orbiting the star. The Corellian System is part of the Core Worlds of the Galaxy.

Centerpoint Station, with a circumference of 350 kilometers, is larger than the Death Star. In many ways the station is a miniature Dyson Sphere. Built before the invention of artificial gravity, the station spins on its axis. Inside the station is hollow, with an inverted city and artificial farmland and other turf. The inhabitants call their reverse city Hollowtown. An artificial interior 'sun', suspended in the center of the station and is known as the Glowpoint. The station has been discovered to have the ability to target and destroy worlds and suns in other parts of the galaxy, and has been and will be used for this purpose.

Humans are found throughout the system, but the Drall are native to Drall, and Selonians native to Selonia. There has been much tension between the three species, with the humans based on Corellia claiming overlordship over the entire system. Despite this, the Drall and Selonians maintain cultural independence and numerical dominance on their homeworlds. Talus and Tralus have human populations that claim a degree of independence though Fed-Dub, or Federation of the Double Worlds. In the last days of the old Republic Moff Fliry Vorru governed the entire Corellian Sector from Corellia, and was known to allow smugglers to come and go as they pleased.

Planet Corellia

Corellia is dominated by rolling hills, thick deciduous forests, lush corn-yellow fields, golden sun-set beaches, and large seas. With most of the famed manufacturing centers in orbit, the planet largely remains rural and undeveloped. Urban blight is virtually non-existent, and most Corellians live in small towns or farming communes. The largest cities are the capital Coronet, the touristy Kor Vella, and in the mountains, Daoba Guerfea and Bela Vistal.

Corellia is a commercial and manufacturing center. Home to multi-stellar corporate conglomerates, many of which compete directly with the Trade Federation and Banking Guild for galactic influence. With trade and corporate profits driving much here, Corellians are all working for one or another company. Over time the companies became so powerful they over threw the historic parliamentary constitutional monarchy (the Royal House of Solo, c 150 BBY) in favor of a government more supportive of the needs of commercialism. This corporate government was called the Diktat, which may mean a person and/or a council. The Diktat and government in general makes it easier for the corporations to train and employ Corellians. These companies house, feed, entertain, and direct their employees through their tenure of employment (usually through life)- though 'technically' each employee is a free Corellian citizen. Han Solo, one of the heroes of the Galatic Civil War, was born in Corellia.

In the months leading up to the Clone Wars, Corellian Senator Garm Bel Iblis withdrew his planet from the galactic community in protestation of the Military Creation Act, using a little known clause in the Corellian constitution.

This attempt at isolation did not succeed and Corellia, like the rest of the galaxy, was soon embroiled in the horror of the Clone Wars. In the Galactic Civil War, Corellia was the site of the Corellian Treaty, which founded the Rebel Alliance

Corellia is also home to the Corellian Engineering Corporation, one of the larger shipbuilding firms in the Star Wars galaxy. Examples of Corellian ships are the Corellian Corvettean example of which is the Tantive IV, the ship used by Princess Leia in A New Hope; and the YT-1300, the Millennium Falcon.


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